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Apparently, the S.S. Azura quest is too hardcore for some people.

Tried to lure my brother over to STO. He plays Warcraft. Complained the entire time about every little thing in the game. He finally makes it to the S.S. Azura quest.  "I have to kill Orion raiders!  OMG This sucks!  I'm not making a dent!" 


I said "This isn't warcraft. You just don't sit there in the tutorial and press one button and then clap your hands when you kill something. You need to learn how your ship works. Try this, this and this (Gave him tips)"


Then he says "This is the worst thing ever! This game is so stupid! They give you a crappy ship and try and make you do the impossible!"


I said "I did it. It's pretty easy once you get a feel for it. Take your time, abandon it if you have to and try again."


His response? "Screw this!"   Leaves game.


It makes me wonder how many people have quit the game and started relentlessly bashing it due to "Stranded in Space"?  In Warcraft, he was a god. In Star Trek, he couldn't make it past the demo.


  • TheAestheteTheAesthete Member Posts: 264

    I can't speak to your or your brother's experience (though I'm happy to say that, to the best of my knowledge, none of my own brothers have taken to the internet to make fun of me), but in my own experience there's nothing in STO that's hardcore. I was in beta, and I watched as the game was made easier and easier to appease Star Trek fans who aren't gamers. People with completely gimped builds are able to do the content on normal without trouble.

    As for being a god in WoW but struggling in STO, the two games have exactly one thing in common in my mind: they're the only two games I've ever played where I went afk during combat, made myself a sandwich or went to the bathroom, and then came back to find out I'd won the fight.

  • TurdinatorTurdinator Member Posts: 210

    Originally posted by TheAesthete

    there's nothing in STO that's hardcore. 



    Yeah............that was kind of the point.

  • TheAestheteTheAesthete Member Posts: 264

    Originally posted by Turdinator

    Originally posted by TheAesthete

    there's nothing in STO that's hardcore. 



    Yeah............that was kind of the point.

    So your point was that your brother is a fool. Ah, family. . .

  • spookydomspookydom Member UncommonPosts: 1,782

    I beta tested Sto for the duration. If I remember alright, that is one of the first quests in the game. Most people on these boards could do it upside down. Here is my advice. Is it your older or younger brother? If younger staple him to the ceiling and keep slaping him until such a time as he admits how crap he is. If it's your older brother just give me a shout and will do the same thing to him. You can watch but you have to bring me a chocolate milkshake half way through;)

  • TerranahTerranah Member UncommonPosts: 3,575

    STO dificulty levels feel really casual to me.  Some would even say the game is too easy, although you can change the difficulty level and make it harder.


    Last time I played the Azura quest though it was not hard at all.  I believe that is one of the quests they reworked though so maybe they made it harder, I don't know.


    Sounds like your family member really didn't want to play though, like he was being forced or something.  People play what they want to play and tend to react negatively when they are pressured into something they really have no interest in.  If he is a 'god' in WOW, he may not want to give that up.

  • RavZterzRavZterz Member UncommonPosts: 613

    It look like he didn't want to like the game since Anyone putting effort into it can do those missions.  Maybe he was on a higher difficulty which would make the enemy have more shielding/weapon power? 

    The only "hard" missions STO has are some of the fleet actions where they spawn five times the number of guys you have and they respawn a minute after you kill them.  I remember doing the DS9 fleet action where you clear a room of 50 guys and another 20 beam down a second later.  Space combat difficulty is just increasing the enemy's weapon/shield power which could make it hard for new players though I don't think thats the case with your brother.

    I think most STO fans didn't like the feel of the game rather than the combat specificly.  No one really gets stuck on the missions. 

    Make games you want to play.

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