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New 35 sq km landmass to be auctioned on Planet Calypso

Medusa's Head Islands to arise between Eudoria and Amethera. 


The islands will include 8 land areas, 2 new & unique creatures,  a spacecraft hangar (spacecraft have not been implemented since vu 9.x was retired),  a ziggurat-like main structure, and more.

The islands are expected to rise from the sea bed on December 7. Bidding will start in the in-game auction system on December 13th and conclude on January 3.

While the bidding war will no doubt be fierce, regular colonists will benefit from both having new lands to explore, 2 new and unique missions on the islands, and for the first time, direct travel between the two settled continents of Planet Calypso without teleporter use.


Details here.





Alpha AG Geek
Founder- Manticore Society


  • EU_RAZEREU_RAZER Member Posts: 85

    well it is exciting to get something new to discover at least. Wonder who will buy this one and IF it mwill be a new record.

  • AlphaGeekAlphaGeek Member Posts: 190

    Dunno Razer. It'll be fun to traverse the sea between continents though. Hopefully there will be some PvP waterways out there so the hovercraft and those new Patrol Boats can go at it!

    Alpha AG Geek
    Founder- Manticore Society

  • M_RufenPowerM_RufenPower Member Posts: 9

    As a former share-holder in this invesment opporuntity/island, I must say Medusa will be a thing of beauty once everything is put in its place. I do hope however that Qetesh & Co do lower taxes at some point, but they are not in it to appeas the masses. As the people who make a living out of this game run it as a business & that is how it should be imo.

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