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Just noticed my screen shot is on website..

SuperBeastDJSuperBeastDJ Member Posts: 39

I was just looking at screen shots for eve, and I noticed the 5/23 one is the one I took and submitted to the eve-online.coms screenshot place...

I just thought its really cool ::::35::


  • NFWolfDudeNFWolfDude Member Posts: 304

    Where? On this site or on the EVE site?

    In any case. COOL! ::::28::::::02::


  • NFWolfDudeNFWolfDude Member Posts: 304

    Very excellent ::::08::


  • SuperBeastDJSuperBeastDJ Member Posts: 39

    You have no idea how many times it took me to capture the lightning stuff in the background ::::04::

    my reaction time sux! ccp nerfed it!

  • RiotgirlRiotgirl Member UncommonPosts: 520

    Gorgeous screen shots! I still have my venerable 1.4Gig Firebird, 256DDR Ram and a puny Geforce 2 400MX (for my sins) and Eve still runs beautifully on my machine! I do plan on an upgrade when my job situation resolves itself ** (re-organisation change so have to make provisions in case things don't pan out as I want - in fact, I would love to be made redundant right now = payout = more time to plan my CIMA course.


    aka Cassi O'Peia
    Gallente Federation

    ** Yet the other night, I spent £60 (yes, pounds) in a bar. Go figure.

    "If you think I'm plucky and scrappy and all I need is love, you're in way over your head. I don't have a heart of gold or get nice. There are a lot nicer people coming up. We call them losers."

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