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Your thought on WonderKing?

RagekouRagekou Member Posts: 21

I'm curious about your thoughts.  I don't play WonderKing but I might be planning to play soon but I need your opinion.   Should I play or not?

I know about WonderKing a bit.  I believe it's complete game this time.  Last time I heard about it and it was in beta.  So players, tell me about your thoughts.  Is it good.  Is it same game as MapleStory?


Feel free to rant here. ^_^;;


  • GravargGravarg Member UncommonPosts: 3,424

    It's a decent game if you like 2d scrollers.  I still can't give up my maple addiction however; really the only thing keeping me from playing more of this game.

  • joeresojoereso Member Posts: 1

    Join wonderking IS WAY BETTER THAN MAPLESTORY!!! how? i will tell you

    1)better graphic

    2) Not forceing you to buy card like Nx

    3)max lvl is 200 but is 140 right now

    4)brand new game barely 1st ann.

    5)you can double jump and Dash

    6)you get special stuff when you join now (lvl 5 a guardian stone,lvl 10 150% exp, lvl 30 a mount for 10 days)

    7)There is PvP

    8)waste less space on your computer(less than half space of maplestory)

    9)less Hacker (barely none)

    10)you can run 2 or more window at the same time

    11)People will not make fun of you

    12)you dont have to buy a shop from the item mall (cash shop) for the open market (free market)

    13)there is no lag in all ch (exept the open market ch 1)

    14)lose a couple exp when you die

    15)you can get rich so easy and it is so cheap in the open market

    16)reset your skill point every job adv

    17)the npc can talk (like ACTUAL VOICE!!)

    18) There is 4 main jobs right now (warrior,scout,theif,mage)

    so how about go to the website now and sigh up then go download last ENJOY Wonderking!!!!

  • AnimeiAnimei Member Posts: 13

    Ok todays game is Wonderking. Now what is the difference between Maplestory and Wonderking. First of all the damage cap im wonderking is much higher acually i think the damage cap can't even be reached because you can only do 2k's tops:I

    Maplestory in the other hand is a much older game and Wonderking could have some extreme changes that make it a top MMORPG.. if only life were that easy. Ok back on track. Recently i played Wonderking and I have to say it's is a lot more fun than maplestory.

    Top reasons why

    1. It isn't as boring

    2 easier leveling

    3.you get some kind of 120% exp bonus on weekends

    4.at least they have double jump.

    5.the weapons arn't a cheap wackoff ( like some games i know >.>)

    6.Not so many noobs

    7. community acually cares i sent some letter and THEY REPLIED

    8.It's new so it probably will not follow maplestory's ... antics

    9.The monster size is acually not big ass

    10. The skills number is a lot larger.

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