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Tera Review

ZierrityZierrity Member UncommonPosts: 242

Lets start off with that this is a Review of the Korean version of the game.

I will not help you or give any information on how to get your hands on an account, just so that’s said.

And get ready for a LONG read.

Now back to buisness :P

I’ve heard many different taughts on TERA, some positive and some negative, about the graphics, the battle system, about how the characters look, etc...

I, myself, never liked Korean grinders, I wasn’t much fund of Aion, neither was I of Lineage 2.

When I first heard about TERA, I wasn’t that interested, I saw that it was made by a Korean company and I was already sure it was going to be another Korean grinder. As the months went by, more facts was revealed and even though it all seemed interesting, in my mind, it was still just another Korean grinder. Sure the battle system is unique, the graphics are great, but still, another Korean grinder. My mind was set. Well guess what, I was wrong.

My point here is, that I think that TERA wont be getting the attention it deserves here in NA/EU. why? because people have already set their minds on passing on this game because it's just another Korean grinder, or it's just another game with boys that looks like girls, and girls running around (as good as) naked with ridiculous long legs and boobs twice the size of their heads. I’m not saying that everybody here will see it this way, but some do. I guess what I'm saying is, I’m afraid this game will fail here because of its "Themed graphic".

But lets go back a little, I wish to tell you about the game, not my taughts on why it could fail here:P so lets get started.

Let’s start with the first thing you'll encounter in TERA, which is the character creation.


You'll get tons of choices in character creation,

• 7 races (4 of them provide gender choice)

• 7 classes ( which are 2 tanks classes, two melee DPS, 2 ranged DPS and 2 support classes )

• A bunch of preset faces for every race

• A bunch of hairs, hair colors, faces, skin colors, "make ups" for each face, etc.

• Face adjustment for further customization

• A couple voice choices for each gender.


the only thing TERA lacks, which in my opinion is a little sad, is body customization (height, body size, etc).

After you've created your character and started the game, you'll see a short cut scene before being sent to the beginner area, where you get your first quests and start off by killing some cute monsters, but that’s nothing new, (as Remotay allways says, "Korean companies hates small cute things")

And already here, is where the game starts being interesting. As we heard many times, the battle system is supposed to be unique in this game, and it really is! IMO it's excellent! No more TAB, 1+2+1+3 battles, it's actually up to you if you hit them or misses them, it's up to you to block/dodge attacks, and if you don’t be careful, it's fatal.


Let’s compare it to Demon's souls, maybe some of you have heard about it, or played it. It’s not the games fault you die, it's yours. If you're slacking on dodging and blocking, later on in the game, you will have big problems. There are mobs who will “one hit/shot” you if you're not careful. Long range DPS feels more like a third person shooter, which is awesome. And healing is not for slackers. Healers are the hardest role in this game, you have to aim the mouse on the player you want to heal, and in a boss battle, it's much harder than it sounds, but also much more rewarding.

Let’s use an example, me and my girlfriend play together, she as a healer, me as a melee DPS. In level 20 we decided to try doing the first instance together (Shangri-la, lvl 20+) , but we couldn’t find anyone to do it with so we decided to try doing it our self. At the first few mobs we failed miserable, we decided to not give up until we finished a couple of quests inside so we continued trying, as we tried we developed various strategies, and it suddenly became easier, and we actually made it to the last boss in the instance. Don’t get me wrong, we died countless times and it took us almost 6 hours to get to that point, and this is an instance which takes about half an hour with full party:P But that we actually made it that far, was something I hadn’t seen in another game before. Let’s take RIFT beta for example, we tried the same thing there, but it was impossible. The thing with TERA is it's based on skill alone, not stats and armor, which makes it really unique in my point of view.


Teamwork in this game is so essential, with instances and later on group quests, if you're a lone wolf in MMORPG's and like playing by yourself, I’m sad to say that this game might not be the thing for you, due to the few single player quests in higher levels. But if you like partying up with others and do, what seems, the impossible, this game is the perfect game.


But that’s enough about the battle system and such, let’s move on, shall we?

My next topic is about the graphics and animations, looks and weapons.

The first thing I really got to say is that the graphics, in general, are amazing, even without the AA.

People who taught Final Fantasy XIV looked great, haven’t seen anything yet (in my opinion).

Yes, the character could look a little less...."Asian game-ish", but I think that's one of the thing that makes TERA what it is. Yes, the high elves dudes look girlish for some, and the human male looks too bulky for others. but in my opinion elves are suppose to look little more feminine than humans, in novels like Lord of the Rings, the elves are described as a very beautiful looking people, they are not suppose to look like barbarians who wants to rip your head off and eat it for dinner, they are suppose to look...well...more peaceful. Which some obviously refer as GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!!! But everybody has the right to have an opinion I guess.... =_=

For me, the elves look a little more anime inspired and I really like that, because as an anime fan, I've always liked the tiny hero with the big sword who saves the day, or so on:P And I also like the human male because they look a little more manly and bulky, it gives it a nice distinction. for those who like to have something in between I guess you have the Castanic males....but even for me they do look a little queer to be honest:P


We also have the beastly AMAN, for those who like the little more bad-ass looking, which is also one of my favorites.


I am not going to post picture of every class so don’t worry, back to the issue.

You have the Eilins who looks like little girls with animal ears and tails, also very anime-ish, but even I felt a little pedophile playing one of them so I rerolled pretty fast. For the male version you have the Popori, which is a fat little animal who runs around two legs:P And last you have the Baraka, a mysterious stone-ish people who also are very unique.

Point being with all that is, that you have lots of variation between the races and what you like to play as, you can play either the beauty, or the beast.

the Armor system I also like, part wise anyways, the good thing is, all races have different armors from another, if you are a AMAN slayer, your armor won’t look anything like a human slayer's, which helps you feel unique and more different from the other people on your team. With that said, as far as I've seen, I never seen class armor, that means if you are a human Berserker, you will have the same armor as the human lancer in your party. But that might be something seen later in game.

the negative about the armors, in my opinion, is some of the looks. take the female Castanic for an example, she wears metal strings on her body, and the higher level she gets, the smaller armors she gets. Even for me, who are open minded about graphics and looks in games, this is a little disturbing actually.

Another example is my High Elf male Berserker,


Meet my main, he's a Schmuck.

I really liked the anime vampire-ish looks some of the elven faces have (not Edward sparkly vamp look!)

And I guess i already signed up for GAAAAAYYY! Comments, but screw you, I don’t care.

Back to the point, I like the looks but come on, belly button flash? REALLY? Some of these armors and looks are a little bit too easy to make fun off... what happened to my anime vamp awesome looking armor? T.T

And I do get why some of you might not be able to enjoy the game with some of these preposterous looks, but if you can, then I can assure you that you will have a hell of a good time playing TERA.

Weapons I don’t have much negative to say about, some may not like the huge looking weapons, but I do. They give TERA that unique feel instead of being as much like every other game out there.

Let’s move on to the world of TERA, and I only got one thing to say here ZOMFGAMAZING!

I won’t say anything else then this, it's beautiful, it's gigantic, it's open, and let me show you my favorite screenshot:


I guess the last thing you would want to hear about is PVP, but I’m not an expert here, I know that PVP offers 4vs4, 2vs2, duels, and in some places you can PK. but I haven’t done more than some duels actually, I think TERA is more of a PVE game with PVP than a PVE/PVP game... but as I said, I haven’t done much of this, so I can’t really state any facts there... sorry about that.


The last words I have to offer is that I've played TERA for some weeks now, and I haven’t felt like this for any game since WoW first came out so many years ago... it really feels new. I can play it from morning to evening and then when I go to bed, I look forward to  play some more the next day, I haven’t felt this way for a Game in a very long time, Gamer Nirvana as some like to call it:P Haven’t felt that in a long while. And I guess the reason I want to share this with you guys is, mainly because I’m afraid this game won’t be getting the attention it deserves when it comes out in the West, and I really wish for you people to give this game a chance, don’t let it fail like so many games have done in the past years. Take a chance with TERA, as I did, and I assure you, you won’t regret it.


Now I'd like to apologize for the epic number of typos in this text, first, English is not my 1st language, second, this is written on a VERY crappy keyboard who likes to skip some letters, making it nearly impossible to Wright without several typos xP

Apart from that, I hope you enjoyed the read.

Also Korean TERA is not in any Beta testing now, it's released so I’m not breaking any NDA or EULA by posting this, just wanted to say that:P

This was a review of the Korean version, not the western... TERA might go through several changes upon western release.

Thanks for now.


Edit: none of the images are working atm, going to fix that problem asap

Edit: the Images works fine now


  • JakdstripperJakdstripper Member RarePosts: 2,410

    i like Tera. played for a wile on the Koran servers. wile there are some parts that are just too "cute" for me i can definately overlook them.  i love the combat animatinos, the art style, the world, the music.

    the biggest problem i has was with the combat animation being used as a global cooldown (much like Aion). this basicly freezes your character in place every time you use any combat skill. this i dont like much, maybe because i come from a WoW backround but it makes the whole combat feel very choppy and stuck. all the new FPS mmos are very fluid and you can use most of you skills (unless they require casting) wile moving making for a smooth fast paced combat. not sure why Tera decided to lock everyone in place wile the animation takes place. oh well i guess this is the Koran style combat.

  • stayontargetstayontarget Member RarePosts: 6,519

    Thanks for taking the time to write your thoughts down about the game.

    So what does your girlfriend think of the game and the class she played.  Also do you think the game is ready for a western release as it is now or do you think they should wait a little while so they can work out some of the bugs?

    Velika: City of Wheels: Among the mortal races, the humans were the only one that never built cities or great empires; a curse laid upon them by their creator, Gidd, forced them to wander as nomads for twenty centuries...

  • ZierrityZierrity Member UncommonPosts: 242

    Originally posted by stayontarget

    Thanks for taking the time to write your thoughts down about the game.

    So what does your girlfriend think of the game and the class she played.  Also do you think the game is ready for a western release as it is now or do you think they should wait a little while so they can work out some of the bugs?

     thank you for taking the time to read this wall of text xD

    She says she likes it, she enjoy the difficulty of both the class and the game.

    Personally, I think Tera has very little bugs fora new release actually, and yes I think the game is ready for a western realese, the game feels new and unique as it is. Even if it is "another korean grinder" as it is now, the battle system makes up for it. Im affraid they'll dumb it down to much in the western release :/ 

  • cheyanecheyane Member LegendaryPosts: 8,077

    Nice review very well written and you have put your thoughts down very well even if English is not your first language in comparison to some people who write reviews where English is their first language. You covered various points and gave a concise idea while divulging the salient points .Thank you I am very happy I read it all.

    Chamber of Chains
  • ZierrityZierrity Member UncommonPosts: 242

    thank you cheyane:) really, thank you^^

  • YalexyYalexy Member UncommonPosts: 1,058

    Thanks for that review there, and let's hope that EnMasse and Frogster don't screw this game up in NA/EU.

    I'm a die-hard anime/hentai fan so I actually like the allmost nude artstyle and the way too big weapons you carry around of this game.

    I've read a good review about using a gamepad to play this game in the NA-forums and if it really works out like it sounds, it'll be the most awesome MMO for me within the next year to come.

    Oh... and I've allready decided on the race and class I wanna play once it goes live in NA/EU... a female Castanic warrior ofc :p

  • skoupidiskoupidi Member UncommonPosts: 244

    Originally posted by Yalexy

    Oh... and I've allready decided on the race and class I wanna play once it goes live in NA/EU... a female Castanic warrior ofc :p

    I allready beat you on that :) Warriors have the more fun combat style than any other class imo.

  • YalexyYalexy Member UncommonPosts: 1,058

    Originally posted by skoupidi

    Originally posted by Yalexy
    Oh... and I've allready decided on the race and class I wanna play once it goes live in NA/EU... a female Castanic warrior ofc :p
    I allready beat you on that :) Warriors have the more fun combat style than any other class imo.

    As I said, I read up on the gamepad-controls, and melee-classes seem to be a perfect fit for that with dodging and positioning etc, so yeah.... and dual-wielding just looks awesome too :p

  • RidelynnRidelynn Member EpicPosts: 7,254

    Good post, some well put together info that I haven't seen before. Thanks for posting.

    The bit about healing is interesting to say the least.

  • ZierrityZierrity Member UncommonPosts: 242

    thanks everybody, glad to see somebody was happy about the post :3


    If they dont stupify the gam too much, the game cant be "ruined" imo,  but if they put in auto aim for priests and archers (which is a rumour going around) many of the unique features of the game is gone imo....


    I love the warrior, it's really interesting with a leather wearing tank class,

    I didnt mention much about it in the review, so if anybody's reading this, we have 2 tank classes, the first one is the plate wearing lancer, with a lance and a shield as weapon, this is more of the "normal" tank we know from other games, the tank who can take much damage, and the safest choice in a group. however, the second tank class is the leather wearing tank type which wields two swords, got lots of agro spells and dodge. this class does more damage more quickly than the lancer, and more "proffecional groups" often prefer the warrior. hope this helps for those who didnt know:


    thank you:) the healing classes are really fun to play:) lets just hope they dont ruin them in western release =.='

  • dippitydodahdippitydodah Member Posts: 130

    Thank you for posting a well thought out and informative article, I've been following this game from time to time and am now more excited than ever.  Just wish it's arival was sooner than later.

  • ZierrityZierrity Member UncommonPosts: 242

    thank you:)

    in the latest news letter they told us they'll be starting with beta testing in a couple of months (march somebody said)

    so my speculations is it will be out in the west around September times ;) it's a long wait, but hey, it's worth it:)

  • YalexyYalexy Member UncommonPosts: 1,058

    Originally posted by JonathanWe
    thank you:)
    in the latest news letter they told us they'll be starting with beta testing in a couple of months (march somebody said)
    so my speculations is it will be out in the west around September times ;) it's a long wait, but hey, it's worth it:)

    They should simply translate the game and release it the way the korean version is. Afterwards they can start tweaking, if needed to appeal more to the western audience.

    Waiting another 6 month until release is simply way too long the wait, now that we can get every information about the game, free of any NDA with tons and tons of videos around etc.

  • dippitydodahdippitydodah Member Posts: 130

    Releasing too early is almost always a worse idea than releasing a little late.   I say let the koreans pay to beta test so that by the time we get it here all the initial bugs will be patched out.   Tho releasing that late in the year might be bad timing on their part,  a few games including Star wars the old republic are coming out around that time.  Also Firefall a good looking free to play game by red 5 studios.

  • ZierrityZierrity Member UncommonPosts: 242


    Whoot? firefall is gonna be f2p? 0.o guess I have some reading up to do xD

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