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My first real Sandbox!

TelilTelil Member Posts: 282

Hi all.

Just a few comments on my first week in Wurm.

I entered this game not knowing what to expect. i have started on the free server and played completly solo, other than asking for advice. I spent my first few days doing nothing but try to stop myself from starving.......oh my god this game is tough for newbies! i mean real tough.

Last night i built the first wall of my first house...well more of a hut haha. How good did that feel! i had to start by making nails and planks for my house...which needed me to make a Small anvil just to make my nails, which needed me to mine iron ore and smelt it first! every action in this game seems to link to something else.

Combat= Not too impressive to be fair! but the game isnt concentrating too much on combat so understandable. Would be nice to see it sped up a bit with animations...even basic ones.

Is this game immersive? well i have only been here for a week but i am finding myself planning my next moves while i'm at work. I think that classes as being immersive! The only gripe i can have really is that although the game is supposedly in beta still, fact is it is four years old. Most places have villages if not towns and the choicest places are already taken. Newcomers have to travel a long way before they find anywhere they can settle. of course you can always join a village.

Overall this game has really suprised me! if this is what a true sandbox is about then i might find myself searching high and low for more.


  • BenediktBenedikt Member UncommonPosts: 1,406

    if you like it, you can try also haven and hearth

    it is in some things better and in few worse then wurm

  • TelilTelil Member Posts: 282

    Thanks friend all sugestions welcome.

    I'm fast becoming a big fan of the real sonbox experience! I will give this a go tonight.

  • AlysenMinaseAlysenMinase Member Posts: 361

    Glad your liking Wurm. I'd come to help you along but I'm on the Wild server atm. Wurm is, IMO, the most complete sandbox out atm, if you can look past the lack of animations and no character customization.

    EVE is another one to look at if your not turned off by flying a ship and not having a direct effect on the environment. Ultima Online is still up and running, and is still getting content added at a fast pace. If you want a sandbox that is more game like than Wurm, check it out. I return to it every so often.

    Like the poster above, Haven and Hearth is even more niche than Wurm, and in some ways more punishing to new players (you can die by walking on certain things without shoes). The creator of H&H is working on a new sandbox, Salem, which I'm following very closely. Keep an eye on that and Arch Age too.

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  • SeggallionSeggallion Member UncommonPosts: 684

    I'm a 'newbie' too, have played a couple of days and now I founded my own village. Just a small place were I can follow my own laws ;D.


    Anyhow, this game is worth a try. It's free up to skill 20.

    The Sceptics, yes they're special but we've need them to.. I guess.
    And if they're put more effort can create a 'Team Sceptic'
    and send them to the Special Olympus.

  • vazzarothvazzaroth Member Posts: 111

    My experience pretty much echos yours. I've never been a fan of sandbox games... I thought. I really enjoyed EVE but the whole "My ship looks exactly the same for the last 5 months" thing really turned me off. That, and not wanting to lose the investment I had to spend those 5 months saving for just because 2 guys are waylaying travelers and theres NOTHING I could do to get out of it...

    Anyway, Wurm is fun. I see it as Advanced Minecraft. I'm currently looking for ways/places to get iron so I can set up my own shanty in the woods somewhere. Should be fun :B

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