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How the guild leaders are looking at the population and thier own guilds.

shogunoneshogunone Member Posts: 85

A freidn of mine gave me this from the Patriarch forum I am sorry for the copy and paste but regular people can not veiw the Patriarch forum.  But it is prett telling about the poplation and what guild leaders are actually discussing about the pop.


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default So how many other guilds are going inactive?

I'm just curious how many of your guildies have gone inactive due to the latest patch? I use to have 10-12 active players on pretty much all day playing MO. Now we are down to 1 or 2 who are playing MO and 3 or 4 who are playing other games together. I myself haven't logged in for more than an hour or two a day since the patch and i use to play 10+ hrs a day. One of the reasons my guys/myself arnt playing is the way the game has been as far as bugs and such another is that SV reintroduced knockdowns which really put a damper on pvp. Knockdown gives an advantage to sub par players by letting them stun you and beat the shit out of you while you are unable to move. Yesterday one of my guys was fighting a mounted archer. The guy ran into him knocks him down and spams 4 shots in his back before he could get up. Where is the skill in this? This pet system is also completely fucked imo. I dont understand why in a game that has the potential for such great pvp they would add things like this that are so easily exploitable to give bad players the ability to keep up with good ones.

Anywho im getting off topic. How active have your guilds been since this latest patch?

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We have been less active too, but not because of pvp, i think, but due to lack of content from the 'content patch'


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Originally Posted by Zeroph View Post

...but due to lack of content from the 'content patch'

Which was promised before least a considerable part of it...

I only logged in once for about 5 minutes after last weeks patch...our guilds activity in general also dropped massively since then.


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Yeah, most of us are trying other games like Earthrise atm, or are playing M&B, Meridian, Minecraft or single player games.

Game is just too boring and even the Events and Risar-invasion doesn't bring them back.

Most of them are waiting for more stuff to do, like more dungeons, more recipes for armor/weapons (which have to be achived and not only bought at the library), more POIs which have a meaning (not like the useless shrines, which if they have a meaning nobody knows about), Tindrem+sewers, something inside the huegar-caves, something behind the doubledoors at magetower, something inside the magetower, something at the jungle-shrine, hints where to find the firegolem and dragon (if they are ingame, but I don't think so) 

World is just too empty. There are interesting points in this game, but there isn't anything to do at this points, or if there is, nobody knows what to do and nothing ingame that gives you at least a bit feedback what to do.

If SV doesn't get off the ground they will lose much more customers after Earthrise release and some more with each new MMO releasing. (Even to Themepark MMO's cause people want to experience something even if it means going back to themeparks. And before response of all the fanbois, I know you won't get back to themepark MMO'S but there have to be more player than those 50 posting here in the forums that they will never go back to a themepark MMO and those players will do, if they don't experience something in MO)

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  • cirsyndiccirsyndic Member UncommonPosts: 261

    Another good sign is the fact how many guild leaders actually posted.

  • shogunoneshogunone Member Posts: 85

    I agree.


    But 3 of the 4 that posted are guilds that are in the big war right now. (BRB, EXO, Wolfziet) SO they are traveling all over the place and fighting.  And if they are saying there is a problem with the pop and are losing members.  It directly calls the people saying there is a population explotion liars.

  • ange10ange10 Member Posts: 307


  • shogunoneshogunone Member Posts: 85

    I agree Angel is is LOL that guild leaders are discussing in open that their players are not logging in and the pop is not as healthy as some people are saying.

  • Germaximus_SGermaximus_S Member UncommonPosts: 1,061

    This post sucks because you have to use a scroll bar. :p

    I copy pasted them so i could see wasup. Thats sad. Reminds me of Vanguard and Darkfall, people love both but theyre not supported enough if at all.

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