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New gamebreaking bugs



  • Pimpin-SmurfPimpin-Smurf Member Posts: 17

        This is a blatant lie. I was the one who spammed everyone in IRC with the dupe in hopes of an immediate fix after watching the economy go down the drain. No players were banned and no duped items or gold was deleted. I will be reading the threads here and responding if anyone has any questions. This will not be the last bug released to the general public over IRC I can promise you that. Either SV will drop nuts and fix its game or us (the player base) will force them to. I do not care if I am banned from the game forever I already feel I wasted my money buying this game when they refuse to ban people for duping.

        The fact is SV cannot track the duped gold and or items. They rolled back to the minute I spammed IRC with the dupe. Which is stupid seeing how it was in for at least a month before that. I know no ones been banned and no gold has been deleted because I am close friends with a GM. Obviously I cannot release his name. I named names and showed them the gold on the accounts and they still refused to ban the individuals.

        Every time we the players try and post threads on the MO forums they are instantly deleted. If we bring things up in IRC we are simply muted. I and others are sick and tired of the gestapo like attitude of the SV staff. I know at a minimum of 15 game breaking bugs just as bad as this one used to exploit that will be going out to the general public over a period of time unless the attitude of the staff is changed.

        I also demand that people are banned. I honestly think the only thing that would make the game even remotely fair at this point would be a full server wipe. Im sick and tired of them adding risars to the game when no one gives  a dam about them. They need to fix their game and stop adding content period, end of story.

        They need to drop their BS prediction system and use what every other MMO in the business uses including moving the server to the USA where the overwhelming majority of the players are. I can go on for ages as I have worked on MMOs in the past as a coder / dev. You the players should know that now there are people among you that are going to fight for you.







    Originally posted by Slapshot1188

    CEO replies to a post complaiing that there has been no official update on the dupe scandal:


    In short, we have banned multiple account and items ingame, and are still doing so while we go through the db, like we said before, we are still doing it. There are minor cases that aint critical, but we still ban them for doing it. All the obvious standing out dupes is gone and will not be able to spread to other players. We will not hang out players here on the community like we said before, and like we said we are taking action against this, not only now, but this is something we do pretty much every day/week. In terms of cheats exploits and dupes. Its just that we dont mention it every time we ban a few accounts. This time a lot of the people got aware of one incident because of some more public information but we still work as much against this area nonstop not only now, its an ever going process, and we always have to be prepared and work with this as well.




    CEO, Founder & Game designer

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