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Black Prophecy: Gamigo Purchases Trademarks & Copyrights

SBFordSBFord Former Associate EditorMember LegendaryPosts: 33,126

European games publisher, Gamigo, has announced that it has purchased Black Prophecy trademarks and copyrights and acquired a 19.9% stake in BP's developer, Reakktor Media. According to Gamigo, the investment in both Reakktor and Black Prophecy signals a commitment to game development in Germany.

Rainer Markussen, Executive Board Member at gamigo, said this: "With the completion of closed beta testing and the award for "Best of gamescom (free to play)" last year, I'm really looking forward to seeing "Black Prophecy" go live in the very near future. With that step, gamigo will be cementing its position as one of the leading publishers and producers of premium online games that are marketed and licensed around the globe."

Read more about gamigo here.



  • pixeldogmeatpixeldogmeat Member Posts: 441

    Isn't this old news? Or is it that the gamigo logo and info has been all over the BP page for a while?


  • SBFordSBFord Former Associate EditorMember LegendaryPosts: 33,126

    gamigo was set to publish the game but now they are actually -invested- in it. Not only are they in charge of publication and distribution, they can now drive development as well. gamigo and Reakktor Media's CEO are the only stockholders in the dev house.


  • pixeldogmeatpixeldogmeat Member Posts: 441

    that's probably good news then, since Reakktor is really dragging their feet with the only Cyber Punk mmo out right now, if they would only boost the population for neocron, I'd be at peace.


  • ZharZhar Member UncommonPosts: 58

    Hopefully this means that it will be an actively supported game, and not just a game they push out and let it sit

  • matrixvsmatrixvs Member Posts: 179

    more like death of the game gamigo and its item mall crap...

    tbh bp wasnt that great been in ther looks or very nice but thats where the whole gameplay ends.

    so now knowing what bp said that their wont be any OP items in item mall is gona be withdrawn and lots of items for cash gamigo wants a cash cow.. nice

  • daemondaemon Member UncommonPosts: 680

    this smells like fail :/

  • VryheidVryheid Member Posts: 469

    Better than nothing honestly. I was always under the suspicion that something internal was the reason the developers were refusing to radically improve the game, hopefully now that they have the freedom to do so we may actually see a meaningful patch coming up.

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