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Earthrise Beta Key Request Thread



  • jmlukejmluke Member UncommonPosts: 1

    I would love a Beta code. Thanks

  • sakersaker Member RarePosts: 1,458

    I'd love to give a nice sandbox game a try! If anyone happens to have a spare key.... :)

  • todrulestodrules Member Posts: 15

    I'd love a beta key if anybody has one. Thanks!

  • PittyHPittyH Member Posts: 116

    i would love a key thanks :)

    p.s 1 post wonders should be exluded from this giveaway :D

    my web design:

  • chundizzlechundizzle Member Posts: 3

    I would like a beta key please.

  • wizyywizyy Member UncommonPosts: 629

    I've applied for beta in the first few days the website was on :)

    But, no luck...

    Maybe here?

    One can only hope.

  • dolby51dolby51 Member Posts: 1

    I've been waiting so long for a Beta Key

    I want a key

  • pi3573pi3573 Member Posts: 1

    May I have a key too plz  :]

  • AdraemzaAdraemza Member Posts: 6

    I applied for beta when applications became available and am disappointed that the dev's are waiting till a week away from release to give out more keys.  As MMORPG has been listed as one of these sites on the official forums as giving some out in the next few days I would love to be one of the lucky few to get one.

    I am not a freeloader and have already preordered but would love to, as an avid beta tester, to support the improvement of the game and get one of the keys you guys will have. So here is my begging....................please....PLEASE....can I have a key.

  • BallistikaBallistika Member UncommonPosts: 18

    Hi me too i apply  for a key ty.

  • MikehaMikeha Member EpicPosts: 9,196

    Can somebody plz send me a key. 

  • RockyRocketsRockyRockets Member UncommonPosts: 70

    Can somebody send me a key please?

  • BastillenBastillen Member Posts: 3

    Living in hope of a new sci-fi game that will keep me engaged for years, love to be part of a game and community as early as possible so would appreciate an opportunity to enter Beta,

  • D_TOXD_TOX Member UncommonPosts: 269

    Might as well give this a go!

    MMORPG regular, long time MMO vet, been following Earthrise for the last 2-3 years, practically a fanboy already, looking to test it out! Hit me up!

    Many thanks,


  • BytoByto Member UncommonPosts: 42

    can i have key, please? :)

  • xanphiaxanphia Member Posts: 684

    If you could get me a key, that would be gold. I want to see what this game is like before I decide to purchase.

  • kosdethkosdeth Member UncommonPosts: 36

    Me too, Key please!

  • shalyshaly Member Posts: 2

    I would really like to have access to the Beta of Earthrise.  I would be very happy if someone could give me a Key.  Thanks

  • ThenariusThenarius Member Posts: 1,106

    I'd love a key too, please.

  • alucarditoalucardito Member UncommonPosts: 1

    I would also like to get a key if its possible, been following this game since some years ago.

    Thanks in advance.

  • quietasquietas Member UncommonPosts: 15

    Count me in as well, if there are extra keys to spare. This is one game I've been wanting to really get a look at.

  • megesamegesa Member UncommonPosts: 9

    Looking for key please

  • pixeldogmeatpixeldogmeat Member Posts: 441

    if anyone has a key, i would appreciate it. Signed up for the beta as soon as you could, seems like years ago, maybe it was. Don't think I'm getting into though, isn't the game coming out next month supposedly?


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  • darkpearldarkpearl Member Posts: 7

    a diversion from eve woud be more then welcome

    add me to the list of key requesters

    greets DP

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