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bad game-bad company

mhangmanmhangman Member Posts: 3

i played this game for many years. on 2 server japko and usko. since my start(like 5 years of more) still have same problems here some:

many bugs:

after so many years game still have alot of bugs. with all new patches new bugs raised. they publish a patch for fix a bug but with that new bugs come lol. they cant fix these problems. always bugs and always bug abusers

many cheaters:

i left game for a while ago. last time i tried to game there was no place for normal players. everywhere cheaters take spots. you cant find slot for normal exping if you are an archer. you have to pay alot or make cheat for fast exp. with new server their gms little active but still many cheaters. they cant stop these ppl. they cant block this tools. many ppl make cheat and sell gold bars for $$.

many bad players:

many kids. many cheaters, many  bad persons... they can talk everything about you. religions, nations, nothing stop them. they always try to hack you, trying to steal your money ext. why are they so brave? because there is no justice fighters , no support lol

bad support:

if you get hacked bb to all your items. if you have a gm friend you can take them back. but for normal players there is no safetly.  their forum moderators blame ppl being ignorant. they said why should k2 network help someone ignorant? lol? ppl pay more than other games for preminium pack. and cant take any support? you send some tickets and no answers come back. many times you just take auto messages.

bad game ending:

after reach maximum lvl what will happen? ppl start to leave server and wait for new one. after for a while you have to leave that accaunt and join news servers for good pvp. there is no good quest system, you have to kill mobs. small world. cant enjoy that rpg thing. you cant find good pvp at old servers so have to start new ones. ahh btw its not free2play at new servers! even if you have pay for pre. services its not sure that taking some activities. you have to join first server but look at it you cant! because its full. for example you cant join border war event, or war event if the 1st server is full. you paid the game but still cant join this kind of event. and best of it you accaunt is not safe! because the company cant keep their servers safe. few days ago a hacker attacked them and hurt many ppl.

need $$$$:

there are many different services which can effect game play. you have to pay alot to become stronger. you have time give alot of time or share your accaunt for becoming stroger. you need money! because everything in this game is $$$. they cant stop cheaters so they sell illegal gold bars or dupe items. you cant be strong enaugh if you dont pay much. because these kind of cheaters steal your bosses or rush other mounsters on you when you try to kill boss. there are not many active gm's (in 5 years i didnt see gm 5 times) so you cant take support hen you need it. 

at the end.

this game could be better with better company... but with k2 newtork big FAILED


  • sanders01sanders01 Member Posts: 1,357

     Game would rock if K2 didn't run it lol

    Currently restarting World of Warcraft :/

  • moxidmoxid Member Posts: 2

    100 % true this game is just bad! If you don´t want to waste your time  then don´t download it or you will be disappointed.Many bots/hackers, spammer no gms online very bad company.No support.Played it 3 years and i regret it.

    play archlord or something else its much better.

  • PaRoXiTiCPaRoXiTiC Member UncommonPosts: 602

    Are you kidding. At 83 the game doesn't end. You are one of the strongest people in the game. This is a PvP based game so being 83 is like the start. You hit 83 and you can dominate people in PvP. There is Castle Siege War, Lunar War, CZ PvP Zone. Eslant Dungeon, Juraid Mountain.

    Content thins out only because you don't have to EXP anymore which is AWESOME. I would love to be 83 right now and just enjoy the best PVP any MMO has ever offered all day long instead of EXP or questing.

    Point of game is to get NP and be on top of the online leaderboard. That goal alone is plenty to keep me motivated. I want to be top player on server.

  • EmeraqEmeraq Member UncommonPosts: 1,049

    Originally posted by devilkingx

    Originally posted by mhangman

    many bad players:

    many kids. many cheaters, many  bad persons... they can talk everything about you. religions, nations, nothing stop them. they always try to hack you, trying to steal your money ext. why are they so brave? because there is no justice fighters , no support lol

    really now kids are bad players you ageist faggot? so just because a kid is on a game that means the player is bad? not as an individual but because of is age group? go to hell you elitist faggot

     Nowhere in his post did I see kids=cheaters or bad persons.... You need to open your eyes and read and interpret the words a little better. Maybe he prefers gaming with adults, but that doesn't automatically equate to kids are cheaters and bad people.

  • nlnforevernlnforever Member Posts: 38

    K2 is really the failure of mmorpg business. I hate K2 and I hate that Granado Espada was in their hands.

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  • Lt.DeadendLt.Deadend Member Posts: 325

    I got my credit card hacked playing that game.. nuff said

    I didnt use my card for months,. I use it there,. an 2 weeks later the bank phones me asking if im buying things that are half way around the world,. I said nope,. they canceled my card and sent me a new one ,. who knows what got charged or what happend,. I just got lucky it wasint my problem.

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