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Quite fun, unique, and plays on a netbook

I was going to try this game even before I looked at the specs and realized I could play it on my little netbook. After a few hours over a few days, I must say this game is definitely a hidden gem. People have complained that the tutorial is boring, but I enjoyed learning the various ins and outs of this complex and unique game. Definitely recommended! Hopefully it builds a wee bit in popularity.


  • GrayGreeneGrayGreene Member Posts: 239

    Yeah, i'm really into this game.  Been playing a few days now.  The game is growing, and already has a large population.  Reviews of the game are among the highest in the business, and definitely better than most mmorpg reviews out there.  (Metacritic had i think one 90 score on it's site, and awaiting 3 others)  It's by far the best mmorpg i've ever encountered thus far.  Somewhat difficult to learn though, good to relax and figure it  out as you go through school. 

  • LerxstLerxst Member UncommonPosts: 646

    I'd almost say this game is "perfect".  They took all of the best mechanics of other MMO's, and built this game around them.

  • QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 22,203

    Originally posted by Lerxst

    They took all of the best mechanics of other MMO's, and built this game around them.

    No they didn't.  You've got causality all wrong.  It's like claiming that EverQuest borrowed a bunch of stuff from WoW.  Indeed, this game launched in 2005, so it predates a lot of other MMOs, and the major game design decisions were in place before it was known that WoW would be a commercial success.

    This game doesn't borrow that much from other MMOs at all, whether the best parts, the worst parts, or other random parts.  A large fraction of the game mechanics are adapted from the old SNES and Sega Genesis console games that this game is based on--and those console games predate online gaming.  Much of what the online game has that the console games didn't is merely a natural way to adapt a single player console game into an online environment.

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