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Actually a fun game with lots of depth: Worth a try, its free!

ExpiryExpiry Member UncommonPosts: 76

This game started out a slow with a long tutorial. It has grown on me the last couple of days. It has alot of depth and is quite fun. It is nice to  play when I want, take my time, and not feel rushed because I am paying 15$ a month. I highly recomend that people download this game and give it a try. its fun, its free, its a hidden gem.


  • thecrapthecrap Member Posts: 433

    The game has been getting a lot of positive reviews the only complaint people really have is the school stuff but it’s really important slow paced or not because the game is so broad and you have the freedom to do anything its actually a necessity


    it not like some other game tutorials that tell you push up to move forward but explains the mechanics thoroughly

  • vladwwvladww Member UncommonPosts: 417

    Awesome sandbox mmorpg.

    Bit like Eve online on sea. Huge content, slow paced, exploration, freedom, skill based

    Love it

    Playing : Uncharted Waters Online

  • GrayGreeneGrayGreene Member Posts: 239

    Count me in on loving it.  I'm still in school, and there are some complex lessons if you're the type to think ahead with strategy in mind.  I'm really surprised this game doesn't have more reviews on this site.  I think there are two total, me and some other guy, lol.  Surprisingly good game.  

  • JoarnajJoarnaj Member Posts: 258

    Downloaded it last night. I'm actually enjoying the obnoxiously long tutorial. The game is reminiscent of old school strategy adventure games and it's nice to play something that seems to be moderately complex but doesn't just dump you in and hope you'll figure it all out on your own.

    I was pleasantly surprised when I went from Apprentice to full 5 star Elite in under 2 months. I was pleasantly surprised again when I went from Elite to just barely Hardcore in 2 weeks. Apprentice, here I come!

  • TrokarnTrokarn Member Posts: 68

    Edit: Nvm. Downloaded and logging in.

  • LerxstLerxst Member UncommonPosts: 646

    Hrmm, I think I'm the other guy who wrote a review.  I tell people about this game but they don't seem to "get it".  Funny how you can ask any player, even the new ones, what they think and you'll see a chat room full of compliments - very few, if any, criticisms about the game itself.  Once people also realize... "Oh Wait... you maean they also did Romance of the 3 Kingdoms!?" their respect meters sky-rocket :)

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