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Bummed i didnt win!

CopelandCopeland Member Posts: 1,955

Well i'm bummed.. i have the station pass so i have subscription to all soe games but i dont own SWG because i dont think its worth buying but i was really hoping to win so i could play when i'm bored... someone toss me a copy lol


  • malo7000malo7000 Member Posts: 126

    i wanted to win too ><, but then again i wanna win anything, too lazy to start a MMORPG on my own money usually loose interest in a month so its a wastye of money. Theres still a chance of winning this tho. Hope someone dont confirm

  • ShoalShoal Member Posts: 1,156
    *Laughs*  Played in Beta and recognised a real POS when I saw it.  The *only* way I would ever even try the retail is if someone gave me a free copy of the box.  Well, didn't win, so guess I won't have to spend any time with SWG anytime soon. ;)
  • WarpHunterWarpHunter Member Posts: 147
    Yeah I probably would have got back into SWG if I woulda won. I havent played in a long time and am kinda bored atm. The only thing I have ever won was the beta invites for Risk Your Life.. I actually won both times with the MY version and the US version... Great game just didnt feel like it was worth paying a monthly fee for.


  • KingGrowlKingGrowl Member UncommonPosts: 237

    I WON!!! First time i've ever won anythign WOOHOO!

    Hail to the King, baby.

  • metalfoxusmetalfoxus Member Posts: 805

    But, you have also played WoW for 600 hours. You cannot hide your shame.

  • Gythe1stGythe1st Member Posts: 45

    Heck Yeah, I lost WOOT! hehe j/k It would have been cool to win I just won the Asherone call legions game signed I guess thats all I could ask for hehe. Reguardless if I didn' win or not I may play SWG again I'm bored with all the other games

    Wow did it done it FOrgot it

    EQ2 Yeah thats alright I think I'll wait for Vanguard

    COH = Boring

    GUild wars = Did the beta Might go buy it haven't decided

    Matrix  = Interlock equals Mostlycrap

    FFXI = WTF

    And many others but Yes I might give the new combat system a try as long as my tera kasi can kill ranged people now.. I hope.. most likly not though.

    Oh and take a look at the Locations of Winners 7,8, and 17 I've always wanted to live somewhere LOL

    Congratulations to all those that Won I hope to see you inside the game.


    Frumple bog was here

  • Gythe1stGythe1st Member Posts: 45

    Oh and Hey Kinggrowl I'll trade ya games LOL.

    Congratz man.


    Frumple bog was here

  • DuckyDucky Member Posts: 413
    MMORPG.COM - You hold a winning ticket for our SWG: The Total Experience Giveaway contest!

    Greetings Ducky!

    We are very pleased to inform you that you have been issued a winning ticket to our SWG: The Total Experience Giveaway contest! We have issued 20 winning codes and ONLY 20 PERSONS CAN WIN! Prizes will be issued on a first come, first serve basis. So claim your prize ASAP!


    I WON!!!!

    First thing that i have ever won valued over $2.00!!! WOOOOT! i wanted too try it out too! :)


  • cedoricedori Member Posts: 500

    I didn't bother to enter, though I'm happy those that did win are pleased.  Gratz to all that won, and hope you have fun.



  • angel_craftangel_craft Member Posts: 41


    Man i hate loosin.....hahaha.

  • AlcananAlcanan Member UncommonPosts: 268
    me win something...LOL... never happens. If only one in a room of 200 was not able to win a prize that person would be me :(   (Something similar actually happened to me at a conference LOL ). Congratz to the winers :)


    "The True North Strong and Free"
    "Faith Manages"

  • Narc1Narc1 Member Posts: 46
    congrats to all those who won, I entered and though that this might be the first contest I would win but as usual I lost, no tears though. Im still thinking of picking up this package when it comes out on the 24th. Cheap price along with expansions will bring in the masses :P I played in the first month it came out and saw the game needed a LOT of work so its been about 2 years so this package gives me reason enough to try it again.
  • RazorbackRazorback Member Posts: 5,253

    I wanted to win.... but only so I could sell it on the root of all MMO evil "Ebay"

    Then I could have bought a copy of Freedom Force Vs the Third Reich or Empire Earth 2 image

    "MMOs, for people that like think chatting is like a skill or something, rotflol"
    "Far away across the field, the tolling of the iron bell, calls the faithful to their knees. To hear the softly spoken magic spell" Pink Floyd-Dark Side of the Moon

  • ste2000ste2000 Member EpicPosts: 6,194

    WOOT, I LOST!!

    Nice, so I won't be tempted to play that piece of pooh.

    (I know I shouldn't have entered the competition, but I can't resist freebies, when is Mourning competition again?  image)

  • Ken`ShieroKen`Shiero Member Posts: 289

    I for one played SWG, but sadly never tried the expansions. I too am bummed that I didn't win but there is always next time you can't win them all. Besides I won the Saga of Ryzom and haven't enven played it yet. No disrespect mmorpg I just didn't have the time to play with school and work.

    Sorry I am rambling, but its true there is always next time. AC is up for grabs why not try to win a copy I know I will.image

    I must not fear, fear is the mind killer.
    Fear is the little death that leads to obliteration, I must permit fear to pass over me and through me.

  • DuckyDucky Member Posts: 413

    Depressing, i wanna play it.. NOW!! but alas, it's not even out yet! been reading up on SWG, i think i will like the CU.

    oh well, two more weeks, i can make it.


  • TheWarcTheWarc Member Posts: 1,199
    Too bad the CU ruined my SWG-tale
  • WackoGunWackoGun Member UncommonPosts: 38

    I also won!!! woooheeee!! :P

    Its also my 1st price I ever won :D so totaly happy ^^

    1st of all I love StarWars and also wanted to buy the SWG Total EXP bundle when it will be released in Europe but now I dont need to buy,

    I readed my Email like 10x before I realy believed I won.


    Srry bad English :P



  • malo7000malo7000 Member Posts: 126

    Lmfao i just noticed this
    18 Akira666 ass city, CA, United States * pending *
    HAha Ass City?

  • DarkSaviorDarkSavior Member Posts: 31

    I had a bit of trouble waking up today, but it surely helped when I checked my mailbox... I won! :D

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