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LF opinions on Atlantica Online

peakaboopeakaboo Member Posts: 22

I tried AO roughly 6 months ago, and I enjoyed it a lot until I eventually got bored of the repetetive quests and content. I think I got to lvl 7x while playing, so I never got to experience more than leveling and some minor pvp. That's why I'm curious to know what people on these forums think of the endgame in AO (both pve and pvp). Also how is the game doing overall? What I mean by this is whether or not the game is still growing, if so do you think a new server might open at some point etc.? How crucial is the cash shop if you want to do pvp at high levels?


The main reason why I'm thinking about returning to AO is that I have the option to play free (poor student here), and AO is one of the most original and unique mmorpgs I've ever played. I liked the little pvp that I took part in (Especially the way you could build up your formation in so many different ways), I liked the fact that guilds are able to control towns and (if I understood correctly) fight over the control of towns and I also liked the crafting system. I even liked the pve dungeons I took part in with my guild, and I thought the endgame raids sounded interesting even though I never got the chance to try them. Still, there's a big chance that if I return to AO the same thing will happen again and I will end up quitting before I get to a high enough level.


Hopefully your answers will help me decide if I should return to this game or not. Thank you for your time.


  • GravargGravarg Member UncommonPosts: 3,424

    I don't play AO much anymore, except for the Troy part.  The item mall doesn't really make you stronger, it just makes it easier to be stronger.  You can buy items that help upgrade your equipment, but in pvp a +5 is about equal to a +2 in pve.  probably the only thing that the item mall has that will make you stronger than someone that doesn't use the item mall is the mounts.  The newer mounts are overpowered imho, and they're really hard to get even with the item mall (the biggest thing I hate about this game).

  • funnylumpyfunnylumpy Member Posts: 212

    The game is actually fun in the start... it keeps getting more and more repetivative as you lvl.. at high lvl you end up being solo all the time which is not what I look for in an mmo... I like team play and AO is defently not team oriented, better rewards for going by yourself sadly... at mid lvls 50 there is more team up then it becomes less and less as your grow more powerful.

    Besides many quest requires you to do solo.. and to lvl up your mercs it becomes really boring to redo the daily quests, tbs and other instances... like it's lack of conent...


    The biggest flaw is the crafting, because you can get most of the stuff in boxes which end up in price dumping and when it cost much less to buy it from market than to craft the point of crafting ceases... you can ofcourse be lucky to craft good items.. but again luck is a big part of success here.. you cannot make cold calculations based on facts.. AO is a gamble all in all..

    they want people to buy for real money on Item Mall but it is usually providing you with crap not worth fraction of the buck you put into it and yes I have been stupid enough to try.

    Ingame its the same.. I'm a sword main really want a sword out of a box... I got 10 boxes.. good chances to get one? WRONG... got a lot of other crap I didnt really need..


    And then there is the events which at first glance looks nice and coolm but it's a gamble there too... if you are lucky you get rewards if you are not Ndoor even reclaim their reward because it expired..


    AO was a much better game until august 09 after that it has been nerfed patch after patch... I only stayed there because of my friends but enough is enough the game is so flawed it is more annoying to log on than to play solitare 100 times in a row...


    good tip for new people stay away... it's not worth your time and effort find a stable game..

  • PesmergiaPesmergia Member Posts: 75


    It is totally rigged for profit, the low levels seem so easy to make money and everything is as the perfect MMO should be, everything is innocent, items are relatively simple to obtain and craft/enchant.


    Then as soon as you hit your mid 30s everything starts going down hill, Enchant 2 stones are no longer fixed price, meaning the prices to enchant shoot way WAY up from before.  The market does not provide infinite amount of them only the playerbase farms them.


    By the time you are 50 you cannot afford Blood Knight gear and the enemys you fight are 3x stronger.  Same thing with Enchant stones.  But now a curveball is thrown at you, NOW gear is no longer fixed and is only obtained from equipment boxes, which means.. you guessed it, outfitting a whole team of 9 total members with 9 pieces of gear each:


    9 total x 9 slots = 81 pieces of gear.


    Typical Blood Knight piece usually goes for around 400k-500k for a +0.


    400k x 9 mercs x 9 pieces per merc = 32.4 million gold to outfit your whole party in +0 Blood Knight gear, this doesnt even start factoring in enchant stone prices to enchant and the +3-+4 overpriced gear pieces.


    By your 80s in Shogun castle its even worse. money is nearly impossible to make to outfit your whole team in decent Ghost gear.


    Ghost gear is about 1 mil for a +0 some of it a little cheaper, some more expensive.


    Then by the time you hit Yggdrasil in your mid 90s its TWICE as bad at 95 then at 80, even HARDER to outfit your team, your mercs are VERY weak and easily die, everything is SKY HIGH on the market because only gear comes out of equipment boxes and they are very hard and rare to farm in your 90s.


    [mod edit]



    AWESOME, more money racketeering!  4 million gold for a +0 Gold Dragon item, thats ONE single item.


    4 mil x 9 merc x 9 slots =  324 million gold to outfit whole party in +0 I doubt anyone around this level has even made that much gold in their carreer. 


    Now WAIT, what do we have here?  We have 4 more slots open now, 2 earrings per merc, and 2 braclets lets check those prices out!


    Most of the earrings and braclets for a +0 is about 4 mil - 7 mil a piece.  So you see where I am going with this?


    If you don't believe me check this out, they have no phone numbers to contact any department, the only way you can get things handled is submitting tickets through the website.


    Even if you request a number to contact them over the phone, they will totally ignore what you said and do their little "Thank you for contacting the support department have a great day" bullcrap.

  • isaboooisabooo Member UncommonPosts: 16

    I do hate the lottery aspect of the game and question if buying those random item boxes in mall with RL money is actually legal in some countries. I don’t like gambling my RL money and I would never spend a cent on that.


    Beyond that, if you don’t care to have the coolest mount, coolest looking clothes etc, coolest/latest mercenary, you can get by just paying for monthly licences package, which IMO you can’t play without. You’ll be fine to level and solo quests just with that. Do you Ind. dungeons& GDs for boxes for gear, saves you heaps of gold

  • muc1004muc1004 Member Posts: 6

    I played AO for about 6 months (my computer is broken so there won't be much playing now).

    I think that all mmorpgs are much the same. But AO doesn't have so much bugs than most others (as far as I found out) and the way system is wonderful. As my char was level 10 I said him he should go to Rome. About half an hour later he was in Rome. This I never saw in any other game. Most games have trouble to guide the chars from one quest to another.

    And you can play this game alone. If you are working and can only go online when everyone else goes to bed this game is just perfect. I never had trouble with a monster or a boss.

    I also never used the item mall, so I won't know how expensive it is. But I only got to lvl 40 and I only played PvE. My friend didn't like the battle system so I had to play it on my own.

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