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Can I get some suggestions for the new character -> ECM BB pvp path?

BaselineBaseline Member Posts: 503

I've played the trial on and off maybe 10 times over the years.

A bit over a year ago I played for about maybe 2 months. I always like the annoying debuffer / cc types in PVP, so, naturally I went toward the quick-route and as I was told high-demand ECM blackbird, so I'd have some use in some pvp opportunities. I ended up thinking it was pretty damn fun jamming people in pvp (I could smell they were annoyed), but I was still pretty green, didn't understand the game too well, got frustrated, and got rid of the account.

I can't remember a whole lot since it was a while ago, but those memories give me some sticking points that come to mind for this second time around at making a fun ecm pvp'er. Those points being:

1.) When I last played, I lost quite a few blackbirds in the span of a week or so I was pvp'ing in a group of 2 or 3 guys who just invited me to their corp (I know, you're primaried with these and they're not expected to last many fights, I can look up tactics, etc, but of course tips are nice).

2.) I was broke because of 1. lol.... If I recall, I only had a caracal doing level 2 missions or something of that nature, and even fitting cheapy blackbirds tempted me to go to the isk farmers with my wallet.

3.) Since I'd rather not feel compelled to run to the isk farmers with my wallet to keep pvp'ing, what else are my options? I remember someone telling me "forget pvp'ing for a few months and level up a mission runner". Is that really my other option? I have to spend a few months going toward a mission-runner type setup and THEN more time skilling toward an ECM setup? So, uh, yeah, I'll pvp later this year? or is it going to be a similarly lame answer like "pay for two accounts, one mission runner and one pvp'er"?

Just trying to map out a plan for starting from scratch again. But I'm a bit hestitant because my memory leads me to believe that it is those 3 options: A.) buy isk to fund your pvp so you can focus right-away on this ecm pvp build, or B.) pay for two accounts and have a mission runner leveling up at the same time, or C.) wait quite a damn while to pvp while you level up a drake mission runner build first.

Any suggestions are appreciated. Maybe I'm a bit off in my perception of how to go about this.


  • MalcanisMalcanis Member UncommonPosts: 3,297

    If you want to go the EW route then you can start out with the Griffon, which is the frigate equivalent of the Blackbird.

    Treat the Griffons as disposable. Blackbirds can have some survivability by fitting a 1600mm plate - these add a hell of a lot of EHP. Remember to keep your hostiles at range, and stay aligned to warp out at all times. As soon as your overview starts to light up with yellow boxes, GTFO.

    Just remember that people hate being jammed, so you will always be primary and you will lose a lot of ships. If you're in an established PvP corp, they should pretty much give you frigates for free. And I'd think most of them would supply Blackbirds too.

    Longer term, your go-to ships will be the Falcon and the Rook, which are much more survivable. The Rook can also do a reasonable amount of ranged DPS as well.

    As far as making money goes, it's a no-brainer to train up for a Drake. Even with low skills, it will easily work through level 3 missions (Once you get T2 missile skills you'll even be able to do level 4s), which should at least double your ISK/hr compared to level 2s. Train battlecruisers to 3 or 4 and you'll be good to go - the difference between a Drake and a Caracal will shock you...

    That wont take "months", that will take a couple of days. Once you have your drake, it should take you about 10-12 hours of missions to build up a warchest of 100 mill or so.

    Give me liberty or give me lasers

  • BaselineBaseline Member Posts: 503

    Well that sounds like a bit more reasonable plan.

    And I didn't know most pvp corps typically supply the cheapo ecm ships. That's good to know.


  • batolemaeusbatolemaeus Member CommonPosts: 2,061

    And if you're looking into 0.0, you might also want to go for the Scorpion after you've skilled up the Drake to a somewhat reasonable level. If you're into larger scale operations that is. Those should also be reimbursed by your corp (if not, find a better one).
    They're often chosen over the Falcon/Rook in large scale fleet due to their much higher buffer tank and cheaper investment at the cost of maneuverability.

  • BaselineBaseline Member Posts: 503

    Originally posted by batolemaeus

    And if you're looking into 0.0, you might also want to go for the Scorpion after you've skilled up the Drake to a somewhat reasonable level. If you're into larger scale operations that is. Those should also be reimbursed by your corp (if not, find a better one).

    They're often chosen over the Falcon/Rook in large scale fleet due to their much higher buffer tank and cheaper investment at the cost of maneuverability.

    Definitely will be. Good to know there's more opportunities to play this role than just little roaming gangs. I'll definitely go for the scorpion then after the BB / Drake are sorted.

    Curious though, about PvP. And this will be a pretty noob question, since I didn't pvp a ton, mostly just hung back zooming in and out in a blackbird the short time I did a while back. I understand there is a loot incentive for the winners in PvP, along with getting the killmail and sec status.

    How does that work for an ECM'er? If I successfully jam, does that count toward it? or only the people doing damage points? And the loot? Does that situation typically suck for ECM'ers because they tend to be pretty far away from the wreck compared to say close-range tacklers / dps'ers who can loot the wreck faster? From what I've read, the loot in PvP is pretty worthwhile.

  • batolemaeusbatolemaeus Member CommonPosts: 2,061

    The loot in pvp hasn't been worthwhile since t2 became the de facto standard fitting.

    In large scale it's first come first serve (or just ignore the loot), for smaller scale ops the loot usually goes to the people who lost ships.

    At least, that's how I know it. It will obviously differ from community to community.

  • MalcanisMalcanis Member UncommonPosts: 3,297

    There's not a  set game mechanic for loot division, although the FC can choose to enable loot logging so he can see who has taken what. If in doubt, ask what the looting rules are when the fleet forums. As Bart says, it is rare for PvP loot to be worth all that much. Additionally, if you're still getting your ships for free then it's moot.

    I might also add that there are other forms of EW than ECM. Tracking disruption can be extremely effective, for instance. Target painting is an anomaly in that it doesn't hinder your target in any way, but can make him far more vulnerable to incoming fire. Once you've trained up all the EW support skills to a good level, it costs relatively little to add a new form of EW.

    Give me liberty or give me lasers

  • batolemaeusbatolemaeus Member CommonPosts: 2,061

    I always fit a target painter on my carrier for those capfights.

    Just for the comedic effect on my killmail though.

  • NicoliNicoli Member Posts: 1,312

    Yeah have to second looking towards a drake and then a Scorp/Raven. The drake and raven can help you make some money in between roams. The scorp is a bit more survivable plates, damage control, maybe a trimark or 2 if you think you can spare the ECM strength. Key thing as pointed out your not going to be staying in the fight a long time. Get used to doing a few jams then once attention turns to you getting the hell out turning around and coming back in for a few more jams. Also never set your jammers to auto-repeat. First it allows you to be a bit more agile with them jamming different people as needed. Second it makes sure you don't waste jammers on people. If you get a Jam on person with your first jammer stacking an extra 4-5 jammers on them doesn't help any. Put one jammer on at a time till you jam a target then move to the next doing it this way will allow you to jam the maximum amount of people possible while make sure that the targets that need to be jammed stay jammed. just remember once you start getting locked jam the tacklers on you and get out!

  • Hellfyre420Hellfyre420 Member Posts: 861

    Good info on this post.. Sounds almost as fun as useing a frigate to sucide tackle ppl lol.. Usually my job because of my low SP >.>


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