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DC Universe - Keys and Invites



  • KokomoblKokomobl Member UncommonPosts: 153

    Please if you have a spare buddy key.


    Dont go giving it out too people whom joined today or people with one posts.

    give them to people who are part of the community.


    Alot of gold websites with buddy keys for $5... so yeah.



    <also I'm strill looking for a Spare EU buddykey if someone can send me one>

  • d-Royd-Roy Member Posts: 2

    So basically we have someone saying:"look at me, i have much more posts then you, i'm part of the community, he isnt. give the key to me because i have much more posts, and forget about him, he just joined, so he shouldn't get it, pick me, pick me!"


    Nice welcome we get here.


    I understand that some people want to show what kind of special snowflake they are, however, the way on putting it sometimes goes a bit beyond my comprehension.

    i'm playing mmorpgs for quite some time, and decided to join this community after all, however, i might regret this decision if we get welcomes like this.

    Anyways, for the ones who are kind enough to give keys away without judging how much posts someone has, your kindness is rewarded.

  • Mors-SubitaMors-Subita Member UncommonPosts: 517

    Posting again asking for buddy key.

    Thank you everyone in advance.


  • GhostwellGhostwell Member UncommonPosts: 13

    played coh and a bit of champions, id love to see what dcuo is like before i buy it.

    if theres still any buddy keys floating around id greatly appreciate it thanks.

  • ThestacheThestache Member UncommonPosts: 35

    If any1 has a spare key, plz PM me with it, I want to try it, and am thinking of buying it...thanks everyone

  • RdlabanRdlaban Member UncommonPosts: 396

    If anyone got a spare key I would love to try this game out.


    I usually play mmos for 3 months then unsubscribe again...

  • glint_inuriglint_inuri Member Posts: 8

    I would love to try dc if anyone can send a buddy invite.


    [email protected]et

  • goblagobla Member UncommonPosts: 1,412

    If anyone has a spare key I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me one in a PM.

    Thanks in advance.

    We are the bunny.
    Resistance is futile.
    ( o.o) ( o.o) ( o.o)

  • SpankyjncoSpankyjnco Member Posts: 4

    looking at a key so my wife doesnt yell at me if i waste 60$ and hate the game... please help

  • spawnlustspawnlust Member Posts: 1

    I ve been looking everywhere for a buddy key so i can try and see if this game is as awsome as it looks through videos.. My email is [email protected]  Thanks in advance

  • cheezypoofcheezypoof Member Posts: 2

    hi, i'm also looking for a buddy key as well... i'm on the fence on whether or not to buy


    so please send me a PM with one yah? karma says a good deed won't go unrewarded :D

  • Mors-SubitaMors-Subita Member UncommonPosts: 517


    Third request. Still looking.

    Thank you in advance.


  • cloudacvcloudacv Member UncommonPosts: 210

    still looking for a key...please :)

  • LuminaroLuminaro Member Posts: 11

    Would love a DCUniverse buddy key if anyone has extra. Fan of CoH and this game looks way better, so please, if you have an extra one let me have! 

  • tyorketyorke Member Posts: 46

    i'd like to have a key too 

    pm me please if u can

    < Thank god I am atheist

  • ZolgarZolgar Member Posts: 533

    Looking for a key too I s'pose. I'll probably but it anyways since I'm a cmoic book nut, but I would at least like to try it before I drop $50.

    0118 999 881 999 119 725... 3

  • RaydenRayden Member UncommonPosts: 13


  • cloudacvcloudacv Member UncommonPosts: 210

    key please

  • wizyywizyy Member UncommonPosts: 629

    Looking to turn away some people (me too ;)) from grinding away their lives in WoW (cybercafe where I work).

    This may help, if you can spare a key :)

  • ArcheminosArcheminos Member Posts: 283

    If anyone has a spare key, i'd sure appreciate it you'd PM me one. I'll try to remember you if I get one for Rift :)

  • PinkninjaPinkninja Member Posts: 11

    If anybody could spare a buddy key or what not i'd be very thankful. Pm thx

  • EttlEttl Member UncommonPosts: 10

    I would really like to try out this game and appreciate a spare key. Thanks in advance!

  • Argentum177Argentum177 Member UncommonPosts: 2

    A buddy key would be great!  I've been watching my roommate play, but he's not being kind enough to let me try >_< but I'd still love to try it with him!

  • LeticronLeticron Member Posts: 1

    I hope anyone have an spare Key, for an poor german DC Fan. Or i must wait until the 1st of March, my Birthday. That would be hard. Thx in advance, may Batman bless you :)

    Cheers Leti

    P.S.: Please PM me or send it to [email protected]

  • erinyserinys Member UncommonPosts: 395

    I would love to have a buddy key also, since i am intrigues by it and would love to try it out!

    you can mail me here or at [email protected]



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