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This game is terrible, for those of you who are wondering



  • nekrothingnekrothing Member Posts: 302

    Originally posted by SlyLoK

    Originally posted by lordessedess

    Originally posted by nekrothing

    Originally posted by lordessedess

    Originally posted by SlyLoK

    I lost interest soon as Humans could go SSJ.

     i dont remember any humans turning super saiyan .......who did that?

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that.

    In DBO there are 3 races...

    1. Majin

    2. Namek

    3. Human

    Once each of these three races reaches level 50, they have the option to get an ascending ability from the dragon by making a wish (after grinding placeholder mobs for the dragon ball drops). The ascending ability for Majins is to be able to turn in to their original Majin forms (being able to look like Kid Buu basically). The ascending ability for Nameks is to be able to turn in to a Super Namek (they turn in to giants, like how Piccolo Jr. turned in to a giant in his fight against Goku). The Human ascending ability allows Humans to turn in to, like SlyLoK said, Super Saiyans. They get the yellow hair, aura, and everything.

    Over in the screenshot section for DBO on this site, you can see a picture that I submitted that shows each of these three races using their ascending ability. Link.

     oh ok....well maybe the saiyan race became so intermingled with humans they became one in the same :P saiyan blood being so strong it could be possible i guess without it diluteing too much  , but that'd take a  long time though or somewhere along the line there were some very promiscuous saiyan half breeds lol.

    when i first heard about the game i was so looking forward to it as a fan of dragonball but its doesnt sound like its shapeing up to be much. (same with the the kai series they cut out a few episodes i liked to make it shorter like the one about princess snake, of couse we all know that had nothing to do with all the girls in that place *whistles innocently*)

    That could explain it except for the fact that Akira Toryama ( sp? ) plainly stated that descendents with very dilluted blood could not possibly become a Super Saiyan ( which would explain Pan ).

    If that's true, then that's probably why you would have to make a wish to the dragon in order to become a Super Saiyan, as a Human with diluted/dormant Saiyan blood --->

    Originally posted by nekrothing

    The current theory is that, from a story-perspective, your Human character (if you were to make one) would be the descendant of one of the Saiyans that were still alive by the end of the series. So as a result, you would have "dormant" Saiyan blood, and when making a wish to the dragon, you'd essentially be wishing for your Saiyan genes to be unlocked, which would grant you the ability to turn in to a Super Saiyan. It sounds pretty ridiculous though.

    Originally posted by Jimmy562

    Was never expecting a revolutionary MMO. The fact thats its DB means i'll play it. I could grind all day and be happy since i'm in the DB universe :)

    You can't fly but it was mentioned they are thinking of putting it in.

    I remember being like you. I remember thinking how incredibly fun it would be to hang out in the DB universe, and to be able to explore famous areas and see famous character from the series. Honestly? It was fun, at first. It was fun watching my Human character blast the shit out of stuff with ki blasts and spirit bomb-esque looking attacks, and watching my Namek character doing Masenko/Special Beam on to Saibamen-type creatures. I also really enjoyed the first few time travel missions, where you could go back and see characters like Trunks, Grandpa Gohan and the Ox King. But trust me, the allure wears off. It wears off when you realize you can't do many of the things you should be able to do, but aren't. Or when you realize that you aren't playing a "Dragon Ball" game, but that you are actually just playing every other F2P MMO that's already out on the market with the "Dragon Ball" name attached. In fact, at times I'd find myself asking, "Am I playing a Dragon Ball game?" After awhile, it all just starts to kind of blend together, and feel like another generic/boring F2P MMO with very little elements that have anything in common with the DB universe. I mean, just look at my first post, at the part where I list everything that's currently lacking from the game...

    Originally posted by nekrothing

    You can't fly, you can't go to Other World, you can't travel to different planets, you can't fuse, you can't power struggle (beam-style), half of the entire game world is locked and inaccessible to the players (as I'm writing this, you can only explore half of the entire game world, as the other half hasn't been put in the game yet), there is little to no content at all in the game post-35, there is no endgame, there is still a missing class that hasn't been implemented yet, and you learn the Kaioken technique from some guy with an afro in a Richard Simmons-esque outfit.

    ...and that's only a small portion of what this game lacks.

  • x_cutionerx_cutioner Member Posts: 15

    I believe it's still in beta so it isn't a final product. I'm sure the Korean/Japanese players will let them know what they should and shouldn't do. I still want to try it terrible or awesome, like most f2p it will probably only hold my attention for a few weeks most anyways.

  • nekrothingnekrothing Member Posts: 302

    Originally posted by x_cutioner

    I believe it's still in beta so it isn't a final product. I'm sure the Korean/Japanese players will let them know what they should and shouldn't do. I still want to try it terrible or awesome, like most f2p it will probably only hold my attention for a few weeks most anyways.

    No, it's not in the beta stages anymore. It reached version 1.0 awhile ago, which signifies a release.

    I also kind of doubt that the developers will take anything that the playerbase says in to consideration (since they're completely disregarding most of the features that make up the DB universe, along with completely messing up the lore at every chance they get), if they can even get any constructive feedback from anyone anyway. The game doesn't have nearly as many people now as it did back when the beta started. The game (at least with the server I'm on) is completely barren, even during KR primetimes. So it seems that players would rather just leave the game than give feedback to the developers.

  • Database82Database82 Member Posts: 179

    It's a Korean game so grinding is expected happen...often.

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  • RaikoLivesRaikoLives Member Posts: 89

    It sucks, too, that they made SUCH a big deal about having Akira Toriyama on board to help make the game GOOD, but they still end up with a generic MMO. Plus, they're not going to release it worldwide unless they think it'll do well (according to statements by the dev/publishers) so if, as mentioned, the game IS barren of people, we westerners probably won't see a release, and DBO will be added to the roster of anime based games that never get released in the west.

    I would LOVE to play it (I was totally psyched for it) but as details became available and we learnt it was "just another Korean f2p" I've resigned myself to the fact I probably won't get a chance to, and the game will always be better in my mind than in my hands. Sad but true.

    Once more, great potential... wasted.


  • HaltsTimeHaltsTime Member UncommonPosts: 30

    Originally posted by MysteryB

    Actually most of what you said is correct except about Dragonball Evolution making a profit. The movie had a $50 million budget and thats not including paying the actors and crew. In Japan it grossed roughly that amount, $50 million and in america it bombed making only $5 million opening weekend and alot less every week since, so total we can assume it made roughly $60 million which is about what it took to make all said and done so if they made any profit it was not at all signifigant and was a huge financial loss for Fox.



    Yeah, the movie sucked for sure... too bad everyone keeps messing it up... Anime was great, story was great, battle was great, remaking it never ended up well... they always seem to C grade things.  If they were serious, I think they can make a really good movie, game or w/e out of the franchise


  • NyllxNyllx Member Posts: 3

    Just what I needed, my childhood memories being butchered in MMO form.

    Although, honestly, I wasn't expecting it to be good. So, no big deal.

    Eh. Don't want to make one.

  • theratmonkeytheratmonkey Member Posts: 684

    Having played it from 1-25 (And at one time, lvl 30), I don't think it's a terrible game. The main problem with this game is that it's a generic MMORPG, and doesn't add anything new, except for the Dragonball Motif.

    Overall, it's a fairly solid game, but without any real feature that stands out. (The only feature I can think that stands out are the time missions, which are fun, but they feel more like your average dungeons more than anything else.)

    If it does get out of the East, it will be relying almost purely on the fact that it's Dragonball.


    EDIT: And to correct what the OP has said, it is not a "straight grind" to through levels. Especially not 1-20.

    I never had a problem finding a quest, or doing quests, and the game was in friggin' Korean for me. At times, I had so many quests, I didn't even know which quest I was on, until I turned them in. (Which, again, could have been due to the game being in Korean.)

    I've heard it gets a lot harder at later levels (which, I haven't experienced after lvl 30 all that much.), but that's to be expected.

    I'll tell you what's funny, though. You can tell who is Korean and who isn't just by the way they play this game. while all of the Western/non-korean players are off doing quests, the Korean players are killing the same group of mobs for hours on end. lol.

    But as for the flying/new world traveling/no beam struggles - Again, this is a generic MMORPG set up.

    It does have some neat combat features, such as the knockback thing (Where you get hit back and have to shake your mouse to get free), but it's a generic MMORPG. The combat and feel of the game is in line with any standard MMORPG you've played in the past 10 years.

    So, don't expect those features, at least, not right now.  Also, the Dragonballs are found through quests and low drop rates.


  • helthroshelthros Member UncommonPosts: 1,449

    Shame. I remember looking into this last year. I almost got a foreign account to try it out.


    I remember waking up Saturday mornings to watch Dragon Ball :)


    Shame they are blowing the IP.

  • nekrothingnekrothing Member Posts: 302

    Originally posted by theratmonkey

    EDIT: And to correct what the OP has said, it is not a "straight grind" to through levels. Especially not 1-20.

    Re-read what I said in my initial post. I said that once you hit level 35, it is, among other things, a straight grind.

    Originally posted by nekrothing

    But the problem is that once you hit level 35, you'll start to run low on xyz quests to grind. At this point, you'll have three choices...

    1. Straight grind for 20 more levels

    2. Do repeatable quests for low exp

    3. Grind TMQs for levels

    You CAN grind TMQs and you CAN grind repeatable quests, but again, like I mentioned, the amount of exp you get from those is really pitiful after awhile. I never said anything about the lower levels being a straight grind.

    Originally posted by theratmonkey

    I never had a problem finding a quest, or doing quests, and the game was in friggin' Korean for me. At times, I had so many quests, I didn't even know which quest I was on, until I turned them in. (Which, again, could have been due to the game being in Korean.)

    Like you said though, the highest you've gotten was to level 30. Once you get to 35, you'll start to run out. I remember before they brought out repeatable quests in the game, that I'd only get like maybe 3-4 new quests every levelup, post level 33. It was sad.

    Originally posted by theratmonkey

    But as for the flying/new world traveling/no beam struggles - Again, this is a generic MMORPG set up.

    That doesn't excuse them from leaving out key features of the IP. If they aren't going to do it right, they shouldn't do it at all. Also, there are plenty of other generic F2P MMOs that had flying, even when they were in beta (Perfect World comes to mind).

    Originally posted by theratmonkey

    Also, the Dragonballs are found through quests and low drop rates.

    While not untrue, that is somewhat misleading.

    The quests that you do to obtain the Dragon Ball's is a one-time thing that takes place in the lower levels, from levels 1-20. So it's not like you can keep questing for the Dragon Ball's, it's just a one-time thing during your early levels. The earlier level Dragon Ball's are also severely gimped in comparison to the ones that you can obtain through grinding mobs. You can't even choose what to wish for, and instead are just granted some new armor (that you'll end up replacing in a few levels) and an egg that you can sell for like 10k zeni I think. That's it.

    The "real" Dragon Ball's are the ones you obtain through grinding mobs with low drop rates. Those are the ones that let you actually choose your wish, and even let you become a Super Namek, Kid Buu, or SSJ. The earlier/quested ones are more of a tutorial to let you see how the whole wishing system works.

  • theratmonkeytheratmonkey Member Posts: 684

    My bad, I honestly just skimmed through the first post. But I stand by my point - It's a generic MMORPG that will probably only gain the gaming base of a few interested playing in that world.

    Having a grind past 35 doesn't really surprise me much, as the game is Korean/Japanese, and they do go for that type of gameplay (for whatever reason, I don't know.),

    You can't reallty expect  very much when it comes to gaming and Dragonball Z, as most of the DB related games are mediocre and forgettable. The only reason why I tried this game out was because I'm a DBZ fan, and I still wasn't all that impressed.


    But I'll adress these other three separately:

    Beam struggles - They could have made the combat with beam struggles, but I would think that would call for more focus on Ki and energy based attacks in the classes, which wouldn't make the classes that much different from each other.  Plus, I really don't know how beam struggles would work, or if it would even be worth adding into the game.

    Because, let's think about this for a moment - What purpose would beam struggles serve? Would this occure enough to have any importance to the game play? How will players respond to this mechanic in the long run?

    Let's say you're playing a Spiritualist, and you're in a Tournament with your friends, and you get into a beam struggle with another player. What do you think the other team is going to do to you? Slaughter you.  You won't be able to move, and you won't be able to defend yourself, on the account that you're doing this dramatic beam struggle with another player.

    You just end up as a free kill for the other team. 

    I'm sorry, but with the way they designed this game, I just don't see it working at all. in fact, I don't think beam struggles would work in a MMO in general. If anything, it would just be a fluff mechanic that ends up annoying players later on.


    Flying - This does seem off that the game doesn't have flying, but a lot of games don't start off with flying. I could see them adding this in the near future, but I don't see why it would be important to add if they didn't have more use for it. (Such as flying in wow. Almost completely pointless aside from travel.) Flight combat would be cool, but I'm not holding my breath.


    Other world traveling - Again, there could be additions in the future. Did Wow start off with Outland and Northrend, two very notable spots in the Warcraft lore? No. Wow just now got mount Hyjel, and that's where the Archeomond died in WC3.

    Other world is also the land of the Dead - The only real way (At least up until I think the Android Saga) to get there is if you die. While it would have been cool to see it in game, I...don't really care if it's in the game or not. Again, what purpose would it serve aside to just be there for the fans enjoyment?



    Fusion - No way it would work in an MMORPG. No way.



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    Please do not necro post in old threads. Thanks!



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