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Update 9 (a) on test

xminatorxminator Member Posts: 306

This time they split the update in two due to E3.

Content for +40 players and customized ingame music. Wonder whats in the part (b) :p


  • NiberNiber Member Posts: 203

    Ribbit... Ribbit.  *SIKE*


  • NihilanthNihilanth Member Posts: 1,357

    interesting.... now i want to know what they're keeping secret till E3.

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  • NiberNiber Member Posts: 203

    I don't think it's a big secret.

    They've promised Frogloks since launch and after last patch's royal "mess" up they said it would be available in LU9.

  • cedoricedori Member Posts: 500

    I'm sure many already no this, but they mentioned looking for the new races village after patch.  Can we say frogs anyone, so for those that like the frog race you will be pleased, if they hold true with their information on the website and newsletter they sent out.


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