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This is one of the many reasons I am letting my sub run out

shogunoneshogunone Member Posts: 85

I have an extractor.  I have had one since release.  I was the main slaggy of my guild.  I really like the mining and extracting system in MO if it actually worked all the time.  As of last patch you can not get most high end materials.  There is something wrong (yet again) with extracting. 


It is not like I do not have patience.  I stayed playing through me not being able to use my extractor for a month and a half due to missing skills.  And all the times extracting was just broken.  I am trying to blast through all the material I have now and make t2, t3 stuff for friends before I delete MO and I can't.  I thought I was doing something wrong, so I checked the forums.  And yup other people are having the same problem extracting over T1.


This game is 7 months old how are we still having stupid problems like this?


  • HerculesSASHerculesSAS Member Posts: 1,272

    I've been on vacation and busy, but it's kind of funny to see these posts.


    SV has been working so hard on 'new' content that the broken content continues to exist, and from what I read briefly, they are still saying that the desync that exists in the game is something else. It's kind of entertaining.


    Either way, I think that you are not alone in leaving MO, and the folks that are staying are really hoping for a miracle. I have my sympathies for them, but I know enough about Henrik, about their development practices, and their ethical practices, that MO isn't going to last and when SV is forced to pay for the maintenence on the Unreal engine they licensed, that the game will be shut down. The maintenence is a hefty cost to pay, and it's yearly. I don't think they budgeted for being unprofitable for this long, but hey... we'll see I guess. Maybe Henrik's dad will keep bailing him out of trouble.

  • cirsyndiccirsyndic Member UncommonPosts: 261

    There is nothing suprising about this. Extraction was broken consistently at least once a month; from not being able to extract anything on furnaces to not being able to extract anything past T2. Now its T1, nothing new really when you think about it. They're always fixing it, and its always broken after a few patches.


    Yeah Hercules, according to Discord they've found a "sponsor".

  • jusomdudejusomdude Member RarePosts: 2,706

    I think the game is gonna continue to have assinine bugs every patch due to the amateur programmers they have. That's why I don't bother with it.

  • xpiherxpiher Member UncommonPosts: 3,310

    worse than DFO .... check Ashame too because some of their systems are better.

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