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Why I give Wurmonline 2 stars

obsessedrpgrobsessedrpgr Member Posts: 5

I played This game for 3 years. Over the coarse of those years i was teased, called names, and nothing was done about it from the devs. For about two years i put up with the makers nonsense of changing everything. PVP, no pvp and deleted this delete that, change this change that. He can never make up his mind. AND he doesnt take suggestions from players at all. He strictly makes the game harder and harder. there for i saw more players go then i have seen come. The newest server was a big disapointment. Rolf says its a non- pvp server but guess what the last nonpvp server he made pvp and people loose the things they worked hard to make or get the in game cash to buy. I noticed that when there was a spike in players he would make the game harder. I think because he got the 'taste' of money. He also changed it from free - ish to only pay. Overall this game is unpredictable, unorginized, and really frusterating. I give this game 4 stars when i started it 4 years ago(ive stopped for 6 months) and only 1 star now. There are also so many bugs in this game its serprising that it runs at all!

Oh i forgot, you can also take to the seas. Build a boat and sale to find your perfect place to build your house, hunt, and more!


On the other side the wildlife is unique. There are Bears(was my favorite) horses, chickens,pigs,crocodiles,Trolls, Cattle(cows, bulls), Boars(nasty critters STAY away from these), Goblins, Anacondas(also NASTY and HARD to kill) , Lava spiders, Lava Fiends. There are also classes of monsters here are SOME of them: Champion are huge and you need good armor, weapons, and skill. Greenish ones have a greenish tint to them and they are slightly weeker then champs. There is also,Angry,shy,Diseased, oh gosh its been so long i cant remember the rest. Then there is regular ones(with no other names in their name).


Now about the things you can do:

My favorite thing to do was to Tame and breed Creatures. But i liked Carpentry,masonry, farming, leatherworking(working on leather for armor)


Really there are alot of things to do in this game. If you have the time,money, energy, and pationce then this game is for you. if you dont have patiance then its not for you.




  • MMOExposedMMOExposed Member RarePosts: 7,285

    how did naval combat work?


  • WossooWossoo Member Posts: 5

    I would like to add here that the experience given in this thread is not typical of the majority of players in Wurm.

    Lately we've had a really big drive towards improving the way we communicate with our players, and we have been improving the game very considerably over the past few months focusing on playability (ie.making the game a bit more fun), and performance (ie. how well the game actually runs) alongside many aesthetic improvements and expansions.

    Wurm has also expanded it's moderation team significantly in the past few months. All instances where players are harassed should be reported. If they are we always deal with them as soon as possible, and all servers are usually covered by chat moderators so the public chats are normally kept clear of inappropriate behaviour contrary to our game and chat rules.

    With regards to the massive change that often happens in Wurm - yes, that can be expected in any game which is still not considered truly 1.0. We are, however, moving in the direction of 1.0 after which time the change which happens from time to time is not likely to be as dramatic as it has been. All changes are, however, necessary for the future of the game.

    Wurm Online Staff
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  • John_USAFJohn_USAF Member Posts: 6


    I've had a different experience. I've played Wurm for around 2 years now and I just get more and more addicted. The game has gone through some changes (not talking SWG level changes here) but the game is still considered beta so what do you expect.

    Responding to the second poster, there are many different sized boats that have varying speeds and deal with the wind differently and can hold varying amounts of people but no cannons, sorry. The naval combat consists of two parties bringing their boats together and meleeing. (SHOUT OUT TO JK COAST GUARD!)

    This game is extremely brutal starting out, do some research on the forums and find yourself a village thats recruiting or you'll just end up getting lost in the woods, dying to spiders and losing that precious nail you spent an hour making haha. Seriously though, if you are into crafting and building huge projects, this is the game for you.

    Not going to go into all the different things you can do in Wurm but one of my hobbies is breeding horses. Finding two wild horses and breeding them, mixing and matching traits to create a bloodline thats extremely fast, or tough and ferocious in combat is my idea of fun.

    Bottom left picture in the first post is of Sexy Team Headquarters, the deed that was created to imprision the Black Lighter Champion Doctorchaos. Good times on the Wild Server.



    Stormcrow  - Wild Server

  • wow.pwns111wow.pwns111 Member Posts: 108

    Originally posted by John_USAF

    but the game is still considered beta so what do you expect.

    How can a 4 year old game be considered still in beta?

    "We have barred the gates, but can not hold them for long...
    They have taken the Bridge and the Second Hall...
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  • FarReachFarReach Member Posts: 229

    Originally posted by wow.pwns111

    Originally posted by John_USAF

    but the game is still considered beta so what do you expect.

    How can a 4 year old game be considered still in beta?

    It's a very indy game and indy games are never truly leave beta, because they simply don't have the staff. Wurm just admits it. 

    Darkfall took 8yrs of development, plus the 2 it's been out and it's still pretty much in beta. 

    There is a difference between Beta and Alpha, however. Much of what you see from indy developers these days are Alpha tests that claim to be Beta. A Beta is a fully functional game with a few quarks in existing content that is still being tweaked, and new content being constantly added. Games such as MO or Xsyon, are Alpha tests 100%. MO even takes a step further and claims that it's released. From what I saw in Xsyon, just a few weeks ago, they will do the same thing.

    If you got in on the Rift or DCUO Betas, those are what Beta is. 

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