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Steam Holiday Sale

outfctrloutfctrl Member UncommonPosts: 3,619

My best friend just told me about this.  Huge savings off of games.  Check it out.




  • Methos12Methos12 Member UncommonPosts: 1,244

    As usual, STEAM sale is something to look forward to every year if you're a PC gamer. 70% off? YES, SIR.

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  • thamighty213thamighty213 Member UncommonPosts: 1,637

    Have so far grabbed Witcher £3.25  and Arkham Asylum £7



    i also got lucky on the first day in the Lucasarts section.


    50% off all Lucasarts games*


    *Excluding Force unleashed 2


    For the first 10 minutes of the offer FU2 was actually discounted and I managed to grab it for £15 before they fixed it.

  • SwaneaSwanea Member UncommonPosts: 2,401

    yeah BC2 was 6? bucks the other day. Some great games SUPER cheap.

  • ShadinShadin Member CommonPosts: 294

    They're stealing all my money! How dare they have a huge, wonderful, sale!

    I will never give them more of my hard earned cas.... Ooh! Oblivion! And it's cheap! *runs off*

  • EcabanaEcabana Member Posts: 95

    Steam has become my new gaming platform since a couple of weeks. I am getting games to the price of a rental if you check the specials frequently. After years of playing mostly MMOs,  I am rebuilding my fun factor with gaming thanks to all these little games.

    Thanks to Paragus and his Super Meat Boy review, i got it for 3.75$ and it's been a while since i had that much fun/challenge in a game for that price.

  • KanethKaneth Member RarePosts: 2,284

    I love this time of the year.

  • KickphatKickphat Member Posts: 189

    yeah i picked up torchlight for $9.99 and BF:BC 2 and Vietnam for $14.99 each I wonder if they do a summer sale

  • jpnzjpnz Member Posts: 3,529

    Now that the Steam holiday sale has ended, time to actually PLAY some of them. >_>

    kinda sad when I realize that I have games I bought from last year's holiday sale haven't even been installed. -.-

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  • seabeastseabeast Member Posts: 748

    I went for the mount and blade series and I gota tell you, I canceled my MMORPG subs and been playing ever since...now why can not a developer make a game like that one?

  • alakramalakram Member UncommonPosts: 2,299

    I image Steam

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