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DC Universe Online: The End is the Beginning



  • ElikalElikal Member UncommonPosts: 7,912



    Matrix Online


    Pirates of the Burning Sea


    need to say more?

    People don't ask questions to get answers - they ask questions to show how smart they are. - Dogbert

  • RykerRyker Member UncommonPosts: 207

    Hmm, that promise also comes from the same people who didnt send out beta invites on the 4th for the end of beta events, very encouraging and wouldnt even comment on it on their forums.

  • hanshotfirsthanshotfirst Member UncommonPosts: 712

    In my opinion there were some very valid criticisms durning beta regarding the game's targeting system, chat interface, limited costume choices and skill selections. I also think it's fair to be concerned about the game's longevity/re-playability.

    That said, I did also see some complaints regarding a lack of crafting, player housing, and similar MMO staples, but quite frankly dismissed them; not because they're not of much interest to me personally, but because people need to curb unrealistic expectations. Too many games have either floundered or outright failed by aspiring to a lofty/unattainable scope.

  • zahir123zahir123 Member Posts: 21

    Look it this way how many times does company is really resposible of your fun in the game?


    I know Turbine is awesome compared to SOE, but aint keeping me of trying dcuo just like I tried STO to see how was it, people just like to go on stereotypes a lot, PoTBS, SWG, MATRIX online (FAILURE) so....DCUO(FAILURE)

    its the opposite of blind faith so its bad too, I check out dcuo if I can.

  • DerWotanDerWotan Member Posts: 1,012



    Well I'm wishing all those future players well and hopefully for jesus sake SOE will not let you down, like they did with all their other games. Though the writting is already on the wall:

    monthly fee + item shop no matter if its just fluff or not they do have an itemshop on top of a monthly fee = charging top $. 

    Mark my words they will find some excuses for their "content every month" BS be it  "its not ready yet...well we could release i t but its bugged like shit so we cant..."

    There comment about endgame is also speaking volumes about the difficulty of this game "not controller smashing hard" which means it will be average at best. 

    I've talked to some beta testers and they all told me the same: game while nice for superherofans is just not ready yet - so was Everquest 2, Vanguard, Matrix Online and SWG . 


    SOE just doesn't seem to learn ever. 


    We need a MMORPG Cataclysm asap, finish the dark age of MMORPGS now!

    "Everything you're bitching about is wrong. People don't have the time to invest in corpse runs, impossible zones, or long winded quests. Sometimes, they just want to pop on and play."
    "Then maybe MMORPGs aren't for you."

  • dnarrisdnarris Member Posts: 267

    Originally posted by Aalthiel

    Why do people think leveling needs to be such a grind?  We all had that in EQ and vanilla WoW. 

    And if you can't find things to do maybe you're not looking hard enough.  PvP, Socialization (it's a super hero mmo, cmon, think of something), etc.

     Depends on what you consider a grind.

    Doing different missions, story lines, races, instances, and pvp missions to level cap has never seemed like a grind to me.

    However, getting to a certain point and repeating the same content over and over and over.....yeah, that's a grind.

    You just get to the grind faster in this game.

    But, it's ok.  If you like getting to the grind faster then by all means.


    DCUO is lacking it's crown....., but when the king finally comes around the game will be great.

  • 1000111010110001110101 Member UncommonPosts: 20

    I can't seem to understand why people want to constantly throw games like Vanguard, MxO and PotBS into the SOE discussion.  You realize that those games originally failed due to their orginal Dev teams right?  Not SOE. 

    As far as SWG goes;  Its going on 6 years now--let it go.



    Yes I think DCUO lacks enough content currently for an MMO.  However, if I play through to 30 in a month and they dont deliver on the content promise, what have I lost?  Nothing.  I will cancel my sub and think of how good that superhero game was that I just beat.  Its 50 bucks.  All console owners now spend 60 per new game that comes out.  Its less than a game I would buy for my PS3 (getting PC version) and I had a good experience out of it. 

    And yes, its good enough for that.  The quests and combat are great.  In my opinion, they have done a great job on the core of the game.  As long as they deliver on their content promises, I am willing to stick around to see how it develops.

  • Daffid011Daffid011 Member UncommonPosts: 7,945

    Originally posted by Bill Murphy

    Folks who think the curve of difficulty got lifted a little too high will be happy to know that Chris and team are still taking in all the info they can to make sure that end-game encounters are tuned to be hard, but not "throw-your-controller" hard. We also got to chat about the Marketplace, and he assured me that it will always play second-fiddle to the subscription fee: meaning it'll be for cosmetic stuff and convenience fluff primarily. He also gave me some good insight as to what and how they'll be achieving their "New Content Every Month" promise. I'm pretty sure that if they pull off what they're talking about, DCUO will be one of the most content-rich games within its first year. But for the rest of the details, you'll have to wait until Tuesday when the interview goes up.

    And this is where I have to get on my soap box a little bit. I know I've been clamoring about this game for a while, and I've just as much tried to offer my critiques on it. I know it's not perfect, I know there are areas that need some work. But it's incredibly fun for me, and I'll gladly drop my $15 a month on it. What confuses me is how people can claim it's not worth the subscription because you don't have crafting... that's essentially the argument I'm seeing. It boils down to the fact that it doesn't have crafting or "down-time" stuff to do. That may be what some folks need out of their subscription, but when I hear a company promise significant monthly content updates, that is more than enough reason for me to sign up for a subscription. There will be something new every month.

    If they don't meet that promise, and consistently miss their target on adding new stuff? That's when you complain. But the way I see it the subscription fee will be paying for tons of added content. Specifics may still be forthcoming, but I don't think people will be dissatisfied. On the contrary, DCUO will be giving a lot of subscription games something to ponder if they can pull it off. I just simply cannot agree with the "not worth a sub" crowd. And that's okay, we're allowed to disagree. I just happen to be right this time. Insert smiley face with a wink here.

    Hold that thought Bill.  Are you seriously suggesting that people spend money not based on what the condition of the game currently is, but instead based on the PROMISES of a game developers?

    I'm shocked that you are even trying to suggest players overlook what they have experienced in the game and get aboard the HMS Developer Promise as if that is some valid reason to think the game is worth shelling out $60 and a monthly fee. 

    This isn't some new situation where a developer is making huge promises about their yet to be released game.  Specifically how many times has soe made promises of speedy content updates in their games or promises that their cash shop ventures wouldn't cross lines?


    Honestly people shouldn't voice their criticisms about the current condition of the game until after they have been lied to?  Bill, the beta was 2 months long.  Tell me us how much signifiicant monthly content was added during those 2 months?  Was soe just waiting until people bought the game to blow them away with massive content updates?  Did they not hear the complaints of shallow and lacking content from the testers?

    I just don't understand the message you are trying to pass off.  It really sounds like you are suggesting people shut up, ignore the current game, purchase the release, subscribe for a few months and then see if the developers deliver.   That just seems pant on head retarded, especially considering the history of mmo releases and the history of soe. 

  • PlageronPlageron Member Posts: 109

    but but...they have iconic play


    and they have rampant crashes when more then 8 people are in an area.


    and they promise to fix that stuff real fast like they have been for the past few months during beta.


    Oh and my favorite...the version you are playing in beta is not the same as the full realease version.


    Dont know...this sounds awefuly familiar to me.

  • bverjibverji Member UncommonPosts: 722

    Originally posted by OutrLmit

    I can't seem to understand why people want to constantly throw games like Vanguard, MxO and PotBS into the SOE discussion.  You realize that those games originally failed due to their orginal Dev teams right?  Not SOE. 

    As far as SWG goes;  Its going on 6 years now--let it go.


     They did choose to accept  producing 2 of those titles very late in their development knowing what condition the games where in.

  • SenadinaSenadina Member UncommonPosts: 896

    Originally posted by vesuvias

    You know as someone who was only casually interested in this game I think you've just about sold me. Well truth be told I loved CO so picking this one up seems only logical.

    As for the "not worth the monthly fee comments", *shrug*, I will pick it up play until I get bored with it and stop subscribing after that. If it only lasts me a month, well 1$ a day seems a pretty good bang/buck ratio. If SOE doesn't hold up their end on making it worth my 15 after that point I simply won't pay to play. By that point Rifts should be about out and I might be up for trying that. 

    This isn't like cell phone service (don't get me started), I can quit anytime and their is no penalty.  If it isn't worth a sub then it will be a much like any other beatable single player RPG we play these days (Dragon Age, Mass Effect), play till bored then quit.

    The one thing everyone seems to agree on is its "Fun" if only for a little while. That's really what I want. Talk to me in a month about it being worth a sub after that.


     You took the words right out of my mouth...or off my keyboard. I often subscribe to a game for a month of play here and there, then cancel and play something else. A 30 day subscription is not a marriage contract. I just spent a month in Aion, cancelled cause DCUO and Rift beta coming, but I don't regret the time I spent playing Aion. I think it's the " rush to endgame" mentality that makes people think they have to commit years to these games, and have uber-powerful/geared/ top-level characters. Maybe those people do. But I see them as games that I play for fun, and when I get bored I move along and come back now and then.

  • comerbcomerb Member UncommonPosts: 944

    Originally posted by Thomas2006

    Originally posted by monstermmo

    lol Years behind CO.

    You can see the major difference and superiority of DCUO the second you enter the world.

    I agree with you 100%. DCUO surpasses CO in just about every way possible. The quests are lightyears ahead of CO and the graphics make CO seem like a game that was 10 years old. dcuo just runs smooth on any setting where CO your playing with every graphical option just to find that right visual look and good fps.

    The animations in DCUO are lightyears ahead of CO and most other MMO games out there. The smoothness of flying around the city just looks and feels like you are really flying.

    The animations are not better than CO, run through a bunch of emotes... CO does animations very well.  Neither are the lighting/power effects.  The character textures are also of a lower quality on player characters(not NPCs).   DCUO has a tendency to look washed out on character textures, although they cover this up w/ a more realistic artistic approach(ie darker blended colors).

    Yes, the atmosphere  and environments absolutely destroys CO.    And of course the quests are much better.

    I'm a big fan of being real when critiquing games.  You are not being real.  If you think your being real, then you don't have the computer power to run CO at its highest settings.  Maybe when the game comes out I'll throw out some comparison videos, but really it shouldn't be necessary to anyone who has actually played both games.  My best guestimation is you don't like the cell-shading comicbook art-style, and so your not making graphical comparisons at a technical level... but on a personal appeal level.

  • Justley3Justley3 Member Posts: 48

    Sad to see you would push for people to pay $15/month when the game isn't even worth it.


  • el_furiosoel_furioso Member Posts: 23

    If and when DCUO switches over to Free-to-Play, I might give it another look, but it's just not worth $15/month to me. After playing through Closed and Open Beta, there's definitely some great art direction going on, but lackluster costume creation and powerset organization, not to mention a PS3-focused control scheme that, for me, doesn't translate to the PC, are enough for me to take a "wait and see" approach.

    I'm looking forward to reading the insights of those jumping in on Day One.

  • UnsungTooUnsungToo Member Posts: 276

    "Work together or lose everything" doesn't sound like fun to me. I'll give the game 8-10 months shelf life.

    Godspeed my fellow gamer

  • Au-GooseAu-Goose Member Posts: 2

    People are saying they want subscrib because of lack of crafting? Ha!

    People who had the chance to play it for a month or more are saying they won't subscribe because its junk on most gameplay levels, the customization is barbaric compared to it's peers, and you can play through 85% of the content in a single pass on one character in about 5 days. Meaning you could see all of it in amonth if you were willing to put up with the mindnumbing reptition that is the near complete overlap between all 6 plot lines (yes,s the heroes in villians even frequently go on the exact same missions despite being on 'opposed' sides'). Its a sluggish and unresponsive action game welded to a half-baked RPG model that'll put you on an absurdly grindy endgame gear treadmill hoping you like button mashing like a fiend and paying a 15$ per month fee for the privilege.

    Its the work of slackers and it shows, right up to the last moment, last ditch dificulty bump to try and stretch the content over a hollow frame in athe hopes of looking like a real game long enough to kick som eof the that monthly ocontent out the door. Well I guess they took care of the first month or two of free releases - by missing the launch deadline with certain core functionality, like being able to trade good more than just face to face, they'll have plenty of oportuniys to improve from bad to merely mediocre.

    If you have the slightest doubts about this game, skip the launch. Watch and see if the only impressive thing about the game - it's promises of bountiful updates - actually materializes. Your mouse with thank you for not being put through this click hell and if you're a consol action gamer you have vastly better choices available to you already that won't come begging for a 15$ handout every month.

    At your own pace: Do. It. Now.

  • xcarnifexxcarnifex Member UncommonPosts: 36

    Currently SOE's history and reputation for all games they had a hand in since it's launch and those they bought after launch have not instilled any confidence in their name for myself.  This may be the game they can earn back some favor, but while DCUO was suffered from crashes, quest repetition if you played the same alignment again...the mentor varied it a little at the beginning but otherwise you repeated.  Hours and hours of queues at times, and the basic Alert PVE missions had issues...even with 4 people only allowed in.    I would have guessed a March launch at the earliest and then I heard they moved it up to January.  This again is typical SOE tactics, launching games without fixing issues.  It was forgiveable on their first game (Everquest) and their first expansion for that game (Kunark), new genres, new company.  But after repeated bad launches on expansions where things had to be rebalanced for months after launch.  Then having games launch with issues, EQ2 had issues (although I can't remember them all because the game was so horribly bad in comparison to the original EQ...another bad idea on their part), Planetside lag issues that never resolved (and content choices that were very unpopular...with an expansion pack that wasn't very popular.....for very long because it basically removed vehicles from the game which was a major selling point of the game in the first place *Know your audience!*), SWG ( I think we all know the issues with this one by now), Vanguard (they let it flop, pushed it out the door on life support, and then bought it in it's totally screwed state....never could fix it), MXO (I don't hold this one as much against them, but it shows a tendency to not give a crap if a game is not worth even bothering on...if they can make a buck).


    I mean SOE hasn't launched anything in awhile now, but seeing DCUO end beta with issues says "Typical SOE practices, nothing has changed here".  Which means Planetside Next (PS2) will probably be a screwed up mess since they've announced it's launch as March 2011 and don't even have a KNOWN beta open for it yet.  Hopefully one day they'll remove the dollar signs from their eyes and realize that their mere presence near a MMO release taints it.  It's like they are at the horse race and intentionally run a lame horse after boasting about it's speed.......they bet on failure.

  • trembulanttrembulant Member Posts: 101

    Originally posted by Elikal



    Matrix Online


    Pirates of the Burning Sea


    need to say more?



    Some of those games  were already developed and Sony picked them up as a publisher, so they really had nothing to do with the game itself.

  • trembulanttrembulant Member Posts: 101

    Some of those games were only published/distributed by Sony,  they had mostly nothing to do with the game or it's development.

  • GorillaGorilla Member UncommonPosts: 2,234

    The reason people think it is not worth 15 a month is that it is a fairly light, shallow beat em up, it's nothing to do with crafting. It is also very light on content. Apart from a couple of new encounters L30 is just repeating stuff you have done. Sure it's fun for a bit but I can't see myself really wanting to play in a month let alone dropping cash to. If it was a Global Agenda type deal I'd go for it as a drop in drop out game. I may still go for it because I know I will be done in a month or maybe two.

    I kind of laughed about your view they are 'quickly fixing things' the last three or four patches broke more than they fixed and thier knee jerk adjusting of 'balance' means that skills, (or even whole skill trees) roles (e.g. controler, healer) and a whole load of other stuff are yo-yoing between uberness to worthless  from patch to patch (and thats not hyperbole). Specific archetypes, roles, the whole shooting match plays completely differently to how it did a month ago and imho it doesn't feel as heroic or as fun. They don't really give the impression of a team that are on top of things. That is why it seems prudent (to me) to wait until it is stable (gameplay rather than technology).

  • llmorea51llmorea51 Member Posts: 1

    It is true that there are some exciting new games on the horizon. Maybe sub fees would be better saved for some of you, and used when they release. Others such as myself will try them all. DCUO, SWTOR, Rift and GW2. This game during beta was quite entertaining and certainly deserves playing a little deeper into levels. This will give you the real feel for a well polished game.

    No crafting or collecting resources will all but eliminate gold spammers. Worth the price right there. I believe most people that have complained here on the forums, did not play the game long enough. Give this game a try. It's nice to venture outside your comfort zone and try a new genre.



  • space-scumspace-scum Member CommonPosts: 5

    My small experience of Sony Entertainment has been pretty grim.  The supposed beta key for pre ordering DCUO never arrived, despite following all their instruactions.  The calls logged with their support were ignored and unanswered.

    I regret having pre ordered the game and will most certainly not subscribe to anything Sony do again

  • tron21369tron21369 Member Posts: 73

    i used to play those games on that list    i see same old tactics new gen of greed   wraped in hero box  lol     i might try it       this game dont bother me if it dont have crafting    but i know  old republic online do : )  and loved how they did  it    : ) but this is hero stuff   action stuff     if you wont crafting... there's other mmoes that do that       if i do play it my name will be   SuperWalmartGreeter     LOL     at least i get more respect being that in game with the NCPs then real life  co-workers  lol

  • EverithEverith Member CommonPosts: 482

    What I STILLLLL don't understand is why people say they won't buy the box because it's not worth 15$ a month.

    If you don't like the game that's fine don't buy it. Not a problem there, if it's not for you don't pay 50$. However if you like the game but don't think it has enough content for a 15$ a month sub then why won't you buy the game?...


    Since when did buying the game and playing it for 30 days mean you HAD to pay 15 a month?? When you by an xbox 360 game with approx 20hours worth of content for 60$ do you complain?

    Buy the game play for 30 days enjoy however many hours you can rack up (which I'm possotive is more than most SP games) and cance your sub if they havn't added anything worth subbing for...

    JEEEZ the MMO community has become fo fickle with spending money.


  • Daffid011Daffid011 Member UncommonPosts: 7,945

    Originally posted by Everith

    What I STILLLLL don't understand is why people say they won't buy the box because it's not worth 15$ a month.

    If you don't like the game that's fine don't buy it. Not a problem there, if it's not for you don't pay 50$. However if you like the game but don't think it has enough content for a 15$ a month sub then why won't you buy the game?...


    Since when did buying the game and playing it for 30 days mean you HAD to pay 15 a month?? When you by an xbox 360 game with approx 20hours worth of content for 60$ do you complain?

    Buy the game play for 30 days enjoy however many hours you can rack up (which I'm possotive is more than most SP games) and cance your sub if they havn't added anything worth subbing for...

    JEEEZ the MMO community has become fo fickle with spending money.

    Your suggestion makes little sense.  If people do not feel the game is worth $15 a month, why on earth would they pay $50 just to play it for one month?

    If people feel the game isn't worth $15 a month it certainly isn't worth spending $50 a month on.

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