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not bad even kinda fun

farfanugonfarfanugon Member Posts: 419

 the game looks nice and runs smooth , browser base is a big bonus. its ez to play and quick to pick up. ingame support is there , trust me i got killed becouse a mod wanted to talk to me, it was a real boner dude stopped me mid quest to inform me Monkeyballs was a inapropiate name and would be change on my next log out. death  by mode , was kinda funny , but more so eye opening . Once i knew what a mode ship looked like it wasnt hard to find them all over the place.

 you could ez play this one 100% free. myself id advice use the cash shop for $1.00 a week and buy fule cells its worth a buck a week to save me 3 mins a mission fulling up/harvesting fule crystals.

id give this one 4 stars . not a bad game at all



  • DarkStelixDarkStelix Member Posts: 2

    well i kinda like the game... cause i like these games such as space sim simulations...

    Play Hard

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