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New player looking for a corp

LanmoragonLanmoragon Member Posts: 994

Hey all, im a new player looking for a corporation.  Before i start I would just like to say that I am doing the free 14 day trial.  This means that im not sure if I will like the game yet, but from personal experience, the best way to get into a game is to be with a good group of people.  Thats where you guys come in. image

Some basic corp guidelines I am looking for:

It would be nice to be in a fairly large corp, though that isnt a must.  I just like to have at least a few people online when i log.

A mature group of people, but joking around is ok because i do a fair amount of it if other are joking.

I dont really think i want to be in a mining corp, as I have seen some of those.  Usually I am bored with resource gathering and crafting.  I will mine though, if it is for the good of the corp or I need some cash.  I am really looking for a corp that likes to PvP and that sort.

Edit: Just wanted to add that I have been looking at the EVE site, and at the different things you can do.  Being a pirate sounds kind fo cool.  Anybody have anything to say on how pirating is?

So after all of that, I just dont want any hard feelings if I end up deciding I dont like the game.  It will be alot different, since im tired of the fantasy/medieval kill trolls and goblins type of game.  I am also the type of gamer who is usually on during the weeknights.  I try to be on every weeknight, and if I am, I usually play for a few hours at a time.  I also play some weekend nights, though not regularly  Hope to hear from you all.

P.S. Does anybody know where I can find some EVE wallpapers? The graphics are great but i cant find wallpapers on the EVE site.


  • Malena_VXXIMalena_VXXI Member Posts: 11

    well I cant provide with membership as Im a Director of a Mining Mission and Producing Corp

    Most of the members in our Corp done our share of PVP we are former XF members
    XF is the largest Alliance in EVE and every one declaring wars at XF.

    Ok when we stated our experiance we continue  :)


    PVP can be fun ;)   most pvp is in corp who belongs too a alliance those dont invite 14 trial users sorry

    Piracy then your hunted every days every sec of your online life  image

    I would  say goo  as alot of eve players rarly go here, to read


  • jasonmcmahonjasonmcmahon Member Posts: 1

    try mailing monkeyking1 in game we are always looking for new members

  • dakilla666dakilla666 Member UncommonPosts: 306

    Well, if your new to the game and on a 14 day trial, you really don't need to join a player runned corporaton, infact, I would stay away from it. You can simply ask in your corps channel of your npc corps (one you start in) for people who would like to gang-together and do this and that. At worse, you just go to a crowded area and ask in local for people to gang with and usually you'll get a half dozen people or so depending on what your doing.

    As for pirating/joining a player corps, think about what your doing. Many player-based corporations in the game will deny you acceptance if you have ever been involved with a shady corps or been involved in piracy. And being a pirate isn't the easy thing in the world either, it usualy involves sitting at a jump gate waiting for hours on end for people to pray on and running when you've ticked off a corps that knows how to fight back.

    All in all, I think you should just stick with your npc corps, try and get involved in some sort of gang activities (running complexes is great for groups of inexperienced people) and just experiment with the different possibilities in the game and if something catches your curiosity, all the better.

    Happy flying and if you see an Amarr ship on fire, it might very well be me. ::::06::

    Dakilla[666] ~ The Realm ~ Level 1000 enchanter (retired)
    Maranthoric ~ La 4ieme Prophetie ~ Level 160 (5x) HE/Feu (de retour)
    Leonthoric[DDC] ~ EVE online ~ <Fire The "Laser"> (retired)

  • Jarl_VisceraJarl_Viscera Member Posts: 1

    As far as wallpapers go, the EVE Online homepage ( has started releasing some of their own (and they're pretty good, too).

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