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Getting new vid card need reccoemdation.

scythe99scythe99 Member Posts: 326

Currently I got a choice of 4 videocards, in what order should I consider them (incase one is out of stock at the store)

Radeon HD 5770
Radeon HD 6850
Geforce 460 gts/x 768 mb
Geforce 460 Gts/x 1gb

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-Poster on mmorpg.com

Rift: World of Warcraft clone #9321 Nothing special to see here move along.


  • BaxslashBaxslash Member UncommonPosts: 235

    personally, I'm waiting for the PCI-e 3.0 boards to come out, then, probably get a pair of 560 OC vid cards for it :)

  • KarbleKarble Member UncommonPosts: 750

    @scythe99 ;

    depends on the type of gaming you do and resolutions you like to play at.

    Some games preffer Nvidia and others like Radion.

    Nvidia camp...the 1 gig makes a big difference. I wouldn't concider the lower memory one.

    Radeon, steer more towards the 6850 as it's based on new technology which is better for newer games.

    Toms Hardware.com has some really great vidio card charts that show graphs on a bunch of games for cards and also has an over-all chart you can see where your choice of video card stacks up against the rest.



    There currently are no video cards that can tap the complete speed of PCI-e 2.0 and I have not heard about any boards comming out soon with 3.0 capability. Would be nice for sure if they stepped it up to that level but there would need to be a whole new revelation in gaming companies actually tapping quad and six core CPUs to manage all the speedy info being transmitted thru such a fast interface. This would lead to epic level of physics and realism in games and might even bring back virtual reality devices.

  • LasastardLasastard Member Posts: 604

    And if you google it, there has recently been a report on how to upgrade the low-priced 6850 to the high-end 6870 model through a bios-update. You can kiss your warranty goodbye of course, but if you like this sort of 'hacking' - great value for the money for sure.

  • bhugbhug Member UncommonPosts: 944

    first toss the 5770/$135 unless u are playing through a 15 or 17" monitor
    the 5770 was a 128b memory bus, the 460/$138 is 192b the 6850/$190 is 256b
    as one increases the screen res one increases the burden on the gpu
    1920x1200 res rankings

    Know you should not settle for less then 2GB on card memory and 256b memory interface if you game beyond 1600x1200 res (21" monitor).
    hd6950/$300 vs hd6970/$375... if on the cheap 6950 with 2GB is best bet @ 270eur.

    GPU temperatures

    modern gpu will need at least a 600W/$70 psu (Power Supply Unit) more likely 800W/$120
    weak psu problems:
    * bad 3D performance
    * crashing games
    * spontaneous reset or imminent shutdown of the PC
    * freezing during gameplay
    * PSU overload can cause it to break down


  • sacdeepsacdeep Member Posts: 66

    The 460 GTX 1GB Fermi, overclocked or not, is an outstanding bang for the buck in my opinion. I have one (forget the exact model, they vary even within the same manufacturer) and I can play virtually anything with it.

    Don't worry about waiting for PCI-E 3 in my opinion: current cards don't even come close to saturating the pipe as is, so performance gains won't come from a faster bus.

  • CatamountCatamount Member Posts: 773

    Unfortunately, Nvidia is still playing catchup a little bit here, something they've tried to hide by directing focus to single-GPU monsters like the 480 and 580 (they don't have the tech, so they brute force it). The fact that they can make a gargantuan GPU doesn't mean they're where they should be, technologically, and lagging vastly behind AMD in performance per mm^2 and performance per watt means having cards that they have to take much smaller profits on just to keep up with AMD's prices (not good for future development on their part), while also having cards that consume more power for the same amount of performance.

    To the end user, I suppose this isn't too much of a short term concern, even though the health of Nvidia's consumer GPU business should concern consumers (lest we end up with an end-2009 situation again), but at least in the short term, the real difference between, say a 6850 and a 460 is really not that great (same performance, with power consumption going to AMD, but not at magnitudes to concern anyone).


    Honestly, both companies have good cards out now, since Nvidia has moved beyond the catastrophically bad problems of the original GF100, but frankly, if one is going to get about the same performance/price either way, I'd go with AMD, get the card that's lighter on power, have to benefit of AMD's MLAA (anti-aliasing mode that works even in games with no AA support), and have the piece of mind of knowing I'm not trusting the future of my card (driver updates, future game support, etc) to a company that has had such bad recent performance in the consumer GPU market, that they weren't even selling most cards, and drove half their board partners to either jump ship to AMD (XFX), or go extinct altogether (BFG... with EVGA possibly not far behind).


    Still, if you get a 460, or one of the newer 560s (which will just sit right in the lineup between the 460 and the 570), that's fine too, because they're good cards. Well, presumably the 560 will be a good card. Only time will tell there, ultimately.

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