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knightspainknightspain Member Posts: 18



  • Happy_NightHappy_Night Member Posts: 3

    Why not?

    Good games never die. I think Everquest is worth to be played every day. :)

  • UsualSuspectUsualSuspect Member UncommonPosts: 1,243

    Yes and No. But mostly Yes. The no part is because I'd want a redesign of everything after Velious. Luclin wasn't too bad, but Planes of Power onwards was just bad. The actual raids and zones were great, loved the elemental planes for example, but the whole 'portal to anywhere you want' in Plane of Knowledge was just a really bad idea.

  • InkpuppetInkpuppet Member Posts: 38

    PoK was a bastardization of what the Nexus already started sadly.  I always had a bard in group so distance never bothered me but those poor SoBs that had to beg for SoW get a bit of my sympathy.  I am already playing it again, picking up where I left off is going to be months of catch up as is.  It would have to be one hell of a graphics update for me to wipe clean and start a new, but odds are yeah.  No other game has lived up to old school EQ in mh humble opinion.


  • TimzillaTimzilla Member UncommonPosts: 437

    No. They would have to instance the dungeon and raid content at the very least. We already learned that we can't get along with each other the first time around. Other than that, awesome game. Would play again.

  • ravtecravtec Member Posts: 214

    For sure, i have been searching for a new eq1 for years.

    i stil return now and then, and the game is just as awsome as when i left, a tad outdated  with alot fewer people sadly

    I love my beast master

  • exwinexwin Member Posts: 221

    Not really an update, but project1999, not a bad go...

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