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proceed with caution

momodigmomodig Member UncommonPosts: 555

Released to early.  Today I was around, and saw a level 16 character.  I'm level 3 or 4.  His gear looked rather non-impressive, so I ask him about that.  He told me was using the same starting gear he had at level one.  It seems weapons don't drop? Or weapons aren't offered in quest rewards?

Anyway, I started doing quests.  At first, I said to myself, this game is decent.  Finished a few quest, ran back to the NPCs to return, hoping to get a nice little reward.  I got 20xp and no gold or loot as a reward.  I said to myself, this seems odd.  I talked to the NPC again, only to find he offers the exact same quest again.  For example: I transported a note back and forth to an NPC (fedex quest) about 10 times.

Next I discovered the abilities, spells, armor and weapons have no stats.  There is no attack/deffence/armor rating either... do weapons and armor have stats.

You gain abilities through use... after about 30 minutes of fighting beetles, I had gained 4 sword skills, the graphic animations don't change, just swing of your blade turns uggly colors like purble and blue.  Also not I do 22 damage with my weapon... I use 3 out of my 4 abilities I do 26 damage, my 5th ability adds an extra wopping +1 damage.  And all my abilities cost the same vigor to use.

I'm not discouraging anyone to buy this game, but don't make the mistake like I did.

Also the devs state this game insn't a realmcrafter game, but I was watching youtube of other realmcrafter games, and saw the exact same beetle models.


Also when my orc runs, it looks like he's pinching a dime between is butt-cheeks.



  • pupurunpupurun Member UncommonPosts: 558

    Originally posted by momodig

    Also when my orc runs, it looks like he's pinching a dime between is butt-cheeks.


    EPIC description for the animation of a toon!

    I played Aerrevan at closed beta.I really liked the passion and dedication of the devs but tbh the game was pre-alpha at closed beta.....So i can only assume that at release it can only be in beta mode.....

    Might have some good lore or even some great ideas...but in 2011 you can't move ahead without the basics (decent graphics, animation,textures)

  • kimsetkimset Member Posts: 2

    Actually it was built off of AerCore, not Realmcrafter.

  • OcirusskdOcirusskd Member Posts: 212

    I played this some in early beta( or at least it felt early) and the server was down 90% of the time and the mobs wouldn’t respawn after killing them.


    However, there was something that I liked about the game although the graphics and animations are at best eq1 quality. I might actually go give it another go

  • eury2eury2 Member UncommonPosts: 41

    lol i was actually one of the first 10 beta testers for this game i played for about 6 hours and racked out 23 errors in just the starting town  a few of them had to do with simple tasks like entering a building and the game screen going black and char falling to his death talking to npc's would freeze and crash the game and when you attacked a monster it would fall under ground and attack you and you couldnt attack back also they made the graphics out to be amazing fromt heir old seenery shots but i got ingame and reminded me of runescape but worse and the idea that they are trying to pawn this game off for $40 for the game client and 90 days of game time is pathetic i quit playing during my beta test and i wouldnt play this game if they payed me

  • Germaximus_SGermaximus_S Member UncommonPosts: 1,061

    The game wasnt even playable back when i tried it. :p

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