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Can I buy the US version and is there an IP restriction ?

cheyanecheyane Member EpicPosts: 6,414

I want to preorder but am terrified there will be some IP block for the US servers so I am contemplating my decision. Does anyone know anything about this. I will probably PvE so don't worry about me clogging your PvP servers.



  • thelawoflogicthelawoflogic Member UncommonPosts: 760

    there is no ip block

  • Justley3Justley3 Member Posts: 48

    If you can find a place to ship it to you wherever, there is no IP block and you can get in.


    I have a RL friend whos in Brazil and hes been playing over there, since he just had me pre-order him a copy. He had no issues and said no noticeable lag either, although there is no FPS/Latency meter ingame and he didnt have any 3rd party programs to show like most of us hardcore gamers do, since they're usually more accurate then what the ingame shows.


  • cheyanecheyane Member EpicPosts: 6,414

    Actually I was thinking of getting the digital version from either steam or the Station Store.  I suppose that would not really be wise I might be tricked into getting the European version hmm...options,thoughts,doubts.......

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