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Looking for new RPG, not necessarily an MMO

Dako7Dako7 Member Posts: 1

I've been playing and really enjoying League of Legends, but recently, the game is starting to lose its spark (as all games do when overplayed). I really enjoy its play style, which from level one immerses you into the action. So, I've been looking for a new RPG to play, one that is reminiscent of LoL and (possibly) Diablo 2. I'm not a fan of Torchlight, but Torchlight 2 does look very promising. I'm also not really a fan of Heroes of Newerth or the other MOBAs (LOCO, Demigod, Savage 2, etc.), because LoL is excellent and I feel I would compare the variants too much to it.

The reason I say that it doesn't necessarily have to be an MMO is because I'm not too fond of the grinding in MMOs. I like a game to immerse me in the experience immediately, and completing silly "kill X of Y" quests for a month to reach the real meat of the game is bad game design (in my opinion). I am quite a casual player, but if the game is good, then I will usual break that barrier and play more.


Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks so much!


  • RdlabanRdlaban Member UncommonPosts: 396

    to not but yourself out you should try something different for a while. Maybe a shooter or some other genre.


    For MMOs. If you want good quests nothing beats Dungdeons and dragons online(DDO) on immersive quests.

    Best part. its free. Just try it out. if you dont like it; just delete it and no worry.

  • alakramalakram Member UncommonPosts: 2,301

    Drakensang series, for example.

    Is not an mmo:

    Sorry that is in german, this is the English one:

  • ThomasN7ThomasN7 CommonPosts: 6,690

    If you do nto like grind then Guild Wars is the best choice. The only grind in Guild Wars is doing the Hall of Monument rewards for Guild wars 2 which is really optional.

  • TarotMageTarotMage Member Posts: 126

    If you want to go more towards RPG than MMO, might I suggest Dragon Age Origins? What I really enjoyed about the game is that while there is a central story, the decisions you make influence the story's outcome. Your character does level but with so many quests you pick up as you go through the story it really doesn't feel like grinding. Combat is very strategic - you control your character and up to 3 others in your party - there's also an ability that allows you to set up tactics for the NPC's in your party so you can concetrate on your own character.

    There are tons of videos on YouTube that show Dragon Age in action (plus a lot of mods that were created for the PC version) in case you'd like to check it out.


    Hope this helps!

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