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Being continuously taken to brown town by Blizzard. HELP!

SwagsurfinSwagsurfin Member Posts: 29

Okay, so here comes Cataclysm and everyone is all excited and what not, I'm like yeah yeah I'll get it eventually. So I cruise on up to the store about 4 days ago and buy it, hell I have a lot of free time right now so why not.


I have NOT accessed my Battlenet account since May of this year, so I go to add time and key to my account and my account is "locked". Wtf, okay no problem, I hit up the Account recovery process and they send me an email telling me to follow these steps.


Change password: Done.

Change email password: Cake.

Scan for malicious bullshizzle: Well considering WOW hasn't been installed for 6 months or more I seriously doubt thats the issue but w.e: Scanned, no malicious what nots.

Hit blizzard back up like 'ey fool what am I supposed to do now? No response from the GM that emailed me or the accountmaster address. 

No problem, I hit up Blizzards phone support, and they're like "We're sorry, we can't put down the bongs and come to the phone because of the high volume of calls. I've been trying to get ahold of these fuckers for 4 days now.

I'm gonna demand to speak to a supervisor and then yell until I get a free T-shirt or something, because this is awful lol.


  • Xeno326Xeno326 Member UncommonPosts: 77

    You're going to yell until you get a T-Shirt and then wear that shirt of the company you just insulted... Ya makes sense.. Men with white coats, we got a looney here, takem in.

  • SwagsurfinSwagsurfin Member Posts: 29

    Easy killer, the T-shirt thing was a joke.

  • Xeno326Xeno326 Member UncommonPosts: 77

    Funny when someone always mentions the men in white coats the rant instantly turns into a "whoa whoa whoa, i was jk!". lol - People w/o a spine. =P

  • SwagsurfinSwagsurfin Member Posts: 29

    What are you bitching about bro?  Don't be that guy.

    My entire rant there was pretty sarcastic, unless you thought I was serious about the bongs too? Context broham, context.

  • Xeno326Xeno326 Member UncommonPosts: 77

    Apparently you didn't recognize the sarcasm in my last message. You mad bro? cuz you seem angry. Probably lay off the bongs, cuz its making you one serious dude. Peace broshizzle!

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