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Devs playing the game for real money?

I saw on the forum for this game that people are saying the devs and employees of the devs are playing the game?

As far as I can tell they don't have a test server and these people including the guy who just sold the space station play regular characters and are able to withdraw money from the game.

This guy neverdie owns the company that made 2 of the planets and he and his employees play the game as regular players.  There is another guy Deathifer who openly admits that he is a partner in a new planet that hasn't been made yet and that  he gets inside information which would allow him to manipulate the economy if he wanted to.

The main problem with that I guess is that the game is played for real money!

Big debate going on about it there and some people are dumb enough to think it's legit for the devs to play and that no one will ever cheat.

Everyone here can testify that no one ever cheats in MMO's right?

Wow, just noticed.

This guy neverdie even posts in the thread and taunts people with the fact that his employees are making discoveries on his new planet.


  • EU_RAZEREU_RAZER Member Posts: 85

    I agree that it is a bit fishy, but the CEO of the other planet (Calypso) once said that the avatars of the people in the company can not withdraw and money from the game. This is however a bit vaque I agree, so some openness should be given.

    Some of the members of the company have an official avatar that stand out from all the others, to interact with the players. But some also have a second on to walk amongst us and see what we really think and say when we play the game, but as said above they can not withdraw.

    NEVERDIE should delete his avatar or give a clear statement what he can and can't do witth his avatar (and all the other people to). This way all will be solved

    The CEO of one of the new planets that will arrive next year has already stated that he will not play with is avatar anymore once his planet goes live and I think he said he would even delete it.

  • BrianshoBriansho Member UncommonPosts: 3,586

    Wow that thread is full of confusion, loyalty, and a few conspiracy theories thrown in. As with anything if someone has done something in the past and present, they will probably continue doing it in the future. I'm sure they say they mean well but you never know exactly what they are doing or what is happening to your money.  With all kinds of theories and unconfirmed information floating around people still deposit massive amounts of money into the game after all these years.

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  • WaarheidWaarheid Member Posts: 6

    Yes, it's pretty baffling. How anyone can trust the company is beyond me.

    I guess the people at Gamblers Anononymous would understand it, I sure can't.

  • M_RufenPowerM_RufenPower Member Posts: 9

    Well as of a few weeks now, ND & his goons will be turned into official avatar status. Which means they cannot loot & auction off items if they get any. ND admitted that it was stated in the contract but was let to walk around for like 9months on his planets untill the playerbase made an up roar about it which made MA move their butts & acted, by reminding them heh. As to Deathifier he is only helping finance Planet Arkadia as an investor & leaves all the Dev work to the guy who asked him to be a sponsor, Dave Ozi. Which would mean Deathifier has no insider knowledge & that is the way he wants it to remain otherwise Deathifier himself would have to forfeit his avatar & his investments. Which I don't think he would like.

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