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Fatigue System, Minor Nuisance, or Something to Cry About?

jihashijihashi Member Posts: 136

 After my all to brief run through the game (with the console feel, trying to get this to work on a keyboard was to much of a strain), I felt it was time to visit the forums. No sooner do I check out the general section, than I was assailed by people posting over and over again about how much they hate the fatigue system. From what I've read in one, it was a relief to see that they had deleted as much as they could. But the moderators are hard pressed to keep up. The community reminds me to much of World of Warcraft, with kids crying about one thing or another trying to get their way. One member of the community even attempted to bring some measure of understanding as far as the fatigue system goes. Needless to say, that poster was flammed right on the spot within seconds of posting his insightful thread.


 While granted, the fatigue system was put in place to help control how long your online. It should make sence as well. Come on now, your swinging either a huge cybernetic arm or slinging an impossible to use weapon around. Your bound to get tired sooner or later right? Of course. So what's the big deal then? The big deal is that the kids that are in this community are whineing that the fatigue keeps them from playing any further than what they are now. Without even realizing that those yellow potions that they get will restore their fatigue bar so they can keep going. The very same potion is also available in the liquid medicine vendor in town. So what's the issue then?


 The issue is that these kids want a "perfect" game where they can play nonstop without a break, rage on their familly when they're told to stop, and because they think that flaming anyone with a lick of sence gets them somewhere. But all is not lost, it's a fun game just the same, it's just up to the player wether they want to wait it out, or use one of their yellow potions to restore their fatigue bar so they can go back to bashing everything in site.


 It's not to say that this system isn't perfect. There are complaints that fatigue doesn't fill up on its own when not playing or just sitting and waiting. Granted, the developers could do with a fix to this. Does this mean that the fatigue system should be removed just because of this? I don't think so, and I'm sure there are many who would agree with me on this point as well. In some ways, having fatigue in a game makes sence, and adds a small bit of reality to otherwise dull and repetitive game play. I can say this, there are some games out there I wished to the digital gods that be that they had implimented a fatigue system in. Mainly to stop bots from hunting you while your trying to level more than anything else.


 Either way, those are my thoughts, as always, your all welcome to comment.


  • VaultFairyVaultFairy Member UncommonPosts: 566

    I beta tested this game, the fatigue was annoying but i didn't know there were potions for it. I thought they were for stamina. So i never bothered with them.. image

  • jihashijihashi Member Posts: 136

     Your not the only one. I didn't realize it until after I got hit by the fatigue. Since I keep every potion I find along the way, I tried one out. Sure enough, it restored my fatigue to full. I tried telling those kids that like to flame and whine on the DS forums the same thing. All they could think to do is, well, flame and whine.

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