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Wurm Adds New Tutorial

Cik_AsalinCik_Asalin Member Posts: 3,033

I tried this along time ago, but perhaps the lack of a player-base made it more disinteresting to me.  Is there any semblence of a largely active community?  Just curious.


  • ozmonoozmono Member UncommonPosts: 1,211

    The short answer is no but it depends on how large you are talking about. This link shows you how many are logged in at any given time . As you can see there are still a couple hundred on in freedom and another hundred or so on wild at the time of me writing this but than again the lands of wurm are vast. The safest bet is to join a large village if you are keen to play with more people. Personally I prefer to play with new villages because I prefer trying to build something from nothing but larger villages = more people.

  • New Tutorial should help out a lot for those who are new to wurm. As what the previous post said, it depends how large you're talking about. The Freedom server (opened up to both F2P and P2P players not too long ago) should have 200-300 players online daily.


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