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Great Game - take another look

HipieHipie Member Posts: 2

I have been looking around the forum, and much of the information and threads are just plain old. So I ask you all to take another look, at 5.4. Some of these threads start talking about 0.3. That is ancient. It is obsolete. At this point there are no server crashes, very very few bugs, and few crashes. Everyone is polite and helpful. There is a help channel, and new features are always being implemented. This is as good as many games run on huge budgets, like Pirates of the Caribbean Online, which is run by disney. And, there are no limits for how much you can do before you pay. You don't have to pay at all - it is user supported. I hope you all take another look at this game.


  • TweFojuTweFoju Member UncommonPosts: 1,235

    i took a look, sorry this game is FAR from finish, yes i know it's Alpha

    basically everything is still so unfinished, Animation, terrains, texture, and not even a single player is playing right now

    So What Now?

  • BTrayaLBTrayaL Member UncommonPosts: 624

    Sorry, but with graphic effects that were absolete 12-15 years ago (the magics reminded me of Duke Nukem and Doom), there is no way I will waste bandwidth on this.

  • MDobbsMDobbs Member Posts: 11

    I just have no respect for the dev team.  They have skills I don't have, but their judgement is horrible.  They keep driving players away and I don't think they care if anyone wants to play the game.  Last time I checked there were 14 people playing during the slow period, and I was only online to see who was there.  If anything, the numbers will continue to fall.

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