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Anubis helmet

Ralphie2449Ralphie2449 Member UncommonPosts: 577

Hello, i ve seen that you can get this helmet by by winning 25 merc matches till today, after that is there any way to optain that helmet?


Also hows the game currently? population?balance?

Also i ve heard for an ffa pvp zone they added, is it a patch or is it somekind of expansion that must be bought to be played?


  • Phantom_WolfPhantom_Wolf Member Posts: 13

    There will be more events in the future that give players another chance to earn both the Anubis and Horus helmets.

    GA's Population seems to have been steadily, and slowly, growing for a long while now. It's still low, but manageable. If anyone says GA is dying they're trolling.


    There's no free-for-all PvP, nor have there been any new open zones (the next open zone will be in an expansion) but new maps were added with patch 1.39:

    It's a free patch. Though it was after you posted, someone may have mentioned it coming soon...

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