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The last 90 minutes for WoW Cataclysm, what are you doing now?

SasherSasher Member Posts: 3

The last 90 minute will be count down very slowly to me! I'm shurfing Youtube, but I still boring!

I can't understand why the European enter Cataclysm earlier than US, realms are full of crowed people.

So what are you doing now?


  • MimiEZMimiEZ Member Posts: 225

    I'm relaxing on the computer, serving the internet. A little sad because I know I'm not going to be able to play for a while, as this is my typical play time. I looking up toys and other craft idea's.

    -I want a Platformer MMO

  • mylin1mylin1 Member Posts: 138

    Playing the EvE trial

  • jusomdudejusomdude Member RarePosts: 2,706

    Browsin, inspectin, the forums.

  • Omega431Omega431 Member UncommonPosts: 92

    Working...... :(

  • SasherSasher Member Posts: 3

    Does anyone interest in the release events?

  • mylin1mylin1 Member Posts: 138

    As I'm in New Zealand there are limited options to get to the Blizzard release parties :D

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