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wholly shitzu

sidebustersidebuster Member UncommonPosts: 1,712

A game i am downloading off of fileplanet is at a constant speed of 14MBp/s yes MB not Mb. wholly mother of purple monkeys fighting conan. I have comcast digital cable and it normally runs at 5Mbp/s or 450 to 500KBp/s. This is insane! anyone else getting this?


  • MurdocVDMurdocVD Member Posts: 17
    image I get a maximum of 35 Kb/s image ....thats just lame
  • sidebustersidebuster Member UncommonPosts: 1,712

    go figure, right when it is about to finish i get some kind of network error and lose the whole 2GB file and have to download it again at my normal speed.

  • KiamdeKiamde Member CommonPosts: 5,820

    I remember when I got FFXI last year, the patching speeds were about 60 MB/s. I about fell out of my seat.

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  • DuckyDucky Member Posts: 413

    When cable was introduced in too our area, we were put on as one of the testers, for a week, we could move as much data as our modem could support, i think my highest was 97 Meg a second (Have a screenie of the getright window somewhere) had around 30-40 downloads going :P fun stuff :)

    Oh yah, you people read about the 1 gigabit connection in hong kong? if member serves it was like $160 Euro a month, not much..


  • MurdocVDMurdocVD Member Posts: 17
    Man i wish i had your speeds, i have cable internet too but i don't know why i get such low speeds it's not the modem it's the provider everyone in my country has lame download speeds gotta find a cool provider then i will really get some downloads goingimage
  • SatansDiscipleSatansDisciple Member Posts: 2,782

    I have a cable connection, but I rarely get over 10kb/s. This is with all firewalls off too, so I assume it's just because my provider sucks.


  • Benno89Benno89 Member Posts: 81

    When it is like that insane speed it usually is fake download...i had it once to..didnt work after that download...::::04::


  • sidebustersidebuster Member UncommonPosts: 1,712

    I know that cable internet can slow down like dialup if a lot of people have it and are on in your area. I live in a place where most of the tards dont even know how to use a computer let alone the internet.

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