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Why are you playing this game?

Well for one I love the communtiy and it offers a lot of new stuff that I heve never seen in a MMORPG it feels both casual and hardcore depending on how you approach it and I love the felling of no grinding and the realisim of the world


so why do you guys like playing this game???


  • Pale_FirePale_Fire Member UncommonPosts: 360

    I loved this game when it was on the Nintendo years ago.  This game has that magic the game from years ago had. 

  • TheDorTheDor Member UncommonPosts: 84

    I love the sandboxyness of it. Whether I'm half paying attention while my ship fishes outside a harbor while the shipbuilders inside are grinding away at yet another ship... Or if I'm sailing back and forth to Oslo to stockpile wood... Or killing endless swarms of marines to level combat... Or sailing around Italy destroying chickens by the barrelfull.

    There's a ton of grind, but there are soooo many different things to grind, it doesn't even feel like a grind. When I get tired of doing one thing, I just go do something completely different, and I haven't even gotten into adventuring yet.


  • ResiaResia Member Posts: 119

    I play it for a few reasons:

    1. Reminds me of the old games which I always enjoyed

    2. There always seems something to work for, a new permit, getting to a new area, a new ship, a new skill etc

    3. It's a game me and a couple people can all play together but still play at our own pace if need be.

    4. Rather relaxing and open play.

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  • buegurbuegur Member UncommonPosts: 457

    1. I like the time period and the different Nationalities you can chose from.

    2. The openess of the world and the varity of things to do.

    3. The community seems extra friendly.

  • SineathSineath Member Posts: 224

    How is this better than Pirates of the Burning Sea?

  • NortonGBNortonGB Member UncommonPosts: 279

    Originally posted by Sineath

    How is this better than Pirates of the Burning Sea?

     The main difference is that it has a world sized map with vast eve type exploration opportunities & freedom to play how you want.

    UWO has a verstile class/ job system where you can change your role between adventurer, merchant or marine.

    There is vast depth of content that Potbs does not have which is mainly a PVP ganking game by comparison. I would say the only thing better Potbs has is improved combat mechanics, in all other respects UWO is superior.

  • SuraknarSuraknar Member UncommonPosts: 852

    Originally posted by Sineath

    How is this better than Pirates of the Burning Sea?

    Just check at the game's Map and you will understand :)


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  • birdycephonbirdycephon Member UncommonPosts: 1,314

    I started playing UWO on a whim, and it was fun for a couple of weeks. Me being very ADD about games, 2 weeks is actually average. Bad games don't last a week, good games about a month. Exceptional games, go for 2 or more months.

    Verdict: Fun, I like it. Definitely worth a try for anyone who hasn't played it yet.

  • stormridersstormriders Member Posts: 35

    I play this game because New Horizons is my favorite game. Only thing that is missing is being able to control 10 fleet ships.

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