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OPG: Exclusive FireFall Interview "Lead Designer: Scott Youngblood"

harvest151harvest151 Member UncommonPosts: 217




Outpostgamez, had the please to sit down with that of the lead Designer of FireFall:  Scott YoungBlood


Author: Staff


Official Website | Information on FireFall | Screenshots | OPG Rating 8.5



Note: All question were from that of the community at Firefall Official Forums, we want to thank all those that submitted wonderful questions to be answered and the staff at OPG wants to thank you all personally for your help.





Q: For those that might not know who Red 5 Studios is, can you tell us a little bit about the studio and what are your long term as well as short term goals for the Studio and that of Firefall?

Red 5 Studios is all about making really fun, immersive, online games.  Our founder, Mark Kern, was Team Lead on World of Warcraft, and he assembled a dream team of developers who helped shape some legendary games.  Our sole focus right now is building Firefall into a kickass shooter that millions of people are compelled to play.

Q: Those within the community have asked if there will be a type of dual wielding weapons, if so can you explain in detail how something like this will work?

We are not ready to talk in detail about the exact weapon selection, beyond what we have already shown.  Dual wielding would be fun, though...  As we release more details on the other battleframes we will be able to provide more information about the weapons that they use.

Q: What can we expect in regards to each class, will they have unique armor sets such as; helm, chest, shoulder etc?

Each battleframe will have unique equipment that is designed to accentuate how that frame is meant to be played. In addition we want each Battleframe to be recognizable at a distance.  The visual design of each frame is intended to give you enough information to be able to identify it at range.  This has a great amount of influence over the visual look of each frame.  In addition players can further customize their battleframes with modules as well as the integrated war paint system.





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  • harvest151harvest151 Member UncommonPosts: 217

    To update since he was very vague about it in Question 2: NO, as of right this momment Dual Weilding was commented on by the devs in an official capacity on the firefall forums - It (Dual Weilding Weapons) is NOT in.

  • immodiumimmodium Member RarePosts: 2,588

    Thanks for the info. Can not wait.

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