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F2P and Browser based... "good" to play at work.

JpizzleJpizzle Member Posts: 371

I've been searching for something engaging, but not overly time consuming to play while at work and avoid... well... work.


This game is pretty good. No DL. Easy to get into. Free (well, item mall, but still) and pretty fun.


If you're like me, w/ tons of time and a boss that isn't that concerened w/ what you do during down time (but won't allow you to DL anything onto the work PCs ... grrr) this is a great time filler.


  • ArboriSArboriS Member Posts: 7

    While the game looks surprisingly good for a browser game, is there any actual flight involved in this? I've only done the tutorial so far, and it was just generic click and move on a 2d plane which was a bit dissapointing.  


  • Frick156Frick156 Member Posts: 2

     I played this game for a couple of hours this afternoon, and I have to say, I like it. It reminds me of freelancer, without the trade nor the Newtonian physics based flight...

    Hit lvl 5 and not too bad to while away some time...free is nice...

  • kramsterkramster Member UncommonPosts: 93

    For a free game it is very good with a nice layer of polish. True there is an item mall but it sells non essentials as far as I can tell.

    It is a 3d game but flight is planet based and is on a 2d plane i.e. no up or down, you just follow the terrain. The PVE starts of fairly slow and easy but gets progressively harder and by low teens you start to feel the need for a 'squadron' (group).

    There is a clan system, chat and buddy system.

    PvP is optional, at least it is so far (level 14 atm) and group combat is based on the usual tank/medic/dps/CC setup of other MMO's.

    The only real grindy aspect of the game is gathering fuel which is unstandable as they need some way to generate cash shop sales.

    Missions are usually 10 minute excursions down to the local planet so it is ideal for a quick lunchtime sortie even at work as it is browser or client based.

    As freebies go I would rate it as one of the best especially compared to the browser crowd.

  • FritomanFritoman Member Posts: 59

    I played this game for about 15 minutes.  Like mentioned above, there is no up or down but as far as a browser based game, it seems to be well made.  Not something you would sit at home playing for hours, but good at work to pass the time away.  Wish I had time at work to play games .

  • deathvpdeathvp Member Posts: 11

    This game is very fun and addicting. I like how you can play it in your browser and also download it to your computer if you get too lazy to go to the website. I also like because for a browser based game it has very good graphics and runs very smooth. The gameplay if very fun and addicting

    I would rate it a 9/10.

    The sword slasher

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