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Can anyone read Korean and translate this page?

PsychoPigeonPsychoPigeon Member UncommonPosts: 565

This page on the Korean website was posted a few days ago. It contains information regarding  patch 2.5.


What we know is that a player has posted this and not a developer and it's not official. What i'd like to find out is if it's 100% fake and some sort of player suggestion that just looks official or if this person has come across this information somewhere and explains in his post.




Also posts like this have been correct before and information has been leaked out before announcements from ncsoft previously so there is reason to at least investigate.


  • AurukAuruk Member Posts: 36

    Try google translator?

  • PsychoPigeonPsychoPigeon Member UncommonPosts: 565

    Originally posted by IceShadeX2

    Try google translator?

    Google translator is terrible. I need someone who can read Korean as stated in the title so we can actually make sense of the words being used.

  • DevilXaphanDevilXaphan Member UncommonPosts: 1,144

    Have you tried AionSource most times someone their can read Korean and does translate most stuff found on the Korean site.

  • stayontargetstayontarget Member RarePosts: 6,515

    Do they have any translators at AionSource (curse network) ?


    edit: Devil beat me to it >.<

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  • PsychoPigeonPsychoPigeon Member UncommonPosts: 565

    They won't touch it because it's not official and released by ncsoft. Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying it isn't fake, but i'd at least like to know what his person is rambling on about and if there's any truth in what he knows.


    It just looks too well done for some player to whip up, he mentions fixes in there that no one has seemed to care about before. He also talks about swimming.

  • xersentxersent Member Posts: 613

    Hows this??



    Hello. Aion your family.

    Aion give more attention and encouragement to the family our heartfelt thank you

    2.5 Art of Ray Ah wihyeom will guide you through the updates.


    First, not test score on the test server will notify you of updates to information through a self-test

    Please note that to apply to live servers 

    Well below the check for updates does not cause hasieo hope to use.


    1. Oh, great expectations had been hidden in the area of art, Ray is the first time publicly.

    "Art in the layer settings>

    New areas, Tia Mart's alter ego Art Leia solvents (Lacroix Shaka) is dominated.

    Dia Art Les intact appearance of the beginning where the place was Dragonkin be devastated by the invasion of coexistence, and to use the power of water Tia Lacroix Shaka Mart's shadow across the land like a hand and losing can often find a place.

    - A new public art layer that is more than 56 levels to the advent of the monster.

    - The existing layers of unprecedented art area may experience only a special environment.

    - Britney Elyos fortress in the LA area, go to Jer shoe key is located in the Elyos fortress.

    - In each region, and 6 2 Fort artifacts exist. (Art is like a layer of the Abyss)

    - Depending on the nature of art, a layer obtained by utilizing an underwater tunnel and you can feel the fun of sujungjeon.


    2. Go through the underwater tunnel system have been added.

    - There is an underwater tunnel to see the area with waterfall and underwater tunnel, get into character when entering the state or swim underwater tunnel in the direction of the layer, depending on the particular place to go to art.

    - During the character's breath underwater tunnel move does not consumption gauge go a long gauge is consumed during the dying breathmay be. 

    - Underwater possible departure in the middle of the tunnel (liquid form) and non-underwater tunnel (solid shape) exist, and can be weaned from the character of the underwater tunnel, go in the direction of escape is possible through the transition or jump.

    - Turn to paddle in the breakaway state will drop off, jump, swim through a breakaway state in the breakaway

     3. Airflow through the smoke and steam injection has added features to teleport move.

    - Smoke and vapor jet stream to move or teleport using the underwater tunnel can be entered into. 

    - Smoke and steam injection flow during the opponent's attack will not go

    4. [Celestial] inggiseuon dozens of abandoned right inside the dungeon to the specific terrain has been modified so that monsters can be traced.

    5. [Celestial] inggiseuon can climb up some rocks or trees on the terrain had been correct the problem.

    6. [Celestial] Mathematica Inter were unable to move the character in some terrain, the problem has been fixed.

    7. [Underworld] kelkeumaroseu glide through some unusual terrain in the area were moved to the problem has been resolved. 

    8. [Jer shoe Lanta] Abyss dungeon inside the fort in the lower opaque look of the buildings getting a problem fixed.

    9. Pasyumandireusawon jump in the terrain, some of the issues not covered by the motion has been fixed.

    10. Heaven and the Underworld, the Abyss character is not found in certain areas of the problem has been fixed.

    - Inggiseuon. Kelkeumaroseu kiss from a particular region has been modified so it can not install the network.

    - Inggiseuon. Kelkeumaroseu summoning of spirits in a particular area has been modified so that the skills available.

    - If an exit from a particular region, a race where John the newly re-connection has been modified



     1. 4 new and different instances in the veil, slowly revealing the dungeon.

    - Imagine a powerful monster in the four places they orchestrated a dungeon awaits you.

    - A powerful boss monsters in the dungeon for the treatment, can be obtained from the dungeon to pay for it please targeting.


    "Britney called broken heart>

    Yongjejung most brutal and powerful fourth solvent bridge solvent spectra Tia the fifth-Mart is a shrine built to monitor. Tia Mart that it was Secretary of the Enchanted Art Ray Spectra Oh, Bree's men to bring down fighters recruited Dragonkin

    Temple was built as a hideous monster elite Dragonkin background and a strong aura of the place remains

    These plans have come to know the fourth solvent, La Tia Brit Mart bakareuma Corps to aid men in here, spend a new tension gamdolgi started.


    - Britney cheonjokeun LA Fort NPC 'Raj Cardinals' through Elyos based shoe and Carl Herrera's NPC 'medyujeu' position through the first quests you can get.

    - After you complete the quest leading to the heart of the fall can be called Britney is eligible.



    Quest people


    Learn NPC


    Britney's ever called

    Bree Carpeting

    Raj Cardinals


    Britney's ever called




    - Britney cheonjokeun are deployed in the western province of La 'broken heart la Britney' is to be admitted to the dungeon.

    - Elyos based shoe and Carl Herrera edition is installed in the eastern part of the 'broken heart la Britney' has to be admitted to the dungeon.

    - 'Ruined temple of Britney in LA' is a 18 hours standby time before the jaeipjang.

    "Burning the shoe-based Carl Herrera pride>

    Tia Mart solvent is hiding in an underground temple seized eresyugikal . indeuratu elite corps tear-Mart's emergence


    Instances asleep waiting for the right elite key to go to the pride of the burning shoe targeting Erekat hope

     - In LA Britney cheonjokeun NPC 'Aurelio', through the key go Elyos of the shoe Erekat NPC 'sadamyu' position through the first quests you can get.

    - After you complete the quest leads 'shoe-key Carl Herrera Burning Heart' is eligible to be in the position. 


    Quest people


    Learn NPC


    [Party] Shu-based Carl Herrera pride

    Bree Carpeting



    [Party] Shu-based Carl Herrera pride




    - Britt La cheonjokeun placed in the hands of the fort area in the 'key to go the entrance of the burning shoe Jer' can enter through the dungeon.

    - Elyos based shoe and Carl Herrera placed in the hands of the fort area in the 'key to go the entrance of the burning shoe Jer' can enter through the dungeon.

    - 'Burning eresyugikal' dungeon jaeipjang waiting time is 18 hours.




    1. Points of the Abyss PVP when someone has lowered the amount of

    2. Battlefield - Dreadnought temperature acquisition system of the score has changed dramatically.

    - Schedule scores differ by more than two teams, I, the winning team to score less to lose when the character death, character death, and the score for the team to lose a lot has changed.

    - Schedule scores differ by more than one team if I am, and the team won the team's character when the character was treated to an existing score will get more positive score. 

    - As opposed to winning the team's character and the character of the team was treated could not be obtained when the scores.

    3. More than 55 levels of darkness, the characters in other positions if Po can master has greatly reduced the amount of the score.

    - Killing monsters, even if such party is able to acquire the highest level, depending on the amount of the score are a lot of difference.

    - A high-level characters than in the low-level characters will gain a score of very small amounts.

    4. Uda scan targeting the difficulty of the temple has been raised.

    - Uday switch placed inside the temple to reduce the number of monsters, some monsters have changed the layout of.

    - Adjust the stats of monsters and experience have been adjusted upward.

    - Boss monsters drop the items have been adjusted upward slightly to the overall probability.

    - Karim DeVille daeyajang bosses only grade of the existing weapons and other bonus stats to drop with a unique class of weapons has been changed.

    5. Kaspars lowered the difficulty of dungeons and rewards attacking strengthened.

    - Kaspar placed inside the monster's stats are lowered to the placement of monsters has changed.

    6. Indeuratu attacking the fort and raised the difficulty level has been strengthened to compensate.

    - Ahjoturan placed inside the fort to increase the number of monsters, some monsters have changed the layout.

    - General monsters' stats are adjusted upward creep of the material to entice them have been adjusted upward.

    7. Inter digital camera inside a cave in keuraltumageuna has raised the difficulty level of the attacking.

    - Keuraltumageuna placed inside the cave to increase the number of monsters, some monsters have modified the deployment of.

    8. Placed in the temple of fire bosses to drop the armor of a unique class has been modified.

    9. Elyos 'Teo Moss Bo Clandestine' and Elyos 'Adhemar fort' to appear on the final boss monsters that drop some of the stats and the bonus option of the item has changed.

    - The sword of a frozen tree, ranma le size of the basic stats of the sword and the bonus options have been adjusted upward.

    - A frozen tree size of the beopseo and ranma le beopseo has raised the basic stats



    1. Characters can reach the highest level has been raised to level 58 from level 55.  

    2. In their races in the relative ability of the species are protected from attack adds.

    - Their opponents in the race area is under attack from tribal magic resistance, avoidance, PvP armor will receive the bonus. 

    - Tribal areas are protected from the relative species are shown below.





    Bonus area protected species

    Bree Carpeting



    3. Slayer effective than traditional character is strengthened by the murderer, some major stat for each step is reduced.

    4. Magical properties at level 55 from the previous level, or upward in order to maintain the ability to defend the magical properties of defensive stats at the previous levels should be raised more than stats.

    5. Patiwongan level according to the difference between a higher level than the existing experience in compensation to receive the experience has changed.



    1. Characters level up to 58 levels of skill have been added as new. 

    - The ACC and the Guardians of Elysium cheonjokeun kayisinel jusinjeon, Elyos Central House and the pandemonium mareukutan skills can be purchased from us before.

    2. I have added a new skill after level 55.



    Learning Level





    Coup de grace I

    Falling and the public are bound to give physical damage to the target state is a skill.


    Explosive anger I

    Whether the physical damage to his heart fall state.


    I survived posture

    Stigma Skill

    Recover their vitality by 35% and 35% for one minute as the maximum vitality, increased physical protection is critical.


    I defeated the coup

    Physical damage to how the fallen state.



    I hit the shield

    For physical damage if you have a chance to stun the target state as a fallen state.


    I captured

    For physical damage if the caster will attract future.


    I counterattack defense

    Stigma Skill

    Shield 1000 Increases defense and physical defense by 15% fainted, milryeonam, stumbling, rotation, air resistance, the value of bonds will increase by 1000.

    20M to their physical attacks from within the 210 much damage if the target is reflective.


    Extreme maengta I

    Fell to the physical damage if the target is a skill.



    I sleep Trap

    1 minute to create the target to sleep.


    I seized the arrow

    For physical damage if, by 50% of the damage to health and mental absorption.


    I called Seymour Borg

    Stigma Skill

    Physical damage to how, in Tirol Seymour moved to reduce the state is recalled.


    I piljungui arrows

    Is sure to hit the physical damage skills.



    Continuous avoidance I

    20 seconds after a successful escape to avoid increases.


    The storm cut I

    For physical damage if the target rotating state.


    The surprise I poison

    Stigma Skill

    Physical damage to how, when attacked from behind and on additional physical damage to 15 seconds to create addiction.


    Lessons I position

    10 seconds for physical damage is greatly increased.



    Horsepower eoleumkal I

    Magic damage to property, whether water, as much as 50 percent of the impact is absorbed mentality.


    Curse: tree I

    Transformed into the target tree sikimyeo 20 seconds, increase property protection.


    Exchange when I

    Stigma Skill

    Their current health and mental strength to swap.


    I hp boost

    Shortening 1 minute to cast magic Magic, magic hit, Increases spell critical strike.



    Aspiration I

    Fire Magic 'damage to property, as much as 100 percent of the impact mental health and to absorb as much as 50 percent.


    I despair of the damned

    Fear not go five seconds, and the state will turn into a fire spirit.


    Curse of Darkness I

    Stigma Skill

    1 minute to target 1500 as the largest mental health and reduces.


    Command: I bless you in spirit

    Elemental prevent any damage what makes a shield.

    A medicinal


    Amplification of the prayers I

    Magic 30 seconds, increase your healing.


    Rain I

    Property damage if the wind allows the magic.


    Land of the punishment I

    Stigma Skill

    Whether the magic will damage the land property.


    I burned the tents of

    8 seconds to prevent physical damage how to create a barrier.

    What is Aion?


    Strengthen the body I

    15 seconds after a successful defense weapons increases physical defense.


    Jindongswae I

    What gives physical damage, 3 seconds stun state.


    Luck of the mantra I

    Stigma Skill

    Party of the Physical Attack, Magic Attack, Physical Attack resistance, magic resistance helps to increase Crit.


    Bunswaegyeok I

    Whether physical damage will fall to a relative.



     3. Vocational skills by adding four jongryussik Stigma was higher, can be purchased through Abyss Points.



    Learning Level


    Prerequisite skills




    I cut tendon

    Forced strap

    Physical damage to what, 12 seconds not moving state. 

    Taking off


    Air Strike I

    Two-handed weapon equipped

    Shows how powerful the physical damage.

    Multiple strikes


    I yeokrinui maengta

    Destruction of the maengta

    How to hit the United States will be fatal.

    Ankle Slash


    Absorption of the Sword I

    Cutting Strike

    For 'damage to critical strikes have a chance to absorb 30% of the amount of vitality.

    Rotating Strike


    52 / 55

    Perjury, I

    Cause anger

    Hostile attack speed is greatly reduced value increases state.

    Protect his comrades

    52 / 55

    Wide fluctuations in I

    Bang ankle

    Physical damage to his heart for 15 seconds if movement can not bring it.

    A shield of protection


    I force protection

    Solid shield

    15 seconds of party members' damage by 100% blocked, creating a protective layer, milryeonam, falling, rotate, and 1500 public bonds as resistance increases.



    Shock Shield I

    Rage of destruction

    How to hit the United States will be fatal

    Bondage of the wave


    52 / 55

    Harpoon Trap I

    Nature's Breath

    Damage to three minutes if the target is a skill.

    Slow trap


    Bud enhanced I

    Arrows rain

    An increase in physical damage of the bow and use the skills to reduce consumption of the Spirit.

    Attack of the Eye


    Thunderbolt Arrow I

    Arrow mania

    Physical damage for 10 seconds if stunned state.

    Blast Trap


    Shadow Bolt I

    Frenzy of the Arrow

    3 minutes for physical damage if toxic state.

    Arrow Enhanced


    52 / 55

    Elastic explosion I

    Far patterns imprinted

    Magic 'damage to susokseong addiction state.

    Wrath of the eye


    I sprayed poison

    Applying poison

    15 seconds of his escape, the magic resistance will increase dramatically.

    Smoke shell


    I implied blast pattern

    Explosive chain pattern

    15M to target in the United States if caught by the explosion of a pattern for one minute to silence the target state.

    Flash explosion


    I knocked the knife

    Slash Commando

    For physical damage to the target if, when you're addicted if additional damage to the state gives 10 seconds to create stunning.

    Superintendent maximize



    Chains of pixels I

    Curse of Weakness

    One minute defending their property, and magic resistance is greatly increased.

    By the wisdom of the gel

    52 / 55

    Woocheonroe I


    Fire Magic 'damage to property, 10 seconds stunned state.

    Jikelui Wisdom


    Armor of ice I

    Storm water

    1500 reflections of one minute and five seconds' damage the movement speed, attack speed reduced state.

    Elemental Chains


    I struck bingok

    Flames abound

    Magical properties of water versus the unknown gives fatal.




    Elemental Enhancement: Blessing I

    Spirit of Sacrifice

    Restore the vitality of spirit as much as 100% and remove all the magic.

    Elemental weakness


    Professor of despair II

    Magic Block

    The target to sleep for 30 seconds to create, target and reduce the defense of the property.

    Magic Burning


    Command: THA I

    Command: destruction of the offensive

    Create Property defensive target to sleep after 1000 increased by spirits disappear.

    Elemental Enhancement: 



    Hell of a curse, I

    The pains of hell

    Physical defense of the target two minutes, property protection, significantly reduces magic resistance.

    Professor of sleep

    A medicinal

    52 / 55

    Summons: conjunctival 

    Purification of the luminosity

    20 percent of party members and restore vitality to summon the energy.

    Cheer I

    Splendor of Inspiration

    52 / 55

    I went down the stigma of

    Given the grace

    Magic damage to property, whether wind, 35 seconds at 2 second intervals gives ttangsokseong magic 'damage and reduces the physical damage.

    Quick prayer


    Protection of the power I

    Purification of the wave

    Mental healing, instead of increasing consumption will increase slightly.

    Recalled: the spirit of healing


    Byeokrak I

    Summons: a noble spirit

    Wind attribute magic shows fatal versus the unknown.

    Weakening of the stigma

    What is Aion?

    52 / 55

    I laugh touch

    Order to inspire

    The target will restore the vitality of 10%.

    Order of Protection

    52 / 55

    Hocheongyeok I

    Wrath of the order

    500 uimulri United States fell for the state to create what.

    Bonds of the order


    Now I of the tent

    The mantra of invincibility

    One minute of their physical defense and property protection around the party and greatly increases.

    Touch of Inspiration


    Taeyangswae I


    Physical damage to what, 12 seconds, and magic casting time reduced attack speed increase dramatically.



    7. Gumminess Elyos 'sinseongryeok explosion I ~ IV', Elyos 'furious blast I ~ IV' when you use the skill, the other to decrease the resistance of the modified


    8. Suhoseong 'unfavorable armor, I ~ II' skills at the same time the party members to restore their spirit has changed.

    10. Suhoseong 'unfavorable armor, I ~ II' skills, the effective distance was changed to 30M 35M ??. 

    11. Assassin 'assassination I ~ III' skills, if additional damage has been slightly upward.

    12. Assassin 'clout behind I ~ II' skills to avoid reduction has been changed to 800-850.

    13. Assassin 'flash explosion' in the casting distance of the skill description tooltip 10M 15M ?? have been adjusted.

    14. Assassin 'public arrest I ~ III' a matter of skill has been changed to 15M distance.

    15. Ranger 'arrows rain II' skill description tooltip has been adjusted upward if the United States

    17. Ranger 'Nature's Breath I ~ III' skill hoebokryang effects on the mental nature has been raised considerably.

    18. Elyos madoseong strengthening grace 'skill effect has been reduced to hit the magic effective.

    19. A medicinal 'Summon: Divine Aura I ~ II' skills' damage has been slightly upward.

    20. A medicinal 'down I ~ III' skill cooldown has been changed from 30 seconds to 1 minute. 

    21. Sense of healing 'lightning I ~ III' skills' damage has been slightly downward.

    22. A medicinal 'punishment I ~ II' skills' damage has been slightly downward.

    23. Select the target dead center of the target range did not use the skill has been fixed the problem.



    1. Senior Masters was added production stage.

    - Senior Master, making upgrades to the 520 production proficiency examination (quest) After completing the key for a certain amount of production can be upgraded to Master NPC.

    - Senior Master Production increased to 579 to achieve maximum proficiency helps.

    - Production Senior Master, a character can be 1 to Strictly producer.

    - Production of more than 520 senior master the skill to master design skills can increase only.

    2. Sub-materials to create a notch above the rating of the drawings have been added.

    - (Yes) souldeoteu ore produced three drawings once more updates as a single pure soul can eulsaengsanhal ore.

    - The existing design and materials can be purchased at the same shop.

    3. General rating of items as materials used for making flour regular grade Eau, Eau de Crystal, Eau de sculpture, has raised the number of Aether.

    4. Proficiency in more than 500 new collection of water was added.

    - New Collection Water yonggye (Bree King, eresyukigal) are located in the area.

    - New chaejipmul of the baptism of the Aude / baptism of contaminated gas / extraction tool that can be extracted only in the state is holding.

    - The baptism of the Odd / baptism of contaminated gas consumption per extraction is an extraction tool.

    - The baptism of the Odd / baptism was contaminated gas extraction tool for extracting regular extraction traders / merchants Eau extract / material can be purchased to spread disease.

    5. Art of the layer (Bree King, eresyukigal) uisujungtravels the road where possible and regular water-based extract shape the existing collection of water and other various items you can acquire.

    - Steam, regular in shape, learn to extract some of the items through the decomposition of other items can learn.

    - Steam, regular in shape to extract the acquisition of the items 'gochedoen unknown object' to disassemble weapons with the unique look you can learn. 

     6. I was posted in all the collected water from a rare, tradition, and the only chance of acquiring a set of ratings collected water has greatly raised.

    7. Art Layer (Bree King, eresyugikal) was placed in a new collection of more than 520 skills in a low probability when collecting water, with a unique appearance can acquire weapons

    8. The whole area became a gathering place for the number of water have been adjusted slightly upward.

    9. Improve extraction capability, as well as a regular character's skill level must be upgraded to meet conditions changed.


    Skill Required

    Character Level

    Advanced regular extraction


    Level 40 or higher

    Expert regular extraction


    At least 50

    Masters periodic extraction


    More than 55 levels



    10. Regular extraction / Eau extraction of the character's level has been changed to be extracted by check.


    Chaejipmul skills

    Character Level


    Level 40 or higher


    At least 50


    More than 55 levels


     11. Was carrying aid to show only strengthen the hold status is always shown to strengthen the reinforced window, change settings, ganghwachang UI has also changed

     12. Instances of the item has set the option to apply abilities.

    - Some items are produced by making the option of the set bonus has been applied.

    - Some other stats of the item bonuses have been adjusted upward.

    13. Quest to acquire through the coins receive compensation for the probability to obtain coin Elysium

    Has changed.

    - NPC selling item in the old coins are the same as an NPC for reward

    14. Elysium furnace you can buy shares of new items have been added.

    - Update the previous purchase of the coins can not be any more rewards, and after the update stats, bonus option changes can purchase a new item.


    Item class


    Rating rare weapons / armor / shield


    Rating rare weapons / armor / shield


    Rare, transmission rating Weapon / Armor / Shield


    Rare, transmission rating Weapon / Armor / Shield


    Rare, tradition, and the only grade weapons / armor / shield


    Rare, tradition, and the only grade weapons / armor / shield


    Rare, tradition, and the only grade weapons / armor / shield


    15. With similar colors surrounding terrain and big kiss for protective coloring added.




    Watermark kiseukeu

    With similar topography and color transparencies kiseukeu

    Kiseukeu wave pattern

    Terrain with similar colors kiseukeu

    Desert pattern kiseukeu

    Kiseukeu with desert-like colors

    Kiseukeu leaf pattern

    With similar color and leaf're kiseukeu

    Kiseukeu stone patterns

    Stones with similar color kiseukeu


    16. Elyos / Elyos Alchemy advanced catalyst materials have been added to NPC merchants.

    17. Some food items have been changed to the new icon of the icon.

    18. Intermediate / Advanced / Advanced / youngunghwa supplements have been added.

    - Intermediate / Advanced strengthening supplements yonggye owns the fort and meet certain conditions, the appearance can be purchased for the NPC.

    19. Exclusive sale of NPC jeryeonseok Bell over 55 items to the list used for the production of seats have been added teuksanggeup smelter.

    20. Sales of limited edition Eau NPC has been added to the list of the baptism of the Ood.

    21. Gender Dimensions to the item exists in the property to change the existing gender can not be worn in appearance, but not changes have been changed to allow exterior changes.

    - Items that can not be worn when changing the appearance does not show a preview.

    22. Wearing items that can not change the appearance has changed.

    23. Some items in the tooltip has been fixed typos.

    24. Can not be collected in place of water collected was placed on the issue has been resolved.

    25. Some items are shown wearing abnormally problem has been fixed



    1. Arte areas to move to Australia have been added to the mission.

    - 55 new Bell complete the missions in the urban areas, the layer can be moved to Art.





    Bushnell City Chi calls / door to the Brit in LA


     Mar coo calls of shots / shoe-based Carl Herrera trap



    2. Art can be done in layers in a number of missions and quests have been added.

    3. Master production technologies for the production of one of the senior masters in the quest to be upgraded has been added.

    - To upgrade the skill level of 520 produced, each produced by NPC Masters Senior Masters may acquire the quest.

    4. Instances can be performed in the newly added number of quests have been added.

    5. To perform daily quests have been added to the group.

    - Once a certain level organizations automatically acquire Quest guide is up.

    - NPC up of new organizations are available up through the organization.



    Level up

    Group people

    NPC affiliations



    Infiltration of the stick

    Reese aru



    Persistence of hiding

    Hao Lindsay



    6. Each group by the number of daily quests have been added

    7. Elysium special operations unit and the pandemonium a special headquarters to acquire a specific day only daily quests have been added.

    - Only on certain days of the week as a chance to learn the daily quests you can.



    Quest people

    Prereq quest


    Elyos offensive

    Sat. A likely acquisition

    Underworld undercover operation

    Sat. A likely acquisition


    Elyos offensive

    Sat. A likely acquisition

    Celestial undercover operation

    Sat. A likely acquisition



    8. Elysium coins can be rewarded with a number of quests have been added.

    - Inggiseuon of celestial spectra in the region can be done to bridge.

    - Kelkeumaroseu eresyukigal local station of the Underworld will be performing. 

    9. [Elyos] luck and a test of patience, [Elyos] Good luck and patience demonstrated tears of the quest item, collection, Lucky Larry Le light extraction tools, and newsletters to test the status of the extraction tool equipped with a collection of water When collected, adding a certain probability that the drop has been changed.

    - Celestial chaejipmul: Ferrer, very California, runime. Rinon 

    - Underworld chaejipmul: gayino, amaryllis, Leo-piece. Arpels

    10. New quests have been added to the marker.

    - Quest black marker is used to highlight events and important quest. 


    11. The difficulty of the mission performed some parties have been lowered slightly.

    - Mission of items that were personal to the drop drop to the party has changed. 

    - Quest item drop rate has been adjusted upward.

    12. Were some typos in the quest for the problem has been fixed.

    13. Quest rewards can be gained from an existing key, Stigma Shards, adjust the amount of experience has been acquired.

    14. Coin dealer exchange of daily quests have been added to Elysium.









    Teo Moss Bo



    Inter Mathematica






    Bree Carpeting

















    1. Art on the Tribe in the layer has been added to the new fort.

    - Miss Britt LA Carpeting in the area of the collapsed temples and shrines have been added intra-to-the secret.

    - Eresyukigal raging in the area of the temple and Varca Le Tia Mart Do I have added a secret temple.

    - 4 layers in art these days is basically the same structure.

    - Whether the art layer in the occupation of the fort on a non-impact forces of the raceand will give.

    - Art in the layer occupation of the fort as the fort of the Abyss Chapter guardian as to whether the treatment will be determined.

    - Chains of forts in the vicinity apart from just the enchantment membrane surrounding the guardian is present chapter, to destroy the enchantment gyeolgyemak played three films are released.

    - Art-layer region close to the fort and the fort inside kiseukeu impossible to install and can be installed only in specific places within the fort.

    - Art-layer local Fort Ball / water according to the key for success with the platinum contributions merited the medal will be awarded trophies.

    - Occupied the fort during the siege in the success of ethnic gongseongcheuk of Enchantment, suseongcheuk races due to the failure of Mercury will receive Enhanced magic.

    4. Art Elyo


  • PsychoPigeonPsychoPigeon Member UncommonPosts: 565

    dude delete that shit. read the title, we need someone who can read Korean. Any monkey can put it through google translator but we still don't know where he got the info from

  • TillerTiller Member EpicPosts: 9,028

    hahaha, that made sense, not. I hope whatever this patch is; when it hits NA, it's enough to bring me back.

    SWG Bloodfin vet
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  • PsychoPigeonPsychoPigeon Member UncommonPosts: 565

    Originally posted by tillamook

    hahaha, that made sense, not. I hope whatever this patch is; when it hits NA, it's enough to bring me back.

    if you don't like Aion now, you won't like it after patches

  • TillerTiller Member EpicPosts: 9,028

    Originally posted by PsychoPigeon

    Originally posted by tillamook

    hahaha, that made sense, not. I hope whatever this patch is; when it hits NA, it's enough to bring me back.

    if you don't like Aion now, you won't like it after patches

    It's not that I don't like, I just need more to do. Most likely I'll return next month.

    SWG Bloodfin vet
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  • PsychoPigeonPsychoPigeon Member UncommonPosts: 565

    Originally posted by tillamook

    Originally posted by PsychoPigeon

    Originally posted by tillamook

    hahaha, that made sense, not. I hope whatever this patch is; when it hits NA, it's enough to bring me back.

    if you don't like Aion now, you won't like it after patches

    It's not that I don't like, I just need more to do. Most likely I'll return next month.

    It's a completely different game in Korea. They have around 16 servers all full and balanced. These are the people who ncsoft cater towards, not the western side of the game. If it's working in Korea then that's all they care about which explains why our patches are full of fluff rather than things to do(other than grind instances of course). That's why I think Tera is going to work because they already have the West in mind before the game is even out in Korea.


    Anyway back to topic, we need Korean speakers

  • PsychoPigeonPsychoPigeon Member UncommonPosts: 565

    Originally posted by Sukiyaki

    tl,dr its a pretty bad fake not even really trying to come up with some decent "new content" ideas. mostly edited some old stuff.

    why would you even bother someone for an translation? I could start writing fake 2.5 notes in two other languages, you'd highly probably not understand either. Would you start go arround and ask for translations for them too if I where to post them?


    Well no because this is in Korean and they get information much earlier than we do. I didn't  realize you spoke Korean, could you tell us more and what old stuff he was talking about? Was it the swimming or the new abyss layout?

  • Shatter30Shatter30 Member UncommonPosts: 487

    Aionsource has a translator but unless the notes come from an official source we dont ask them to spend time on heresay / potentially fake patch notes

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