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Thinking on starting again...

GiveMe5GiveMe5 Member Posts: 38

   Well i played from c1 to c3 and i got to lvl 72 but the grind was killing me so i quit. 

   Atm i see a lot of activity on the l2 forums and i was thinking of coming back. Start from scratch again. What i want to know is if its worth`it to invest time in this game again. How is the pop. Is it posible to be competitive vs the old players who are like ++ on all skills and have xx subclas. Thnx.


  • Panther2103Panther2103 Member EpicPosts: 5,673

    The population is great considering they merged all the servers into two seperate servers, one for US one for EU. Even if that seems like it's dead, it really isn't. I have never once had a problem finding a group in any level range. The grind is severely reduced compared to back in c1-c3. Theres a lot of new systems implemented to make it easier. I'm not completely sure if you can become viable to pvp against the top people fast, but it's possible, it will just take a long time to get the gear / level / skills / enchants they have. Not impossible, just not easy whatsoever. I have been enjoying Lineage since I came back recently, and got from 62-67 in 2 days, playing like 4 hours each day. A lot of pvp is going on as well, people taking fortresses, olympiads, seiges. I dunno, I'm finding it worth it.

  • I think some people are giving away return keys for retired players. Why don't you grab one of those and see for yourself? =)

  • GiveMe5GiveMe5 Member Posts: 38

        I`m not afraid of grind or that would take a long time to be "competitive". L2 had a sence of accomplishment, that i cant realy find in any game today, even for casul players. Only game i can compare is EvE. The rest are so easy and dumbed down that its not even funny. Its like the 90% of the mmo genre players are kindergaten kids.

        Guess i wont find out till i try`it myself:)

  • SorrowhoSorrowho Member Posts: 581

    the population did go up after the server merges, but i stil found it hard to get party's doubt you really get many until your 80 + where most off the population is at, unless your playing swordsinger.

    i suggest joining a constant group if you want party's without one your pretty much screwed.

    for pvp its pretty much the same your nothing until 80 + under the lvl a DD will barly scrath higher lvl player's, and healers under 80 can pretty much be killede in a second bye anyone over lvl 80, or 1 shotted bye many. Not to mention all the cc's that flies around, its possible to help, but to do anything meaingfull under lvl 80, being one off the support classes would be better.

  • RNitestalkerRNitestalker Member UncommonPosts: 26

    i would love to see how the game has changed if anyone has one of those keys for retired players ..

  • MikehaMikeha Member EpicPosts: 9,184

    Originally posted by LordViscera
    i would love to see how the game has changed if anyone has one of those keys for retired players ..

    Send me a pm with your email address.

  • norman728norman728 Member UncommonPosts: 146

    i saw this post and thought what a coincidence. Since NCSoFT just sent me an email stating I can Temporarily ply LIneage II again for a little and wanted to ask two Major questions.

    1.......Has anyone else gotten this email?
    (confirmed real on Lineage 2 site)

    2.....WHat going on in the game?

    is it still fun?

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