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Sony everquest 2 payment received for $4.99 message in email

johnismejohnisme Member UncommonPosts: 110

I just got this email from sony so i deleted it right away thinking it's a scam so i logged into my sony playstation account and found that a $4.99 payment was made for an everquest 2 account,thing is it was made from a visa credit card with a gibberish

name and address,i deleted all the credit info from my account and reset the password,anyone else have something like this happen to them?I haven't logged into my account for months before this.


  • DeerboyDeerboy Member UncommonPosts: 10

    I would contact SOE and your bank and let them know what is going on~ Incase of any theft  going on

  • WickedjellyWickedjelly Member Posts: 4,990

    Hasn't happened to me.

    I would definitely check with SOE and your bank like the other poster said though to make sure everything is fine on those ends.

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  • DedthomDedthom Member Posts: 541

    A month ago the same thing happened but the account had been hacked and Sony sent me emails that my accont had been suspended. I haven't played any Sony games for a long while but I called and they reset my password and unlocked my account.

    Sound like something similar to this.

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