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Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning: Skaven Update



  • Smallpox1Smallpox1 Member Posts: 28

    Originally posted by ozeNa

    IMO They took a great and awesome game and squashed it with overpowered order classes. All the gm's play order so I removed my sub and never looking at this game again until they even the playing fields. Then I might think about resubbing.


     The servers that have an equal population on either side which is most of them are balanced. if one side or the other actually had better classes we would see that side dominate open rvr all the time; this doesnt happen.

    If you lose in an equal numbers fight now its usually because the other side are better players at pvp than you are.

    i wouldnt ever resub if I was you; if your not willing to admit you got beaten because of bad play on your part and learn from it how to play better then pvp games are not for you.

  • Smallpox1Smallpox1 Member Posts: 28

    Originally posted by SBE1

    I could be wrong, but I was pretty sure players wanted Skaven as a 3rd Realm so that PvP servers could be more balanced (rather than the imbalanced 2-realm system they have).  So, they add Skaven, but they continue with the 2-realm system.  Seems like they only went halfway, which is sad.  The game sorely needed 3-realms at the start instead of 2, and now most of the servers have closed.

    Oh well.


     very true; unfortunately it would cost alot of money to change it to 3 faction pvp straight away and that means heavy investment from EA. With AWTOR costing a reported xxx million  this isnt going to happen.


    maybe if the rvr pack is a success and SWTOR isnt EA might change their minds on this, who knows.

  • jimbo833jimbo833 Member Posts: 158

    2 things....


    1. order are not good and destruction are not evil.. get that in your head ok.


    and 2nd, stop gonig on about a 3rd race, if they were donig that then the maps would need to change and then so would everything to fit it and thats just a new game.. no??

  • AbisbowaAbisbowa Member UncommonPosts: 91

    Originally posted by Tamanous

    People are still trying to defend this game?

    Pro tip: Forget this game was ever made, go back to playing Warhammer table top ... enjoy.


    Death to the false emperor!

  • ZodanZodan Member Posts: 564

    Skaven is just a small part of this RvR pack, there is much more:

    - Revamped zone capture mechanics

    - 20 new renown ranks

    Just to name a few...

  • THEchad88THEchad88 Member Posts: 38

    Originally posted by Dimensional

    I'm eargerly awaitng this update but considering how difficult it seems for Mythic to properly balance classes 2 years or so after release, I am dreading the amount off unbalancing that will come with it.


  • THEchad88THEchad88 Member Posts: 38

    Just out of curiousity while i know WAR had some class balance issues hasn't WoW been plagued by that stuff for like ever too? It makes me curious how a dev can ever hope to balance things and make every single class happy. WoW i think has a like class of the month and the constantly shift things around to cater to a class so its sorta like each class gets love etc. I cannot say that i ever felt things were very unbalanced in WAR when i played it but then i never hit the cap either so dunno.

  • THEchad88THEchad88 Member Posts: 38

    Originally posted by backwoods660

    Originally posted by ozeNa

    IMO They took a great and awesome game and squashed it with overpowered order classes. All the gm's play order so I removed my sub and never looking at this game again until they even the playing fields. Then I might think about resubbing.


    LOL I'm sorry but your an idiot and here comes the classic The devs play this class and like this class more waaahhh wahhh wahhhh. If anything destro have a slight advantage over order. Theres no way you can tell me that the Swordmaster is Op... WHich happens to be the class I played the most and the reason i stopped playing because the class is pretty gimp. Even though I don't play anymore I still think the game has the best PvP in any mmo out atm. And adding the Skaven should make it more interesting since it was getting boring. If they buffed the Swordmaster alittle I woul def start playing Warhammer again after this patch.

    Everyone complaining about the lore come on seriously would you rather play a game that sucked but stayed completly true to the lore or play a game that was fun and strayed from the lore a little bit to make the game funner to play.


     I would have to agree with you here.

    I'm sure they strayed from the Lore in order to make the game funner to play as well. Don't forget either that this game was making an effort to compete with WoW and the more akin to it they could make it while also making it different and fresh is not dumb because people can easily pick it up and try something new. What is sad for those saying its sad is that there aren't enough people playing to make the PVP worth while. No players, no pvp. That is the drawback from a PVP oriented game and why PVE oriented games can be considered a better business model to go with because you don't require the huge masses to make your game run. I think this is why many game devs have been providing the content instead of allowing the players to decide that content. Not to mention that delivers the instant gratification that is prevalent nowadays.

    Personally I enjoyed the PVE aspects of this game far more than the PVP and that was quite nicely done too but a lot of people said that it was TOO WoW like and not enough DOAC like. I thought they shoulda just scrapped the scenarios altogether and focused on the seiges. But again going with what works they kept it too akin to WoW. 

    The lore is awesome in this game sorry they couldn't make it multi factioned i think that would have been very interesting dynamic but much harder to develop, more money required and much harder to balance too.

  • Spiritof55Spiritof55 Member Posts: 405

    Why spend the money and resources to give us skaven when all that time could've been spent creating a true third faction?  They're bending the lore giving us skaven so why not bend it to give us a third faction? 

    Well I say "us".  I mean those left playing.  I quit due to the lame ass realm hopping keep farming zergs.

  • tikitiki Member Posts: 395

    Hardcore Warhammer fans actually play this game still?

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  • ZodanZodan Member Posts: 564

    Sure, T3 and 4 are well populated, our guild had 40 players on last night for example.

  • Zlayer77Zlayer77 Member Posts: 826

    Lets be Honest here, A games IP is its core, without the IP the game is NOTHING.....

    Having said that it would not have been hard stick to the IP and still make a good game. In Warhammer we do not have Two fractions.. Evryone and everything is at War!

    But looking at the Roleplaying game we see that Humans, halflings, Dwarfs and Elfs might be able to work side by side.. So that will be fraction Number 1

    Chaos have enought Things in it hold its own. Chaos Dwarfs, Norse Humans, Demons and Chaos currpupted Beastmen and skaven make this an Easy Fraction Number 2

    Lastly Orcs have a shitload of cool things you could play sush as, Black Orcs. Gobblins, snottlings and Trolls so this would be Fraction number 3

    3 Fractions was what made Doac sush a Hit and Without bending the IP one bit I have just made 3 Fractions....

    Also if you go to the lore about the Chaos Invasions of the empire you see that It was the Vampire counts who came to the rescue of the Empire and saved them from Archon... Take into account Britoniens and the Undead etc etc and you can make expansions and addons for years to come....

    Took me all about 10m to come up with this, Now I dont work for a big game developer company but I fail to uderstand how Marc jacobs and his goons of Morons could have missed this???

    My guess is that EA wanted a WoW clone... Sadly that has faild horrible for all who have tried... Get a grip Developers..... and stop making shity Copy cat games!

  • HardangerHardanger Member Posts: 226

    Nobody will probably read this, but the Skaven being able to play for either faction makes some good sense.  Not only for an interesting, game-improving mechanic, but also in terms of fluff.  Skaven hate everything and everybody, including other skaven.  That being said, they are also exceedingly greedy, and it is more than conceivable that they would fight for anybody, so long as the pay is good.  Besides, it is specificly said in some novels and I think maybe even the army book that skaven hate greenskins more than anything else.  Frankly, I just think it's all-out cool.  A renegade ratman assassin-mercenary - running around and scraping out a living by kiling. 


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