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Irth Online: Wish Models Purchased

DanaDana Member Posts: 2,415

Recently, some have noticed the resemblance between some new monsters in screenshots for Irth Online and those that populated the cancelled MMORPG Wish. I just wanted to confirm that Magic Hat Software did indeed make a purchase of some art assets from Mutable Realms, after the cancellation of Wish, for use in Irth Online.

Dana Massey
Formerly of MMORPG.com
Currently Lead Designer for Bit Trap Studios


  • culley65culley65 Member Posts: 77

    wise decision, hopefully its just the art, Wish's gameplay sucked ;p


  • rwyanrwyan Member UncommonPosts: 468

    Thanks for the clarification.  I knew there had to be a plausible explaination.  It was a wise choice as WISH had well designed models overall.  However, WISH's gameplay didn't suck at all, it was quite refreshing actually.

    added: I can now sleep heh.

  • madjakemadjake Member UncommonPosts: 233

    That's pretty cool, I was just thinking about all the art assets and what would become of them recently.. and here we are.. i'll have to look for the models.

    ...the cancelation of Wish still hurts.. ::::16::


  • ShadyJShadyJ Member Posts: 1
  • SeravajanSeravajan Member UncommonPosts: 192

    Probably the best thing happened to Wish, that its Mobs can still live in another MMORPG!

  • MarkuMarku Member Posts: 452

    Glad to hear elements of Wish live on....


  • PashtaPashta Member Posts: 19

    I am very glad to see that some of Wish has lived on... This game is also going in a great direction and I can't wait to see how it goes. :)

    I still miss Wish... ::::16::

    - Lady Pashta

  • FeydFeyd Member Posts: 25

    Well,I'm glad to see it show up somewhere & especially in another skill based game.I loved what Wish was turning into & hopefully IRTH will be as good or better.I see nothing wrong with them purchasing Artwork ,models etc that are no longer being used by a now defunct game.It sure will save some of the Dev team a pile of work & they can concentrate on other more impotant things.Hopefully it will speed up the release date a little too.

    Good call on Irth Onlines part IMHO

  • NaosNaos Member Posts: 379

    Well as others mentioned its nice to see "some" elements live on, all that hard work wasnt just wasted.

    It is kind of funny though the whole "second hand" mobs lol, bet they make a Union now or something.

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