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Need help picking a class

dothackkingdothackking Member UncommonPosts: 74

So, I often play a class to max level, start raiding, only to find I hate the class for raiding (in WoW, this is.) Because of this, I am seeking advice on class choice.


I shall post my experience with each class from each game that I can recall, and then list my choices I think may be good, please let me know if there are others.



Rogue: Had a blast playing my rogue, but didn't get very far.  Level 30.   Stealth was the only aspect I didn't like.

Paladin: I didn't mind pally tanking, and I liked pally healing, but for raiding, pally healing got extremely boring.

Druid: This is where most of my experience comes in.  I loved druid healing.  Everything ABOUT healing on a druid was great.  Tanking on the other hand...Druid tanking was messy.

Hunter: Liked the ranged...didn't like the pet.  Stopped just before heroics during BC

Priest: Liked the healing as well, only got to around level 30 though :(

Mage: Some of the longer cast time spells got old really fast, as did the boring rotation. (frost mage)

DK: Combat was okay, rune system was NOT



Ranger: I really really liked my ranger, everything about that playstyle fit me.


That's really all I can think of ATM.


The classes I was considering were:

Troubador, Ranger, Templar, Mystic.

I would be fine with being a 2h melee dps, or a ranged (petless) dps class as well, but I am SEMI interested in being wanted, since I HATE playing solo. :(



So, what do you guys think?


  • stringboistringboi Member UncommonPosts: 394

    It really doesnt what you like, as long as your good at it and have good friends and a guild, you will be used.  I dont know anyone in my guild that doesnt get to raid because we dont "want" them.  Of course there is the factor of only needing a certain number of a particular class, but that doesnt mean you cant raid.  As for may not be needed to be the main tank....but you can sure come along and be the off tank.  As for dps....a lot of the raid is filled by that.....and not just a particular kind....melee, ranged, utility is usually always wanted.   Healers are always wanted as well.....take your pick


    Play what YOU want...and be good at it!!

  • dothackkingdothackking Member UncommonPosts: 74

    That's the problem, i don't know what I want, the choices are too large in this game.  Even if you narrow it down to main classes instead of subclasses that's like, 12 classes.

  • stringboistringboi Member UncommonPosts: 394

    It's hard to give a suggestion without knowing what you wanna do in the game.....once you know that you can narrow it down.  Heal, DPS, utility, tank?  From there you can narrow it even more by which type of those classes is closer to your style  .Check out  theres tons of info about every class there.  Read the stickies and stuff....they usually explain everything very well by people who have been playing the class for a while.

  • dothackkingdothackking Member UncommonPosts: 74

    Looked at Troub and Templar stickies, nothing in them about the class really.

  • stringboistringboi Member UncommonPosts: 394

    Sorry bout that...maybe I should have pointed you to if your looking more towards the basic structure of each class.  There are some good descriptions of each class, along with their skills and so forth...breaking down the archtypes and classes within. is more in depth about maximizing your character....I am nowhere near qualified to tell you about each class and this is where eq2flames would come in later on for you, once you really get into your character, you can learn how to get the most out of your class.

  • dothackkingdothackking Member UncommonPosts: 74

    I was already looking at EQ2i  It was very technical.   I think I can probably just give them a try, and just choose between those few I said.

  • stringboistringboi Member UncommonPosts: 394

    I would agree with you....trying them is the best bet.  They all have their subtle's very hard to choose a class for another person.  It wont take long...just get a few levels, see if you like'll know when you have chosen =)

  • ariestearieste Member UncommonPosts: 3,309

    don't play a ranger if you want to raid.


    shaman (mystic / defiler), inquisitor or warden are the classes you should consider.  they'll all probably play pretty similar if you try them out, but in the long run they are quite different.  


    Shaman - Wards, best heals of the bunch, mystic would melee, defiler would do spell dps.   shamans have an annoying but semi-useful pet dog.


    inquisitor - reactive heals, 2-hander melee, best dps of this bunch, but eq2 healers in general are pretty healing focused.


    warden - HoTs, extra group cures, can open portals for easy travel.  can do some melee dps if specced.

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  • SequenceLostSequenceLost Member UncommonPosts: 202

    I havent played in over a year but when I did my main was a Lvl 74 Swashbuckler, who I then switched to a brigand, only to then make a swashbuckler again.   With that said, If your looking for Melee DPS the Swashbuckler or Brigand offer some of the best in the game.  The only real difference between the two (from what i had noticed) is that the brigand was more of a 1v1 DPS machine where as the Swashy was more of the AOE DPS machine.  That said, I never had any problems at all getting raid invites as either one.  The only thing you really have to watch out for as a swashy is not to pull to many enemies at once when performing attacks.  It seemed like folks prefer brigands for raiding due to that very reason, as they lack the attacks that tend to make those fatal "oopsies" in the middle of a raid.  however if you learn to play a swashy right, you'll know what attacks you can pull off and which you cant.  You'll also find that the swashy tends to be able to solo level a tad quicker since you can generally take down multiple enemies at once as opposed to the brigand who tends to take down a single enemy a tad quicker than the swashy.

    I cant really comment on any of your other choices listed as I havent played any of them, but thought id give you some insight into the swashy/brigand classes.  If you like running in front, behind, flipping aggro, etc - then swashy/brigands are a hell of a lot of fun!  Its one of the few classes ive played in an MMO that kept combat interesting.  instead of just standing there clicking 1,2,3,4 i actually have to move around while doing so to make the most of my attacks.

  • meleemadnessmeleemadness Member Posts: 592

    I played a Brig once, I loved him.  A Brigand is what all COmbat Rogues in WOW want.  A chainmail wearing, dual weilding melee machine.  I played with my wife who had a fury, we raped!

    I could stealth both of us using smuggle, a great ability...but I know you hate stealth but in this game you need it, its not WOW where you can let 5 mobs beat on you and run away.

    Anyway, for shaman, I tried defiler but lvl'd a melee mystic instead.  The melee mystic seemed to do well solo but the defiler just didn't seem to have any DPS, spells or melee.

    I made a melee warden for my wife to play with my melee mystic (two melee based healers attuned to nature and the elements/spirits)  and she did well too.

    For Ranger....they can do melee damage better than any WOW hunter plus they have no pet but they do have stealth, which you hate.  They can get a pet but it doesn't really do anything, it is a hawk I do believe, somewhat small so it is not in the way.  But there are always TONs of Rangers.  The evil version of the ranger (predator class) is the assassin which is like a backstabbing rogue in WOW.

    I like EQ2 but I can't wait for EQNext, I hope they have all the content of EQ2 and keep all the various quest types like collection, heritage, etc. but make them like EQ, where you have to find the person.  I just hope they change the graphics and where graphics are processed.

  • ShienShien Member Posts: 26

    It seems to me you really enjoy the Ranger class, but sadly ranger are not the most wanted class in raid, you best bet is to start off as a ranger and lvl up till 80 ~ 90 and see if you still like the class and if you are getting raid spot regularly, if not you can betray to Assassin which are more loved in raids.  Dps are pretty much in demand now a days since every raid / group needs several of them so rolling a DPS class or utility class like bard or Coercer you'll have no problem getting groups and you always have the option to betray to their good or evil aligned cousins =)

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