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Mystic, Defiler and Warden wolves

meleemadnessmeleemadness Member Posts: 592

I know the mystic gets a white plastic looking spirit wolf while the defiler gets a cool looking real wolf.  Is there anyway to make the game show the black defiler wolf instead of the white one for a mystic?  I really hate the plastic looking one.

Also, I read in EQ2flames that wardens get some kind of wolf summon....not sure if it is two or more wolves but can anyone expand on that?


  • ariestearieste Member UncommonPosts: 3,309

    the wolf you get is the wolf you get.   there are items buyable for stations cash that change the cosmetic appearance of your pet to different things.  you need to pay extra $$$ for it, so it's a waste.


    the warden's wolves are what's called a dumbfire pet, they're not a real pet that you can command, you cast a spell, a bunch of wolves spawn and attack target, then despawn or are killed.

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  • meleemadnessmeleemadness Member Posts: 592

    Neat on the dumfire pet.  So how many spawn and do they do good damage or like a bunch of little dots?  what lvl does  a warden get this ability?

    So, what type of appearances can you pay for in reference to the shaman pet?


  • ShienShien Member Posts: 26

    Warden's dumfire summon comes in bunch and different sizes just like wolf pack, awhile back people post the bigger wolf of the bunch does more dmgs.    They are more like little DoT pets,  and are extremely fragile basically any dmg will wipe them out.  It's more like fun spell to cast rather then serious dmg threat.  For those apperance items you can log into your EQ2 acct and type /market and see for yourself, they have the apperance window that shows how each item will look.

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