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"International" WoW

Hey does anybody know if it's possible to play the North American WoW from Germany? I have some friends in the States and Canada and we thought that it would be fun to play on one server. I sent a couple of emails to blizzard about that, but they keep redirecting me to different departments, so I've been running in circles there for a week or so. I was especially wondering about issues like shipment and payment (PayPal or Pre Paid cards).

I hope somebody can help, cause honestly, translated computergames just suck.

Thanks guys 


  • ObiyerObiyer Member Posts: 511

    The last I know from beta was they will allow someone to play with anyone elese anywhere in the world, as long as the billing adress is from the perspective continent. An example is if I lived in China, and I wanted to play in NA I would have to get a friend, who lives in NA, to pay for me. From the article I read here, seems like stability is a big issue. Best of luck, you're brave for trying.

  • ZykeZyke Member Posts: 335
    Besides whats stated above you can essentially "trick" the system. A friend of mine in Europe wanted to play with his American friends, so he simply ordered a copy shipped from the US. It's the CD-key that determines what servers you have access too, so ordering it from one place will give you access to those servers. Don't take my word for it though, because if I happen to be wrong, it's not worth the hassle. It's just what I heard.
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