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Thinking of trying this

-z3r0--z3r0- Member Posts: 5

I almost bought WOW this afternoon and then had a flashback to my terrible time with EQ2 and put it back on the shelf.

I was so frustrated and confused with EQ2 that I quit at around 75hrs played. I could not for the life of me figure out how or why to craft. And this supposed "grouping" game seemed to only want people with high lvl characters and not want to help anyone out in the lower lvls to get there and what not.

Is WoW any different gameplay wise than EQ2?
I know it has crafting but does it in anyway explain it at all in the begining?
How is the grouping or is it mostly solo the whole way?
Are the PvP servers as bad as most people make them out to be?
Is it possible to PvP on a PvE server?

Sorry for all the stupid questions but this game has been looking awesome to me since I started looking into it in early december but that horrible EQ2 experiance has me worried. As you might be able to tell EQ2 was my first MMO.



  • MalltrakMalltrak Member UncommonPosts: 17

    To help with you questions

    1) The game play is pretty fun they try to make each class do things in differnt ways all class's can solo though some can solo better then other of course.

    2)Crafty is pretty easy to pick up, When you get recpies for craftying it shows you what that recipe will make, and what is needed to make it. You dont fail or lose regents trying to make somthing you just make if you have the skill to do it, Recipes also have a con gray/green/yellow/orange.  So depending on the color depends on what will happen, If it's red your skill is not high enough to make that, Any other color from gray-orange can be made gray being the most easy and each color other then gray gives you a % chance to gain a skill up with orange being 100%

    3)You can solo the whole way pretty easy with any class, though if you want to do anything like Instance dungeons you will have to find a group. as well as some of the Harder Elite Quest

    4)the PvP Server's at time's can be hard to lvl on once you get to around 20ish thats when you start haveing to lvl in the PvP Area

    5) Yes you can PvP easy on a PvE Server, You will have to find players with there flaged turned on, Most the time it will be if they are attacking one of your side's towns or your side is attacking one of there towns.

    Overall i have a lot of fun playing this game, i am on a PvP Server and it can be hard but at the same time a lot of fun all depends on how much you like PvP. I hope this help some


  • r0hnr0hn Member Posts: 185

    "And this supposed "grouping" game seemed to only want people with high lvl characters and not want to help anyone out in the lower lvls to get there and what not."

    You'll find this in many different mmorpgs.  There are unfriendly people on all servers/realms in any game you'll find.  Getting past that means finding people to group with that are fun, easy going and not so dam competitive or they don't have the attitude me first.

    I did not play eq2 because I read it could not be solo'd very well.  Wow can be, but I still think grouping is faster exp. 

    eq2 would be a tough game to play as a first mmo.  Wow has built in the idea that alot of players will be experiencing an mmo for the first time, which means it's easy to get started. 


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